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Welcome to my Savage Affiliates Review, another affiliate marketing training program. For people who don’t know what exactly affiliate marketing is, eyes here…

Affiliate marketing is one of the several legit systems of making money online where one can earn a commission by promoting other people’s products. And whenever someone clicks and successfully buys from the referral link, they are rewarded.

How much the commission mainly depends on the offer and the affiliate marketplace you’re with, the payouts are via electronic money transfers or bank transfers; however, you should meet the payment threshold to do payouts successfully.

In this article, let’s get to know more about Franklin Hatchett’s affiliate marketing course, what it has to offer, and it’s red flags you need to know before enrolling in this course. Make sure to stay until the end of this post as we’ll set the record straight if this can really help you make money online as an affiliate marketer. Let’s go!

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What Is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates Homepage

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course aimed to teach all levels -beginners to seasoned- how to put their affiliate business live correctly. With affiliate marketing, you refer a product or service to someone online and earn a commission whenever you drive sales.

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is becoming a trend to make money online. When done right, your website can passively make you money for a long time steadily. Therefore, if you don’t know how things are done in this so-called affiliate marketing game, Savage Affiliates can lend you a hand.

Savage Affiliates provides full step-by-step training on how to set up a lucrative affiliate marketing business online. This course has many topics covered to ensure that you’ll gain enough knowledge to build and run an affiliate business online.

These topics typically tackle the process of choosing a niche and building a website, deciding which products to promote, getting linked to reliable affiliate programs, like Amazon and ClickBank, and determining which promotional strategies is best to use.

Meet Franklin Hatchett,

Franklin Hatchett is an online go-getter, affiliate marketer, and content creator from New Zealand. He is known for his YouTube channel, where his content is all about building a significant online business. Today he has over 345k subscribers.

His content is informative, realistic, and beginner-friendly that he actively shares strategies, recommendations, and best techniques to use. He is a modern affiliate marketer, meaning what he applies is timely and relevant, so most of his subscribers have positive feedback on what he displays.

Franklin is straightforward and open about his income stream. He often shares screenshots of his affiliate marketing dashboards. In his YouTube channel, he has actual videos of his experiences, earnings, and personal takeaways anyone can find useful.

Affiliate marketing is his ultimate successful endeavor; he was awarded by ClickFunnels, meaning he has generated over $1,000,000 in affiliate income by promoting the ClickFunnels to new and old users. Savage Affiliates serves as his documented know-how, techniques, and why his business model is made.

What You’ll Learn Inside Savage Affiliates

Franklin tags Savage Affiliates as the “complete blueprint for creating a passive income online.” He teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch. Unlike other affiliate marketing courses, Franklin explains how to thrive for the long term, not just several months.

The course contains nine modules and a bonus one. Each module has videos that go in-depth into every step of the way. For example, one of the modules explains all about ClickBank, and it contains 40 unique videos.

He walks you through building a website, finding the best products to promote, and marketing those products using free or paid traffic campaigns. Franklin consistently updates the modules, reordering them, and adding revised or upgraded ones.

At the time of reporting, here’s what he teaches you:

In this module, Franklin introduces the essential concepts for you to succeed online, involving affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and how free and paid traffic functions. Also, he shares the actual results of his many students.

Module 1: Finding The Best Products To Promote

In this module, Franklin shares the best affiliate programs for people to join. The program he introduces is something that he’s had significant success somewhere in the past. Moreover, some of them made him tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Module 2: Building Your Website

Having a website is one thing that you must have if you want to build a business online.

In this module, Franklin walks you through the complete process of building a money-generating website the best way. It includes selecting a domain name, installing WordPress on a web host, setting the right plugins, and gathering email addresses on your website.

Module 3: All About ClickBank

This module is all about ClickBank, which is one of the most popular affiliate marketplaces in the industry. It may sound intimidating to learn how ClickBank works and how to exploit it correctly; fortunately, Franklin doesn’t just explain everything you need to know about ClickBank but also teaches you the best ways to promote products found inside.

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Module 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this module, Franklin teaches you how Search Engine Optimization is done. He knows precisely that beginners can get overwhelmed by this and that he makes sure that everything is streamlined.

He talks about on-page and off-page SEO that will increase your chances of ranking in SERPs like Google and other giant search engines. So, I suggest you don’t skip this section and pay attention instead.

Module 5: ClickFunnels & Websites

In this module, Franklin teaches you the best way to market ClickFunnels products and earn commissions through your website. He goes extensive into picking keywords and correctly building your content.

A message from ClickFunnels:

The affiliate program for ClickFunnels has made its modifications over the past year.

The most critical upgrade is that new affiliates cannot promote into the platform directly, not until they reach a certain threshold. The offers are cut-off and can only receive a commission for subscriptions indirectly.

In training, Franklin may present some affiliate links that takes directly to the main ClickFunnels’s offer. I would brush this off and only focus on linking to leading offers like Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

Savage Affiliates Email Automation

Module 6: Funnels & Email Automation

In the first segment of this module, Franklin introduces sales funnels (one of the essential tools an affiliate marketer can have).

He explains what a traditional affiliate funnel does, diverse types of funnels, and building or managing funnels using ClickFunnels (his personal funnel builder).

After that, Franklin walks you the back and forth of email marketing and connects them into the space of sales funnels. He teaches you how to set up proper email lists using his personal email marketing tool -the GetResponse – and then introduces you to how to incorporate it with ClickFunnels.

Module 7: Done-For-You Affiliate Systems

In this module, Franklin presents two comprehensive done-for-you (DFY) affiliate marketing product funnels.

These funnels promote ClickBank products that go with an opt-in page, images, lead magnet, ad copy, and an email series. 

He teaches you how to set everything well and start sending traffic. However, to take advantage of his opt-in page, you need to use ClickFunnels. So, you can make your landing page builder precisely similar to his.

Keep in mind that you’re attracting a massive value with this that many would sell for four to five figures. If this doesn’t speed up your result, then I don’t know what’s up with you, really.

Module 8: Free Traffic

In this Module, Franklin talks about some of the best free traffic ways to send traffic to your offers. He teaches you correctly how you can use these resources in your own online business.

By this time, you might already know that Franklin is becoming big on Youtube, so, naturally, he talks about this a lot in his Youtube content. Moreover, he shares some other free traffic techniques that can become very powerful when properly used.

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Module 9: Paid Traffic

In this module, Franklin presents some of the best-paid traffic resources online and teaches you how to succeed with it in the same manner he does in the free traffic module.

For me, I don’t advise using paid traffic for beginner affiliates, especially those who don’t have an extra budget when starting. But if you want to have paid traffic a try, this is the module you must concentrate on.

Bonus Modules

At present, Franklin has four bonus modules within the Savage Affiliates training program. He inserts his case studies and teaches unique concepts, strategies, and techniques such as “launch jacking” and Amazon affiliate marketing.

All in all, the total materials found inside the course is a blast, and it’s going to take some time to have it finished. If you want to level up from a new affiliate to expert, start as soon as you can!

Is Savage Affiliates A Scam?

Scam Alert MOA

Absolutely not. Savage Affiliates is not a scam or even close to anything like that. Franklin Hatchett is not falsely doing his business, like other self-proclaimed online experts. He’s taking a straightforward technique to his program with zero BS.

Sad to say, there are many scammers out there, so it’s challenging to trust people online. Most of these scammers hide behind false names and characters. That’s one way to spot a scam. On the flip side, legit courses always have confident owners waving the flag of their creations.

Who Is Savage Affiliates Best For?

Savage Affiliates, as stated earlier, is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course. It tackles all the basics and advanced techniques in one. This course is suitable for both beginner and pro affiliate marketers.

Overall, this training is for people who are earnest about putting up an affiliate marketing business. If you think you have what it takes to be the ideal candidate, make sure that you are that person who will finish what you have started. It’s a complete course that requires extended time and hard work. It’s certainly not for people who believe that affiliate marketing makes your fortune quick scheme joke.

How Much Is Savage Affiliates?

There are two plans inside the Savage Affiliates:

For $197, you can have the standard plan, which is enough to get started if you’re just a newbie. You get the complete course and a set of training videos plus gain access and become part of the exclusive inner circle, daily Q&A sessions, and lifetime updates and newsletters.

It teaches everything from extensive niche research, full website setup, complete email marketing setup, comprehensive training in funnel setup, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) traffic mastery, ClickBank, and Amazon training.

For $297, you’ll get the Savage Affiliates Super plan, which covers everything mentioned above plus the newest step-by-step Clickfunnels Affiliate Academy, numerous done-for-you affiliate marketing funnels, a complete affiliate blueprint, and a web hosting affiliate system blueprint.

All of this is just $100 more at $297. I would suggest this alternative if you’re an average affiliate marketer or want the super plan.

If you’re just a newcomer to affiliate marketing and are not sure about a thing or two but are interested in learning, or if you have tried it already with not-so-good results, then this is a course that will be of great value.

If you’re out of budget and still interested in making money online, make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review, and allow yourself to be backed up by free tools that shall ensure your way to success online. 

Savage Affiliates Pros & Cons

pros and cons

The Good

  1. Savage Affiliates is one of the top affiliate marketing courses available, kudos to its intuitive quality.
  2. Here, you’ll get practical cases and over-the-shoulder coaching.
  3. It gathered a lot of favorable reactions, which sparks a quality training program.
  4. One-time payment and gain lifetime updates.
  5. The program’s founder is a successful affiliate marketer, and that you will be learning from a reliable source.
  6. It is a step-by-step process, so it’s easy, and you will never lose track.
  7. 30-day money-back guarantee

The Bad

  1. It promotes other applications like ClickFunnels.
  2. You need to spend a great deal of time to go through all the lessons provided inside the program.

Savage Affiliates Review, Bottom-Line

Savage Affiliates Review, Bottom-Line

All in all, Savage Affiliates is a quality affiliate marketing program teaching practical training methods available at a very affordable price. By using Franklin’s approach, techniques, and strategies, it will guarantee a thriving affiliate business.

Savage Affiliates offers you how to make money online regardless of a WordPress website because you will have to use ClickFunnels instead. The training is very detailed, which completely unravels how to make money using both approaches.

Once and for all, the training is intuitive and is both beginner-friendly and for pro affiliate marketers who want to improve their skills. 

No matter how superb a training course is, if you don’t do your part, it will always be a waste of time if you don’t do your job or if you don’t apply what you learned.

You can only learn and grow how to do affiliate marketing by never giving up and learning from your mistakes. Because remember, there are two inseparable things you need to do if you want to get successful, go at it, and don’t ever give up.

That ends my ‘Savage Affiliates Review.’ If you have something in mind in line with the post above, make sure to slide to my comment section down below, and let’s exchange views and opinions to help our fellow affiliates online.

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It has worked for me for the past few years, and I strongly suggest that you give it a try!
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