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Last updated on December 22, 2020

Build your Own Website Free of Charge

Either for a side job, personal blog, portfolio, hobby, or even starting an online business, owning a website is common nowadays. But is everyone willing to spend money to hold a place on the world wide web?

Let me ask you this, what’s the primary purpose of owning a website? Should people just find your website if you give them the address? Like if it was a business card?

Well, if you ask me that same question, I would say… NO! The primary purpose of owning a website is to allow people who don’t know me or my services to find it using a search engine.

This post will show how to build your own website free of charge for years to come.

Fancy pants site builder vs. good ole WordPress

Back in the day, anyone aspiring to own a tiny piece of web space would either pay a pile of cash to a web designer/company or would have to hard code every part of the online brochure.

Nowadays, we can find free options online to build beautiful websites using user-friendly drag & drop builders.

The good thing about the modern site builders is that anyone with patience can chisel a masterpiece with a few clicks.

For me, it’s a matter of what’s your intent. Some builders are more user friendly; others are more oriented to work as marketing funnels, and some are all in 1 solution.

Take a look at my post about what is the easiest website builder and see which one suits you best.

Free Online Sitebuilders 

Wix Free membership

build a free website with wix sitebuilder

Wix is a well-known site builder for its simplicity


Wix is a Cloud-based sitebuilder

Should I use WordPress for building my Site?

Personally, I prefer WordPress when it comes to building a full website.



his is, in fact, a straightforward process, all you have to do is sign up below, and you will be able to create up to 2 domain names, hosting, and fully customizable templates so you can create your very own websites.

Check it out. Takes less than five minutes to set up your new website and is totally free!




  • Did you know that nowadays, as much as 50% of web browsing happens on tablets and mobile phones? Build your website with Site Rubix, and get a 100 % responsive website.
  • Site Rubix is a platform that allows you to build any website that you like. With hundreds of professional templates to choose from, you can change your website’s looks at any time without losing your content!
  • Build your own website free of charge with the easiest website builder ever! Create fully functional websites in minutes. Take advantage of Site Rubix “Instant” website setup (no domain required), or create premium websites on your own parts. Site Rubix facilitates these processes and will enable you to leave all technical stuff behind.
  • Powerful technology: Site Rubix takes care of everything technical for you. A website is protected from hacking, spam, malware, and malicious activity that ALL websites are susceptible to. This is what you get with each website you create with Site Rubix.
  • Finally, by creating a Site Rubix website, you can access online training and interact with an Internet business community that will help you complete your beautiful website.


About the author  Pedro

Hi, my name is Pedro glad you are here! 

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If you have doubts, questions or simply want to add something to this post, make sure to leave me a comment down below!

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