GenerateBlocks Pro Review: The Best WordPress Block?

In this GenerateBlocks Pro Review, we will look at the features offered by this WordPress plugin. Also, learn the best way to use WordPress blocks.

If you're unfamiliar with Generateblocks, it's a lightweight WordPress block that can do almost anything. Tom Usborne, the well-known developer behind GeneratePress Theme, created GenerateBlocks, a Gutenberg editor block.

Tom is best known for his lightweight, super-fast WordPress theme - GeneratePress - and now he's back with a WordPress block plugin that's both versatile and incredible.

What Is GenerateBlocks

GenerateBlocks is a WordPress plugin that functions similarly to a page builder. It allows you to add different blocks to a page and is an excellent tool for building your website.

However, it is not a page builder in the traditional sense. This is because GenerateBlocks integrates with the standard WordPress repository and interface.

The four blocks added by this plugin can be added and customized using the Gutenberg Editor. It's a fantastic solution if you want to edit your pages with the default WordPress Editor but don't want to muck up your custom code with dozens of page builders and other plugins all at once.

Furthermore, you are not required to use the GeneratePress theme in conjunction with it.

Having both active is advantageous because they integrate seamlessly. However, you will most likely only notice a difference if you contact support, as you will receive assistance from the developers of both tools. Aside from that, GenerateBlocks is compatible with any WordPress theme.

Just a quick aside before we get into the Generateblocks review. If you decide to use GenerateBlocks, ensure your Classic Editor Plugin is turned off.

GenerateBlocks Pro Review

GenerateBlocks Pro

Compared to the free version, there are no new blocks added by GenerateBlocks Pro. The on-page layout is kept as light as possible.

However, it includes many pre-made templates (using said blocks), advanced backgrounds, additional customization options, and custom attributes. Let's get started because there's a lot more to see.

Advanced Backgrounds

You can also change the background of your page with the free GenerateBlocks.

The Pro version, on the other hand, includes extra features, such as the function to add images to your background or create a gradient background. Background editing in GenerateBlocks is simple.

However, it is not a complicated feature in most plugins, and the straightforward outline of this feature adheres to GenerateBlocks' minimalist approach to web development.

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Template Library

GenerateBlocks Pro Template Library

Over 160 premade elements are available in the GenerateBlocks template library for use in the Gutenberg block editor.

Hover boxes, calls to action, icons, and other generic content can be repurposed to create virtually any page.

When compared to page builders that also have this type of library, GenerateBlock is a little more challenging to use. Most premade templates are generic because they can be used for various purposes.

This gives you much freedom when editing your page but also makes searching for templates more difficult.

Style Editing

When it comes to editing the style of your website, GenerateBlocks provides two options. You can copy and paste individual elements or edit global styling for your entire site. If you want to match individual blocks, use the copy and paste button above any container.

After copying an element's style which includes color, typography, and spacing options, you can use the same button on a different container and press "paste styles." It's a simple but effective way to give site sections a consistent appearance.

Global Styles, however, are not editable in the block editor. Not the block editor of the page you're working on, at any rate.

You'll have to go to the Global Styles tab in the main WP dashboard:

Global Styles tab in the main WP dashboard

Container Links

You can add links to your containers to highlight offers or any other type of CTA.

It's a simple process because every container has a hyperlink icon right above it:

Container Links

You can also change the appearance of links from global styles and the overall appearance of the WordPress theme.


GenerateBlocks Pro allows you to add effects to your on-page elements. The library of the impact available is also quite impressive.


Transitions, text shadows, filters, and box shadows can all be added to your blocks.

You can also change each block's opacity, blend, and transformation.

Just keep in mind to use them sparingly. When you open a page, it blows up your screen, which isn't a good design.

Device Visibility

The free version of GenerateBlocks allows you to preview your page on mobile devices or tablets.

It's an excellent addition for responsive editing, but the Pro version goes even further.

You can choose to hide specific blocks from your right sidebar's "Advanced" tab:

Advance tab

When you recreate all page elements on mobile devices, it can appear cluttered.

With the tablet and mobile controls, you can quickly improve the appearance and responsiveness of your WordPress sites on smaller screens.

This option, however, is usually available in the free version of most page builders, so it's a shame that it's locked behind a paywall for GenerateBlocks.

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Custom Attributes

Custom attributes can be added to each block you edit with GenerateBlocks using the same "Advanced" tab:

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are not a beginner website builder's bread and butter. They are a complex system with technical advantages for your website.

It allows you to store data (that is not dynamic in any way) directly in your website's code. This allows your pages to load faster, which improves user experience and site authority.

You should avoid experimenting with this feature if you are unfamiliar with custom attributes. However, it can be an excellent way for experienced site builders to improve page loading times.

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GenerateBlocks Pro Pricing

GenerateBlocks is surprisingly inexpensive, at least for those who do not need to use it on various sites. Their pricing structure is as follows:

GenerateBlocks Pro Pricing

You can access all of the features we've discussed today for $39 per year, but it is only possible to install the plugin on one site.

If you wish GenerateBlocks and want to use it on multiple sites, you can upgrade to the Plus tier for just $69 per year, which allows you to install the plugin on ten different sites.

Finally, web developers who want to use the plugin for their clients can pay $99 per year to gain access to the block editor for up to 250 sites.

There is no free trial period for GenerateBlocks, but you can try a scaled-down version of the tool with the free version.

Upgrading to the paid version will automatically upgrade the existing plugin, so there will be no downtime.

All tiers also include a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always try it out to see if it's right for you.

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GenerateBlocks Pro Support

GenerateBlocks Pro Support

GenerateBlocks offers several ways to help you while you use the tool. If you encounter any problems, please submit a ticket to the development team.

Furthermore, Generateblocks has an active community on their forum and extensive documentation, so you'll always be able to get help.

It could be improved. Live support is always a welcome addition to any technical product. However, we never encountered any problems while testing the tool.

Final Verdict

GenerateBlocks Pro is commendable! It is a lightweight plugin that will assist you in creating a professional-looking website.

If you are new to website creation, it is simple to learn and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. If you're a seasoned website builder, you're aware, as I am, that plugins can be heavy and bloat your site.

GenerateBlocks Pro is the ideal solution for website creation, speed, and a professional-looking site to attract visitors, not to mention that it is simple to learn and use.

The yearly fee for GenerateBlocks Pro is very reasonable.


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Last Updated on August 4, 2022