Commission Hero Review

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Howdy, and welcome to my ‘Commission Hero Review’ in 2020! There’s nothing wrong with the desire to earn some extra bucks for your financial independence. This is everyone’s favorite concept of making money faster and maximizing time with their family and friends. To make more money digitally, one of the superb options is affiliate marketing.

Is making $1,000 per day good enough for you?

If yes, I have something for you. Through a mentor, Robby Blanchard– one of the famous affiliate marketers in Clickbank– has introduced a training course for affiliate marketing named Commission Hero. And through this extensive review, you’ll earn insights about whether to invest or not in this platform and win the day.

Does making $1,000 per day, for affiliate business, really possible?

This intro can understandably turn you skeptical about the program; however, introducing the methods and hacks that the founder disclosed himself made me more curious about the whole platform. Affiliate marketers like me are always searching for straightforward ways like Commission Hero claims to have, which I will be sharing with you now.

Product Name: Commission Hero
Founder: Robby Blanchard
Logo: Commission Hero Logo
Product Description: Affiliate Marketing Training Program
Best For: Start-up & Affiliate Marketers
Commission Hero is the fruit of Robby’s success, stating every trend and tactics he did towards becoming the no.1 Clickbank affiliate. He wants to share his experience through tutorials and is friendly for those start-ups online and affiliate marketers.
Recommended: Yes


What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero Homepage

You may have noticed some ads from Clickbank claiming that you can make a thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing regardless of your experience level. Many of you probably checked and signed up for Clickbank to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Despite these flowery words, still, you haven’t yet experienced what Clickbank promises. And that is where Robby Blanchard takes the spotlight as he has a success story to share of being the MVP of affiliate marketing space in Clickbank.

This success story is in the form of tutorial videos so others can thoroughly learn behind the victory Blanchard attained and continues to do wonders. Commission Hero introduces and discloses the straightforward ways for you to be a successful Clickbank Affiliate, and Blanchard guarantees nothing will be left out.

Robby Blanchard takes you to his success story slowly but surely, and if you pay attention to the complete instructions in Commission Hero, you too can share your success story in Clickbank in no time. If you already have your unique strategy, add this concept to yours, and enjoy the rest of the hustle.

How Does Commission Hero Works?

Put simply; you’ll run ads on your chosen affiliate products and make money on the same day– of course, this needs hard work and reap positive results– and if you want to make money after taking this program, you’ll have to buy a funnel builder called Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is the pioneer of FB ads and is going to cost you $97 per month. Without funnel builders like these, running FB ads will be problematic and is a big waste of time and effort. So, Clickfunnels won’t disappoint. Here are some internet marketing tools to make your Facebook ads venture more effective:


  1. Clickfunnels – landing page builder that costs $97 per month,
  2. Clickmagick – tracking tool used to optimized ads. Get yours at $27 per month.
  3. Getresponse – an email marketing provider that keeps your customers updated and is available at $15 per month only.

Additional $140 to make your Commission Hero more efficient. These tools are a must-have, especially if you’re into FB ads. Most members of the platform have these tools and testified to be useful in affiliate marketing space, regardless if you’re into FB ads or google ads.

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero is a one time $997 or two payments for $597; the downturn is if you choose the two-time payment, you’ll have to pay an extra $196. So let me do the math for you.

Commission Hero is available in one and two-time payments

Commission Hero Program $997 (if one-time payment)
Clickfunnels $97
Clickmagick $27
Getresponse $15
TOTAL: $1,136
Optional Charges $200 for Inner Circle (Exclusive Community)

What You’ll Learn Inside The Commission Hero

Commission Hero member’s area is neatly laid out in a very straightforward way to figure out and follow along the way. The five main modules are placed on the left sidebar, and the training tutorials are split up into simple yet very effective videos, so you’ll not spend time for extended periods.

More than that, the member’s area looks professional that it offers you a legit premium feels when you log in and start your training tutorials for the first time– and these pieces of training are divided into five main phases:

Module 1: Getting Started

This is the starting line of your journey, so pay attention and watch this video and download the Launch Checklist on the first part to get started at once. It’ll help run down your expectation and motivates you to achieve the overall things you want!

I. Getting started

This part covers the overall essentials you’ll need to get started like the basics of affiliate marketing, ad accounts, the Clickfunnels, and unique ad networks such as MaxWeb & Clickbank.

  1. Start here – Welcome!
  2. What is affiliate marketing?
  3. Ad accounts
  4. Clickfunnels
  5. MaxWeb
  6. Clickbank

II. Taking the right offers

Commission Hero will take you into some detailed training on how to find the right offers to accept and promote on various affiliate networks. Choosing the right offers can immensely maximize your profits, so pay close attention to this part of the training.

  1. Finding the right offers on A4D
  2. Finding the right offers on MaxWeb
  3. Finding the right offers on Clickbank

III. Creating your ad image

Next section tackles about creating your ad images– take if from me, the image for you ad weights entirely the same, if not more, to the ad copy itself. As I mentioned earlier, all ways disclosed through Commission Hero are explained straightforwardly.

  1. What an image should contain
  2. Finding the right designer on Fiverr

IV. Landing page 101

Next up is teaching you the appropriate landing page creation and setting them articulately from the start. You’ll learn how to register for some tools, set up affiliate links, your domain, and your landing page in a state-of-the-art manner, which is done trouble-free.

  1. Register for Clickfunnels
  2. Setting up your affiliate links
  3. Setting up your domain
  4. Setting up your modern-day landing page

Module 2: Setting Up FB

Check out the video above to get a taste of what Blanchard will be teaching. This module guides into setting up Facebook for business, your FB fan page, campaigns, and ad-sets, creating personal audiences and grasping the effective campaigns for inspiration and ideas.

Commission Hero explains how to quickly set up your FB pixel for tracking needs and set it up through Clickbank for even more precise tracking benefits. Here’s the sneak-peek at the tutorials in this module:

  1. Setting up FB
  2. Setting up a business manager
  3. Launching your first campaign 
  4. Setting up a fan page
  5. Setting up FB campaign and Adset
  6. Setting up ads
  7. Creating a personal audience
  8. BONUS– an inside look at a successful campaign 
  9. Setting up FB pixel
  10. How to install FB pixel
  11. Setting up FB pixel in Clickbank Account
  12. Understanding Pixel Analytics

Since FB is the source of all your traffic, it’s critical to take note and pay close attention to this portion of the training. Moreover, the bonus training is mainly beneficial because it ultimately shows the possible outcome once you apply the overall learnings you have during your Commission Hero training. 

Module 3: Tracking & Scaling

As the module suggests, this training explains your tracking campaigns, which include tracking spreadsheets, full training on setting up tracking links, and scaling campaigns to secure big profits once they start reworking. The tracking tutorials are broken down like this:

  1. Tracking your campaigns
  •  Tracking spreadsheets
  •  How to install tracking links
  •  Utilizing tracking ID’s
  1. Scaling
  • Scaling Commission Hero campaigns
  • Tracking campaigns are trouble-free, not dull, and essential to be successful.
  • Scaling is as crucial as tracking to earn $100 to $1000 or even more a day!

Module 4: Resources & Tools

This module is interesting as it has a lot of done-for-you stuff like the Million Dollar Landing Page Swpies, Ad images, and Ad copies. It has something to do with a mindset, which is why many people are taking for granted when starting a new online biz.

Ad images’ portion is my favorite as these lures audiences and ultimately drive to your offer. Moreover, it has a featured offers section referring to some high-converting products to promote that are quickly making $5,000 a day or more.

Module 5: Additional training

This module of Commission Hero goes into unique things that most product doesn’t offer. It has three sections: Email marketing training, Ninja Tactics, and Snapchat training:

  1. Email marketing training is an excellent addition as it teaches you the basics of what it’s all about and how it’s done to increase your customer value, notably.
  2. Ninja Tactics covers things like spying on FB ads, reaching out to affiliates, dealing with account shutdowns, and using credit card/s to maximize points on your ad spend.
  3. Snapchat training is one of the modern-day platforms that teaches Snapchat demographics and sets up Snapchat ads and runs them. A bit sneaky and underexploited by affiliate marketers across the internet channels. 

That’s the training’s overall basics; however, you are also given the benefit to join Robby’s inner circle coaching tutorial, get DIY images or FB campaigns, and have access to the previous years of live event recording.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

Most of these modules and pieces of training are worth it as a single image can cost $20 just that, or take an hour to create them yourself. The time saved is invaluable for me, but again, I don’t have the requirement to succeed with this program.

Pros & Cons Of Commission Hero

Pros & Cons Of Commission Hero

The Good

  1. As Roby stated, you don’t need to have affiliate marketing experience because this platform is an affiliate/newbie-friendly. It teaches the basics and start-ups digital marketers can follow straightforwardly.
  2. Through the FB groups, you can reach Robby directly. He is super approachable and responsive most of the time, virtually and is always ready to be of help and answer your questions.
  3. You don’t actually need to focus too much on creating images, banners, and ads as there are already done-for-you things that Clickbank already provided, and you can use their banner on your site as well.
  4. If you have a basic knowledge of English and happen to be knowledgeable with every term in marketing, these qualities are just enough to understand the Commission Hero tutorials. The tutorials are straightforward, and if you are entirely new to the biz, the Commission Hero will assists you every step of the way.
  5. By joining the inner circle group in FB, you’ll learn lots of trends from the other successful marketers to remove doubts and make up your mind.
  6. By becoming a member of the program, you can steadily improve your income stream for 12 months, and that’s a guarantee from Robby himself.

12 month success policy

The Bad

  1. Most start-ups will be skeptical and hesitant to sign up with the Commission Hero Program because it’s too good to be true promises and the price itself. Stereotyping, there’s no way making $1,000 a day without having essential investments.
  2. To actually make $1,000 per day, you have to sign up several ad accounts to pitch in more niches and to choose and promote more products.
  3. Robby Blanchard stated that the program costs $997; however, there are unexpected charges followed by the purchase, you’ll have to pay more to get trustworthy Facebook ads like the click funnels. You’ll have to pay more than the program says– which many other programs do upsell/s too. Most of the legit affiliate marketing programs today are quite pricey.

However, in Wealthy Affiliate, it’s completely FREE to signup with essential tools to maximize your time and online money making biz! It’s 100% friendly for start-ups and pro affiliate marketers!

Commission Hero Review, the Bottom Line

Commission Hero Review, the Bottom Line

Commission Hero has a distinct way to do affiliate marketing biz than to what I am used to doing, which is creating niche webs and ranking them in Google. But I like what everything is laid out in Commission Hero as it is easy to understand, and the techniques provided are not challenging to follow.

Running paid advertisements and PPC is entirely not a passive way to earn an income and make a living. Moreover, with such a method, you invite the risk of losing money, but you can always make money much quicker than you could by creating a niche web. So if generating a passive income is something that interests you, I recommend checking this out.

That ends my ‘Commission Hero Review,’ and I sincerely hope that it answered some of your questions and served its purpose on you. If you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment or two down below! Take care in this pandemic, cheers!


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I am now self-employed and run my online affiliate business from the comfort of my home or wherever I want to.

All I did was follow Wealthy Affiliate training, believe me, it works! Come on in, and I will show you how you can actually start making money.

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