What Is The Best Affiliate Training Course in 2020?

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Let’s unravel your day in discovering what is the best affiliate training course online, so you won’t be stuck in struggling for wasted efforts and handing your hard-earned money on the shitty ones. These views are based on the days or months I have spent on using, testing, and researching the affiliate training courses available.

Affiliate marketing may feel overwhelming, but rest assured that learning these unfamiliar skills and techniques is easier if you just choose to enroll in an on-point affiliate marketing course.

Some of these affiliate marketing courses offer a lifetime membership and updates, which is good because they assure constant and practical insight into this ever-evolving industry. Unluckily, some affiliate marketing courses that are full of shams mislead beginners– this typically constitutes fake and outmoded information that you may see almost anywhere else on the web.

Thank goodness, all aren’t like this.

Here, let’s uncover the real affiliate marketing training courses in 2020 that will help scale up your online business and streamline everything you need to know in the game. Among our best picks are recommended for the beginner affiliates who just converted to this type of online monetization.


But first, what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Is affiliate marketing a business worth tryingAlthough affiliate marketing has modified its trends and techniques over the years, its goal remained the same– rewarded by a commission for recommending products or services to a customer of a business that drives sales.

In the digital world, you are known as an affiliate marketer that builds content related to the affiliate product you promote.

If a customer clicks or follows your link, visits the vendor’s place, and buys a product or services, you’ll earn a commission rate decided by the vendor themselves. No-brainer. But that depends on the affiliate marketplace you’ll join. For example, Amazon has a massive catalog, so it’ll be challenging which products to promote and which offer high or low commissions.

Why should you learn Affiliate Marketing?

Is Affiliate Marketing a Business

Affiliate Marketing is becoming a must in the digital media for various online businesses such as retailers, travel agencies, hosting companies, financial services, and many others. It’s a feasible way to make money while being your own boss and a lifestyle to live and work on your own conditions.

If you are willing to invest your money and effort in learning essential skills, there are no limits to making money online. Affiliate marketing is known among businesses bearing these excellent advertising tools that will give an unfair advantage over your competitions. 

With affiliate marketing, you can adequately manage online digital advertising and double or even triple the business’s sales. With multiple self-publishing tools and various social media strategies setting the bar high, affiliate marketing is continuously growing globally. Many affiliate marketers are working from home, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic, are making thousands of dollars in 24 hours.

It’s a risk-free system that will boost sales and generate an online income, which is also highly advantageous not only for the brands but also for the affiliate marketers.

So, learning affiliate marketing in this ever-evolving digital world will push you to improve your sales, brand recognition and drive more traffic for your website. That means money!

Anyhow, the real treasure here is that you have the potential to make money from the comforts of your home. Not to mention that it is also a desired skill for people working in the marketing field. Understanding the importance of affiliate marketing for a business means you are on the right course of becoming a strategic marketer yourself.

Tips to become a successful Affiliate Marketer:

Tips to make your affilaite marketing journey worthwhile

1. Build a rapport with customers

When starting your affiliate marketing journey, you will have to build a target audience that desires distinct interests. This opportunity enables you to customize your affiliate strategies to your niche, boosting the possibility that you’ll convert in the long run. By setting yourself as a specialist in one area, instead of promoting different kinds of products, you’re secured in marketing products to people who will most likely appreciate and buys them.

2. Take this personally

There are no limits on products you can promote online. You have the right to decide which products to promote, for example, products you personally use, so making sure about your products’ qualities to promote to your target audience is at hand. The conversion rate will improve while increasing the credibility of your personal brand.

Moreover, you would want to build useful outreach emails to connect with other influencers and bloggers. You can use tools that will allow you to gather people’s information and forward personalized emails to have them invited for a guest blog and other affiliate opportunities.

3. Take time to review products and services

Pay attention to reviewing products and services that you chose to promote under your niche. Then managing the rapport, you have built with your customers and your profile as a specialist will make your reader or audience realize why they need these products and determine the benefits they can get.

Almost every product available online can be reviewed to inspect if they offer an affiliate program or see the actual products, digital software, or even services provided in the digital portal such as ride-sharing or travel bookings internationally or locally, to name a few.

It is always advantageous to compare your product to others on the same page. Most importantly, have some time to make sure you are building authoritative, on-point content that can increase your conversions.

4. Use diverse resources

Instead of just concentrating on your email campaign, spend some time learning to make money through a blog, interacting with your audience on social media platforms, or even check the cross-channel promotions.

Carefully decide which marketing strategies work best for your audience and then apply it to your personal campaigns and promotional efforts.

5. Always seek strategies

No matter how excellent your marketing skills are, you’ll generate less income on a terrible product than you will on a precious one. Grow a new leaf and study the potential for a product or services before putting it into your promotional list.

Also, make sure to research the seller’s information carefully before partnering with them. Time is very crucial, and we want to spend it on a lucrative product and a like-minded you can grow together with.

6. Keep yourself posted with the trends online

There is a tough competition going on in the affiliate marketing space. So you want to make sure you are in the right place or stay updated with the new trends to have yourself an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Be sure you are keeping abreast of all these fresh trends to ensure that your conversion rates and revenue will be as significant as much as possible.

Best Affiliate Training Courses in 2020:

1. Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Wealthy Affiliate HomepagePrice: $49 per month

Kyle Loudon is the one who will walk you through every part of this course. His teaching technique is straightforward, which makes it uncomplicated for anyone new to this space. This is a good indication when it comes to learning the more advanced skills needed for this business.

Wealthy Affiliate is free for the first seven days, and the community group is precious. Believe me when I say it’s hard to find the proper business model as superb as this. Connecting with a community that has genuine support in a program like this is very rare.

Kyle also does a big thumbs up of sharing you where to find the right affiliate offers. He even shares with you how affiliate links should often insert or place. This is crucial because when you begin spamming the web, you will have penalties or problems, and no one likes that. Trust me, been there done that.

What you’ll learn inside is how to find guides on your community correctly, how to build your own site, monetize your traffic, how social media platforms can boost your traffic, and best of all, how to improve your content.

Kyle Loudon and his partner Carson Lim are behind this affiliate training course that resulted in the invention of their keyword search tool called Jaaxy. Both have been very effective in expanding their community and sharing as much information as possible. Kyle is also active in the community group, so your queries will be answered in no time.

pros cons
Cost-effective and beginner-friendly ‘Exaggerated’ promotions of Wealthy Affiliate disorganized on the web
Live face-to-face training sessions with your coach Some of the core training is obsolete
The community has genuine support-system No email marketing training

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2. Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System Homepage

Price: $997 for once; the monthly payment option is also available.

Super Affiliate System is the second part of John’s first course, the Internet Jetset. In twelve weeks, you’ll learn all the possible ways how you can make money online through affiliate marketing. This course is profound at running paid and free ads on social media platforms.

Carlos Cruz will be your mentor, and he displays which ads are useful and how a landing page templates should look. All you have to do is follow and tweak things where you find needed. Carlo’s mentorship is a top-level thing. You want to learn affiliate marketing the most effective way, so it’s high time to invest in these guys.

John Crestani has been spotlighted on Forbes, Inc., Yahoo Finance, Affiliate Summit, and Home Business. His businesses have generated him over 3 million dollars because he’s an experienced maniac in internet marketing, business management, and paid traffic on various social media platforms and Google.

If you are not convinced yet, scan his case studies, and you’ll discover how much positive feedback his students have been doing, all credits to his realistic approaches.

pros cons
Complete training on paid and free traffic sources No Facebook group for more support
John Crestani is confirmed to be a 7-figured affiliate marketer Poor training for running native ads
Have your questions answered through calls every week Training for organic traffic is not offered

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3. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero Homepage

Price: $997 one payment, or two payments of $597

Commission Hero teaches you the proper way to promote affiliate products through Facebook ads. The benefit of using paid ads is that you have the opportunity to generate revenue straight away as opposed to free traffic that you need to wait for weeks or even months to rank on SERPs.

But the downturn in paid ads is its price.

Commission Hero claims to help you make four figures a day by undertaking their affiliate training course, but at a 40% profit margin, you will spend $600 per day on paid ads to make that much.

That said, I don’t recommend anyone engaged with affiliate marketing choosing paid ads if they’re on a limited budget, especially if they are just start-ups. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in paid ads and you have to budget to spend on it, then Commission Hero’s affiliate training is worth to go for.

pros cons
Taught by a specialist, full of positive feedbacks online Hidden upsells
Plenty of done-for-you promotional campaigns Most start-ups will become very skeptical because of its claims
Affiliate/beginner-friendly Ridiculously focused on ClickBank and poor refund policy

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4. Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett

Savage Affiliates Homepage

Price: Price starts at $197

Franklin Hatchett is famous for sharing free practical lessons on his blogs and YouTube Channel. Shout out to people like me who love free stuff! 

Anyways, Franklin really does well in educating about diverse traffic strategies that include SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube content. I believe it’s helpful that he even shares how to choose niches correctly.

That might be one of the challenging things for somebody to make whenever they bounce into any marketing business. He even teaches what niches to evade, and that’s really useful. If you’re a start-up, you will find this training course valuable and finish like your investment is well worth.

Franklin also tackles email marketing, makes you familiar with these business tax forms to ensure you’re well-informed about the government’s compliance, and at the same time, how to track sales, metrics, and hot offers.

Franklin Hatchett is highly successful in the affiliate marketing space and has generated millions of dollars. He has given an award by ClickFunnels, who monetized through his galaxy-brain strategies and methods.

Affiliate marketing and the e-commerce game has been his bread and butter, so you can be confident that you’re in the safest place to learn affiliate marketing and all money-making online related stuff.

pros cons
Affordable for start-ups Promotes other applications
Franklin transparently shares how he makes money online Lacks substance on SEO training
Superb niche research coaching Not the right business model choice for beginners

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5. ClickBank University 2.0 by Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitz

Clickbank University homepage

Price: $47 per month

ClickBank University is a cheap affiliate training course rooted in a subscription business model in the same degree as Wealthy Affiliate. As the name implies, ClickBank University is the ClickBank network’s result, a massive online affiliate marketing community.

ClickBank University offers a lot of useful information, including how to be a productive affiliate, finding valuable resources for lead generation, copywriting skills, and its cup of tea being how to become an affiliate vendor inside ClickBank. 

If you have your own digital product and want it to get promoted by affiliates, which is a legit way to market online, it’s possible with ClickBank University.

All pieces of training inside are delivered by Adam and Justin to make sure everything is controlled. Plus, it is really beneficial since it is connected with the massive ClickBank Network/Community that can appropriately share authoritative insights on using the ClickBank platform.

pros cons
Suitable for affiliates on all levels Hidden upsells
Reliable network support Most video contents are oversimplified, making you skeptical
Essential tools that will boost your affiliate marketer potential Annoying sales pitches from ClickBank members

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6. The Authority Site System by Gael Breton & Mark Webster

Authority Hacker Homepage

Price: $997

Gael Breton and Mark Webster have been in the affiliate marketing space for a long time. This affiliate marketing course is one of the best investments you could ever make because it is jampacked with supporting details.

This training tackles multiple essential skills like affiliate marketing and keyword research, SEO, designing and branding, email marketing, how to boost conversion rates, Facebook ads, email list campaigns, content creation, and many more.

Here, 120 over-the-shoulder video tutorials that teach step-by-step instruction on how to build your site. Plus, it offers complete blueprints, checklists, and done-for-you templates ready to insert and make your site on-point and professional. Gear up because you’ll have to spend a few weeks absorbing all the practical lessons and learning lots of blueprints offered in this comprehensive affiliate training course.

One thing to work on in having a business in this industry is linking with others who are genuine in sharing their trial and errors and eventually achieve their goals. And this is precisely you’ll get in joining The Authority Site System or known as ‘TASS.’

Once you’ve signed up, you will be instantly invited to a Facebook group that highlights the discussion of SEO, email marketing, and many more, so your knowledge about affiliate marketing widens up to date.

pros cons
Complete training course in affiliate marketing All suggested tools are too expensive
Over-the-shoulder video tutorials and step-by-step instructions in building your website Crazy upsells that prohibits small businesses, particularly the start-ups
Examples of live authoritative sites are being shared Limited v1 affiliate sites in the base course

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7. Project 24 by Income School

Project 24 by Income School Homepage

Price: $449

Project 24 by Income School has become prominent on Youtube; kudos to its founders, Jim and Ricky. The thing is, their continuous contribution to YouTube is a good sign. You can check their Youtube channel if you want examples of their excellent video content. 

Their primary approach is to build Google SEO web traffic to your web content gradually. Overall, their techniques are excellent, but you really have to be patient with writing lots of copy and build content for your site or simply hire someone to get it done.

It takes time, so please grow a new leaf and don’t expect instant results. If you’re seeking a get-rich-quick stratagem, perhaps jump into the stock market!

Income School revolves mainly through the use of SEO for SERPs to boost the traffic that ranks. Moreover, they will walk you through the website creation and maximization, which are incredibly advantageous for any beginner affiliate marketers.

pros cons
Their system upgrades from time to time Pricing prohibits small businesses, the start-ups to be precise
Offers a lot in one place Basic format
Training course creators have excellent credentials Unfortunately, no refund policy

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8. Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe

legendary marketer homepage

Price: 179$ per year or $30 per month

Legendary Marketer is a comprehensive affiliate training program for online marketers that offers multiple levels of ticket products. This affiliate course is the creation of David Sharpe, who’s already generated over $200 million by selling products and services online in his career.

The main set of products or tools that Legendary Marketer provides you is the video tutorials. Plus, they also host weekly webinars, and the first-rate available here is are the live shows they submit.

The unique quality of the Legendary Marketer is that each member has a personal or private business coach. They can ask for support or get help from them as they move forward with the training and keep you accountable, so you enjoy most of the program.

pros cons
Excellent affiliate back-bend Lacks SEO training strategies
Can get support from your private business coach Tickets for live shows are super expensive
Replays for weekly webinars Some lessons are in transcripts or audio formats that discourage many

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9. Udemy by Gagan Biyani, Oktay Caglar & Eren Bali

Udemy Homepage

Udemy is a comprehensive marketplace for learning and teaching online. Students can learn new skills by undertaking training from a massive library in multiple categories and more for the subcategories. 

Their top-selling categories are web business, marketing, app development, IT and software, and personal growth. Some prominent teachers have generated millions of dollars through Udemy.

Udemy is a global e-learning space. It has a substantial market share, strong brand recognition, and tons of enrollments that dominate its competitions. It is evident because it has infinite unofficial Facebook groups and pages carrying its name. The unending demand for online learning, affiliate marketing training defines many sales opportunities. 

Elearning is convenient, flexible, efficient, and affordable. Millions of learning worldwide are heading toward platforms like Udemy to discover free and paid courses. All these benefits equate to the high potential of conversions and commissions.

pros cons
Good place to learn and teach online Inferior affiliate program page
Refund policy Has a lot of requirements
Affiliates can enjoy creative tools E-learning is not for everyone

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10. Affiliate Institute by Julian Sherman, Christ Smith & Kameron George

affiliate institute homepage

Price: $2,994 one-time or $99 per month

Affiliate Institute or AI is an e-learning platform that shows you how to properly manage a successful online business through affiliate marketing and network marketing. Julian Sherman, Chris Smith, and Kameron George are the mastermind behind this affiliate training course.

Their original business model has undergone some modifications and is now newly rebranded as Affiliate Institute. However, the training system upholds its step-by-step instruction, updated pieces of training, live Q&A sessions, marketing tools to scale up, and resources recommended to make your affiliate skills the best.

On top of that, you can also plan a schedule to have a call with your private advisor or coach, build a business plan to achieve your goals, how to make and amplify conversion campaigns, and the ability to connect with members on their Facebook groups.

pros cons
14-day money-back guarantee Hidden upsells
Basic learning for affiliate training Promotes an MLM
Teaches every little thing you need in this kind of business SEO training is not given

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11. 12-Minute Affiliate System by Devon Brown

12 Minute Affiliate Homepage

Price: $47 per month

12 Minute Affiliate System is a complete affiliate marketing method made by a serial internet marketer Devon Brown– it’s a done-for-you system that you don’t need to shed a sweat because their team does all the work in just 12 minutes.

So when you avail of this product, all you need to do is set everything up and wait for the affiliate commission to enter. And that exactly how they market the program making people feel skeptical of this kind of get-rich-quick stratagem.

At the moment, the system is promoting ClickBank products. This is a good sign because ClickBank is a reputable marketplace for online courses, ebooks, and many other programs, some work fine, and some are not. Above all, ClickBank is a legit marketplace.

Another claim brought by the whole team of this affiliate course is that it’s a beginner-friendly program. It streamlines everything, so it is suitable for newbies and struggling online affiliate marketers alike. All this straightforwardness and you’ll have the much-coveted “making money passively’ opportunity online.

pros cons
Step-by-step training and beginner-friendly Devon can shut down the system anytime
60-day money-back guarantee Uses a sketchy paid traffic source
Cost-effective Spams email

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What Is the Best Affiliate Training Course, the Bottom-Line

What Is the Best Affiliate Training Course, the Bottom-Line

These eleven courses are, in my opinion, the best training programs available in 2020, not just for advanced but also for those beginner affiliate marketers. Start-ups are understandably overwhelmed with Affiliate Marketing, so choosing and trusting with one course is inevitably challenging. 

If you’re a beginner affiliate marketer, I strongly advise you to choose one of the courses listed above to guide you on your future endeavor. It may vary on what course of action and route you want– be it audio, video, written, or any other.

That ends my ‘What is the best affiliate training course’ post. I hope all the insights discussed in this content will help you become the best affiliate marketer you aspire to become. 

And if you want to read the full version of each affiliate training course mentioned, make sure to check them out on the link provided. Slide to the comment section below if you have further questions, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!