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Thanks for stopping by to my LearnWorlds Review. Perhaps you're here because you consider using LearnWorlds for building your first or new online course, however, not so sure if you should really rely on it.

Congrats because, here, I'll make your decision much more relaxed, so continue reading to find out more!

Above all, I'd like to say that this ain't a biased or unbiased but my personal review of LearnWorlds, so I will introduce both the positive as well as the red flags about it, which some reviewers keep on neglecting.

I want to help you have a clear or big picture of LearnWorlds before you give your hard-earned money to a stranger, I must say.

In this packed LearnWorlds review, you'll learn what it has to offer, what you can do with it, its features, marketing tools and services, the pricing models, and everything else to know about it.

In the end, you should have a definite answer after reading this review, whether if LearnWorlds is for you or not.

Here we go, let's start with a quick overview.

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a digital or online course creation platform where you can uniquely create, host, and ultimately sell the online courses of your craft.

LearnWorlds Homepage

That's the capsulized statement of what LearnWorld is all about.

And in my opinion, it is far more than a regular online course platform– here, it's also about building a social community to invite students together in your unique Facebook-style learning technique.

LearnWorlds Main Features: What Is It?

LearnWorlds features vary depending on what plan you will avail, with fewer features in the Starter plan and the more features in the High Volume and Corporate plan.

Please take note that there are many features available, but I'm just going to focus on the really valuable ones. Let's start with the basic features…

The Basic Plan Features

The basic features are the ones that are included in all of LearnWorlds plans, and these include:

Quizzes, Assignment, & Exams

Built-in Social Network

Custom Domain Support

Branding & Theme Editor

Interactive eBooks

Unlimited Hostings

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Learner Analytics

Free SSL Certificate

Unlimited Students


Coupons, Bundles & Upsells

Unlimited Courses

So as you can see, there is an array of core features here in the basic plan. Unlimited courses, hostings, and students is an outstanding perk of all LearnWorlds plans. 

In other words, you are not forced to upgrade your plan should you have an increased student need.

The Starter Plan Features

For the least-costly paid LearnWorlds plan, the starter, you get all the basic features (as listed above) as well as:

24/5 Email Support

Page Builder (Home, Post login, Course Catalogue)

$5 Per Course Sold

4 Payment Methods (PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, 2Checkout)

Basic Integrations (Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel)

As the name implies, the Starter plan has all the qualities needed to start your online course experience. But sadly, you cannot provide free courses with the Starter plan, which I am dismayed to know.

The Pro Trainer Plan Features

This plan comes with everything that the Starter plan features as well as:

Zero Transaction Fees

Unlimited Landing Pages

Website Builder With Blog

Free Courses

Live Classes & Webinars

Onboarding Calls

Custom Course Completion Certificates

More Payment Methods (Subscriptions, Memberships & Installments)

Affiliate System

Question Banks

24/7 Email Support

One thing I like about the Pro Trainer Plan is that there are no business fees, and you can provide free courses to students.

Plus, there is additional support, with a custom-made onboarding call and email contact, accessible at any time of the week instead of on weekdays only on the Starter plan.

The Learning Center Plan Tools

The Learning Center Plan is the LearnWorld's most-followed plan because it comes with all of the features listed above, plus:

Interactive Videos

24/7 Premium Support

Single Sign-on

2-hour Premium Onboarding

Here, their interactive videos are something that you should look forward to when availing this plan because it's one of the next level features they have.

The High Volume & Corporate Plan Features

The High Volume & Corporate plan is not for the usual entrepreneur. This custom-built plan will change according to your requirements

With regards to features, you get all of the above, plus:

Additional Admins

Branded Corporate Academy

Flexible Invoicing

Dedicated Account Manager

Premium Cloud Servers

And so on!

LearnWorld’s Marketing Tools

As you know, you can produce an excellent course inside the LearnWorlds; however, if you can't market it the best way possible, then it's pretty much useless.

Fortunately, with LearnWorlds, you'll get some excellent marketing tools that you will ever need to advertise it to your leads and, most notably, for you to leverage online.

Landing Pages

Your marketing strategies should start with the landing page creation. In the course's dashboard, you are presented with several done-for-you templates in the landing pages on the Theme Explorer sections. Once you are there, setting up is anything but easy.

You can choose your preferred font, colors, adjust buttons, and pick the layout of your choice for the landing page. There are infinite options when it comes to landing page modification.

Again, you can transform your site to look casual, or you can keep it on fleek and more presentable if your topic doesn't fit for a casual layout. That said, the landing page customization doesn't just end there.

If you want to make your site SEO-friendly, LearnWorlds has some subtle built-in tools to help you accomplish that. These qualities will help transform your over-all content to SEO-friendly, plus, you can build an attractive description that will help you rank in SERP, and add your bespoke image.

Building an appealing landing page is essential for being successful with your course. It has to look better, look appealing, and flawless, and more importantly, it should be SEO-friendly. With LearnWorlds, everything mentioned is possible.


As a course creator, you want a definitive way to promote your course with stable and consistent content– a great way to accomplish that is by having a blog.

LearnWorlds offers you an excellent blogging tool. It's a tool that was introduced back in 2019 after many course creators underscored the lack of blogging capability.

Well, it's here now, and it's packed with SEO tools and done-fore-you templates that will transform your blogging experience much more relaxed. Generating organic and quality traffic will be more accessible now if you employ the blogging tool by LearnWorlds.

Promotions, Bundles & Subscriptions

If you want to take a different path and create a course tailored to bundles and subscriptions, you can also do that with LearnWorlds. Subscriptions are a powerful marketing tool to acquire continual revenue and a consistent income stream.

Moreover, you will also benefit from the option to provide coupons and promotions for your unique courses, which can encourage a sense of urgency with your customers. All these marketing tools can be employed in harmony with LearnWorlds.

One-Click Sales Funnels

If you want to make the sales funnels as straightforward as you'd like, it's possible with LearnWorlds one-click sales funnels ability

You can sell courses, bundles, or subscriptions with one-click sales funnels.

The great thing about this trend, in my opinion, is that the funnel is inserted on one page; in other words, there is no additional loading or additional screens which can discourage people away.

Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Management

Here, LearnWorlds enables you to acquire affiliates for your course, and you can smoothly manage the complete list of your affiliates from the dashboard.

This will help you build partnerships with legit influencers, bloggers, and other like-minded across the internet channels, which can help reinforce your leads and conversions in the extended period.

LearnWorlds provides a wide variety of marketing tools that will surely help you promote your courses online. From landing pages, blogging, promotions, and one-click funnels, you will get a taste of all the updated marketing tools at hand.

LearnWorlds Custom Services: 

Here, I have listed some of LearnWorld's custom services.

Take note that to know these custom quote details, you will have to reach out to the LearnWorlds team and discuss things from there.

Online School Customization

Once in a while, the done-for-you templates and some of the same designs on offer just don't fit on your preference.

If you feel this way, you can contact directly to LearnWorlds to avail of a custom-made website ready-built. Their inner circle of highly-skilled web developers will put your requirements together and build your online school precisely the way you imagine it.

How cool is that?

Content Development

The most lengthy process for any course provider is actually producing the content and post-generating it.

If you think you're having a hard time with this regard to shooting videos and inserting stuff like captions and some voice-overs on the side, LeanWorlds provides a custom service that helps you achieve that.

Since several views of this service demand in-person cooperation, this service is limited to only certain countries.

Importing Content

If you've been in this business for some time now, you probably already have some live content that you produced on other platforms. If you decided to switch to LearnWorlds, it could be a bit difficult to capture and convert all of that content.

In that case, LearnWorlds has seasoned pros who will handle all this sort of help by going through your live content and restructure it to be transferred to LearnWorlds successfully.

Branded Mobile Application

Now, if you really want to intensify things up, you can have LearnWorlds to build your unique mobile app to gain access to your web-based online school.

Why build a mobile app?

The regular mobile app may be an excellent way for you to attract users on specific platforms and rely on features available on these operating systems.

LearnWorlds Pricing Explained

With LearnWorlds, you'll have four different plans available.

The Starter Plan With Basic Features - $24 per month

The Learning Center Plan - $249 per month

The Pro Trainer Plan - $79 per month

The High Volume & Corporate Plan - $699 per month

Please take note that these are the accurate prices when you pay yearly. If you pay a per-month basis, it will be more expensive, which is evident for all the businesses worldwide.

Starting Plan Pricing

As mentioned above, the Starter plan is best for people who are just starting and want to build a minor course, to begin with. There's a big chance to upgrade at a later part if your course becomes more significant for this plan.

The features covered in this plan are somewhat basic, I must say. But it's beneficial for those creators who want to be the only admin of the course.

This plan is best for beginners as I've already said, and for those on the lookout to solely create a minor course with the potential to improve.

Pro Trainer Plan Pricing

This plan is more as it has some of the features that the basic plan doesn't have. It covers everything from the Starter Plan. It will cost you $79 per month, although the annual plan will help you save up to $240.

This plan is for you if you are an intermediate course creator with a fair following looking to produce a streamlined course site.

Learning Center Plan Pricing

The Learning Center plan is a developed plan that costs $249 per month, and you will save up to $600 if you choose the annual-payment basis.

Its features are everything that the other two light plans have, plus an overplus of other features. It's possibly the great experience and the most thorough one with LearnWorlds out there.

This pricing plan is suitable if you have frequent students enrolled and coming into your course. It permits a massive student import, and it provides other features like interactive videos (as mentioned above), copyright protection, and many more.

High Volume Pricing

The High Volume & Corporate Plan is best for the biggest course providers who have multiple courses on offer out there. This plan is available at $699 per month, but you will save up to $1,200 if you choose the yearly payment method.

Corporate Plan Pricing

LearnWorlds also provide corporate plans suitable for smaller, intermediate, and even bigger businesses, and there are four plans available to choose here:

Medium Organization

Corporate Organization

Small Organization

Enterprise Organization

These plans are for best if you are looking for unlimited access to thousands of active users.

Let's take a break for a sec.

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LearnWorlds: The Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Advanced course player design
  • Encourages to employ learning tools like quizzes, course compliance, certificates, and many more
  • They enable you to edit your videos on the go and insert some interactive qualities inside them
  •  It offers a robust digital community builder
  • It provides handy qualities for copyright protection matters
  • Legit affiliate marketing tools to stack up
  • It has a lot of pricing plans to choose from, and most especially cost-effective for small businesses out there

The Bad

  • The course builder is not as flexible as you think and doesn't appear to make a mass uploads
  • Its reporting tools are very basic
  • The platform doesn't have many site themes (yet)
  • It doesn't permit you to provide both card and PayPal methods together
  • The checkout process is not well-optimized for conversions
  • LearnWorlds doesn't naturally manage EU VAT

LearnWorlds Review Verdict

For me, LearnWorlds is one of the most developed online course platforms available on the market at this moment. The multiple features and the level of customization is really outstandingly superior to the rest.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to review this platform and refer it to the next generation of online course providers. If you're willing to take advantage of this platform, you can build a first-class online course with LearnWorlds and produce an online community virtually. 

LearnWorlds Review, the Bottom Line

But of course, this is just my humble opinion. Before I forget, be sure to take their 30-day free trial to personally determine what you can make with LearnWorlds. I guarantee that LearnWorlds won't disappoint.

So, that wraps up my LearnWorlds guide.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think about LearnWorlds. Also, I have made a list of the top affiliate marketing training courses online.

I don't mind if you go check them out as they are all legit but ain't perfect. Nevertheless, I explained everything about them on each post so you would know what I'm talking about.

See you on the other side, all the best!

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