Is JustAnswer a Scam?

Is JustAnswer a scam? Once I had a very horrible headache, and just like any other intellectual individual, I search for remedies in Google. Of course, answers came to me in a matter of just a few seconds. The problem is, there’s just no guarantee that the answers I’m getting are legit and effective. That’s one of the many concerns I had when searching online. 

But thankfully, JustAnswer caught my attention. This website, unlike others, gives you guaranteed answers to all of your questions. You can be sure that your questions will be answered with full legitimacy. If you are on the other side of the fence and want to help people satisfy their curiosities, you can do just that with JustAnswer, as well.

Before anything else, I would like to disclose that I am not in any way associated with JustAnswer. The opinions and views in this JustAnswer review are all fair, unbiased and coming from a third party point of view. I’m speaking real and authentic truth right here, no sales pitch and no unnecessary bullcrap.

In this JustAnswer review, let me walk you through this website by disclosing to you information on what it’s all about, how it works, how much you can earn, and if it’s legit or a scam that you must avoid at all costs. Without further ado, let’s get into this!

JustAnswer Review

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Andy Kurtzig

Question and answer platform

Both professionals and common individuals

JustAnswer is an online platform in which you can pay people for answering any of your questions. On the other hand, if you want to earn some money as a professional in your respective field, you can answer the questions posted on the website by providing your expertise. This has been and will always be the goal of JustAnswer ever since year 2003 when it was founded by CEO Andy Kurtzig in San Francisco, California.

This is how I make my money online.

What Is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is an online platform in which you can pay people for answering any of your questions. On the other hand, if you want to earn some money as a professional in your respective field, you can answer the questions posted on the website by providing your expertise. This has been and will always be the goal of JustAnswer ever since the year 2003 when it was founded by CEO Andy Kurtzig in San Francisco, California.

justanswer homepage

This platform is said to be very easy to use, making almost everyone who has questions easily navigate the website. The best thing about it is you can get answers as quickly as you had posted the question. On top of that, since these people are professionals and experts in their respective fields, you don’t have to worry about paying people for useless and crappy answers. Of course, you’re paying these people to answer your concerns so you can expect that much. 

Be it questions regarding health, engineering, wedding, tax, financial software, or even for homework, JustAnswer has it all for you with over 175 fields of expertise. How awesome is that? It’s just like Google except the answers are verified and comes from a reliable source. It can’t get any better than that, or so I thought.

justanswer professions

Is JustAnswer a scam? It may be or maybe not. We’ll be going over that later on, but for now, I think it’s also fair for you to understand fully how this online platform works from the inside out to give you an idea of how I came up with my conclusion later on.

august2021 Commission
set2021 Commission

It has worked for me for the past few years, and I strongly suggest that you give it a try!
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How Does JustAnswer Work?

JustAnswer is available to use for two groups of people. The first group of people would be the ones asking all the questions. These people can basically ask about just anything as long as it falls within the 175 categories in JustAnswer. Once these people receive the answers they are looking for, they will pay the professional who answered the question for him. Sounds great, huh?

Of course, the other group of people are the experts and professionals in different fields searching for ways to make money online. Let me now walk you through how to get started if you belong in this group of people.

justanswer how does it work

Now, first things first. You would have to create your own JustAnswer account. This is a piece of cake since you would just have to provide your own email address, name, and password. On top of that, it won’t cost you anything to sign up since it’s completely free, for 7 days at least. 

Then, you have to fill out the on-site application form. It’s said that all it takes is at least 30 minutes to finish this form. Otherwise, you can always just come back to the form whenever you prefer if you can’t finish it all one go.

While filling out the application form, there are some things you would have to provide just like when you’re applying for a real job. Don’t worry, I have listed all of it down for you.

  • Your most recent photo
  • Some kind of personal identification like your ID, driver’s license, passport number, or social security number
  • Of course, you would have to verify if you are indeed a professional in your respective field. Make sure to provide a state license, certification, or diploma, among others.
  • A resume either in DOC or PDF format. This is totally optional. Though if you want to increase your chances of being accepted into JustAnswer, you may want to provide this as well.
justanswer resume
  •  You would also have to give information regarding your level of experience like filling out how many years you have worked for a certain company.

It will take 5-10 business days to process your application if you reside within the US or Canada. While applicants residing outside these regions would have to wait 5-20 business days. Once you are accepted to the platform, you are now eligible to start answering questions in your respective profession. 

However, things don’t get any easier from that point. One problem I have with JustAnswer is that there is no guarantee of earning your answer’s worth. You only get paid for your answer if the person who had posted the question is satisfied with your answer.  

While this is an advantage to the opposing group, it’s kind of heart-wrenching to think that you could input all your knowledge and expertise in answering a question and still have it rejected by a picky client. That being said, all you could do is plainly answer with all your might and pray that your client likes it.

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How Much Can You Make With JustAnswer?

JustAnswer claims you can earn up to $1,000 on a monthly basis, but I call this complete bullcrap. The thing is, customers can pay you from $2 to $5. However, if you are just starting out with JustAnswer, only 20% of the payment goes to you. The rest goes to the company behind this website. Doing the math, it’s all a few cents to a few dollars. As you progress and you receive higher and positive ratings from clients, your cut from the payment could increase from 20% to 50%. But of course, it’s still not much significant money. 

earn cents

This is the only information I found since JustAnswer does not really disclose an elaborate and specific list of fixed rates. I did discover how much you can earn also largely depends on which profession you belong to. Apparently, the highest paying professions are teaching, medicine, and engineering. 

Some clients also add further requests on top of the question they are asking. You may be asked to troubleshoot their computer, write reports or do their homework. In return, you will be paid an additional fee once you finish their request. Once you have accumulated $25 worth of payment from your clients, you can request a payout from JustAnswer via Paypal.

Is JustAnswer a scam? The answer you are looking for will come to sight once you have read all the dirt I have dug upon this website. 

Reasons Why JustAnswer Sucks

Lots Of Requirements

This is not quite of a big deal because it means only real experts and professionals in respective fields get to earn on the platform. If you belong to the group of people asking the questions, this fact alone gives you the guarantee that your money will not be wasted on useless and crappy answers. 

But of course, getting verified as a professional by JustAnswer means you would have to provide all sorts of verification. It’s a hassle, almost as if you’re trying to apply for a real job. Plus, it would take a long time for you to get verified and accepted by JustAnswer, especially if you don’t reside within the US or Canada.

justanswer identification

Satisfaction Based Payment

Again, this is another win for the group of people asking questions. However, of course, this implies that professionals could be providing all of their expertise and if the client turns out to be picky and hard to satisfy, all of your effort will go down the drain. I guess you could say all you have to do is answer the questions the best as you can and pray for a good and paying client.

Not A Full-Time Income

You are only earning percentages of a few dollars worth of payment for every question you get to answer. This is not enough to be considered a full time income. You can answer all the questions on this platform for more than 24 hours a day but it will still not make the cut. Considering how some of the clients will not pay if they’re not satisfied also makes a big toll on this. 

Heck, some professionals even complained that there are not much questions to answer in the first place. It seems that there are more professionals than there are questions on the JustAnswer platform.

What I Like About JustAnswer

Fast Payout Option

Once you have reached the cash out threshold of $25, you now have the eligibility to receive this through PayPal. I like how they process all of the payouts through PayPal since its faster and much more convenient for everyone else.

Legit Services

You can only expect legit expertise coming from real professionals in different fields. This is a sure guarantee.

justanswer review
justanswer reviews

Accredited By The BBB

Of course, being accredited by the BBB means a big deal since it’s one of the ultimate seals of legitimacy. Thankfully, JustAnswer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. See it for yourself.

justanswer bbb accreditation

Wrapping Up! Is JustAnswer A Scam?

I believe that JustAnswer is not a scam. This website is definitely legit and both professional and the common individual can benefit from this platform. You can be sure that your questions will be answered by legit and real professionals. You can also earn some side money on top of your regular full-time income. But thinking that working as a professional at JustAnswer will cut as your full-time income is a big and grave mistake. 

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18 thoughts on “Is JustAnswer a Scam?”

  1. Hi, I made a big mistake of using “Just Answer” during Covid-19 in early June 2020 from
    canada to consult a cardiologist online and probably I was obliged to give my master card number for the chargeback of a small amount of CAD 5.00. But was shocked to notice a monthly charge of CAD 66.00 since then (July, August and September) without any authorization or consent on account of “Membership Fee”. What a scam !!! Tell me how to get in touch with them and deal with this rip off ??? Thanks

    • This happened to me too. I was charged both $1 for the consultation and then an additional $49 membership fee I never asked for. I was never informed prior to being charged and that is false advertising.

      I then contacted customer service and symbolically went to bat against them. I told them that I was not informed of this membership fee and they told me that I cannot get a refund as per their policy. I told them that my only income was SSI disability, I was charged to where I was below my bank's minimum balance and I was at risk of overdraft fees. Again, they said no refund. I immediately told them afterwards I would file a BBB complaint, file a complaint with the Attorney General and would report the charge as a scam or fraud to my bank. Right after they were told I would report this to my bank as a scam, they refunded me. I was relieved.

      Be careful when you give out your debit card to these services. If I hadn't sounded like a lawyer to them, I would have lost a lot of money and got bank fees for the unexpected $49 charge. I did pay $1 for the one consultation which I was okay with. The $49 was out of the question. I informed customer service that if if I was willing to pay that large sum of money then I would continue having an account there but will walk away instead. I don't trust hidden fees. Just Answer has hidden fees. Don't trust them if you aren't willing to dish out a ton of money unexpectedly.

      • Thank you for your comment!

        I agree with you 200% that’s why I always use pre-paid visa cards that I can freeze and unfreeze at will.

        Work like a charm in this type of situations 😉


  2. This is a service where you request advice from a number of “experts” in a given field (Law, medical, veterinarian, plumbing, etc). The initial fee is $1.00 for simple everyday questions, in my case a veterinarian. The question was answered satisfactorily.
    The SCAM happens when you make the initial contact where you give your name, address, phone and pay through PayPal ($1.00 fee). The company then, without clear disclosure, signs you up for a monthly fee to access this service at anytime and begins debiting your PayPal account. This may be a useful service, except for the undisclosed sign up and account debit. This is a very unsavory and deceptive practice and will hurt this businesses reputation in the long run. I’m taking time to warn anyone who may wish to use the service. Beware.

  3. Just Answer screws their customers and experts. Nothing but a Mickey Mouse run company. They are clueless on how to treat customers and the experts who answer questions. All they want is your $$$$. Stay away as they will get your credit card and you will see recurring monthly credit card charges.

    • Hi Adrian,
      I could use the same approach as you did, but I won’t go that way…

      Where did you got the idea that I’m promoting JustAnswer? Have you seen any affiliate links? BIG NO !!!
      I don’t even link to their website…

      I just wrote a review about their program… That is not promoting…

      In fact, any 7-year-old kid would notice that on that post, I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

      But onward… check the image below,
      trustpilot score

      Guess I will rot in hell with 20k more people that commented on Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs.

      Take care and buy a punchbag on Amazon, I can send you an affiliate link if you want!


  4. I asked a question and had to give my card details to effect payment. BIG mistake, 7 charges in the first month, 2 in Feb and March just gone through…

    Utter scam. Service was woeful, the system rotates you endlessly back to nowhere and I expect that is deliberate to keep charging you…the people answering can be anyone, how the hell would you know..

    I was told that the was a credit coming, there never has been. The weakness in this model is the person giving the so called help can not be controlled, you have no idea who the are or where they are. These are the people invoking charges I expect, so they get their share. I've killed the card and had it re-issued. Google stun me that they haven't applied o bit of wokeísm and cancelled this scam…

    Simply an appalling scam, Google are to blame, simple…

    • Hi Barry,

      That was a terrible experience I must say.
      For this sort of online service, I use virtual CC so I can create one, pay what I’m supposed to, and then deactivate it. Been saving me from a lot of hassle!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with JustAnswer, it surely added to my review!
      Hope all is sorted now!

      Wish you the best!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You can cancel your account by login in with your credentials.
      Then select the My Account option, once inside click on “cancel membership” in the Membership section.

      Hope I could be of help!



    • Hi Harry,

      You are totally right, that is one of the best approaches one can have! Only legal institutions have the power to do something.

      I’ve seen some websites/companies being shut down for scamming people!


  6. Interesting. When I signed up in July 2022 and paid the $1 fee for the first question, I was clearly told that there would be a $37/mo charge for unlimited questions, that I could cancel at any time, and as long as I canceled before the monthly renewal date (the 16th of the month in my case) there would be no additional charges. I’m doing home reno and I had questions about carpentry problems, HVAC, and others I’ve run into. I’ve gotten several questions answered to my satisfaction with no additional charges, except for the monthly fee. I notice that the complaints above were all before May 2022. Perhaps they’ve learned that they need better disclosure of fees.

    The only glitch I’ve run into was on the latest question. I received a preliminary answer within a few hours, asking for more info. I responded with the info he asked for, including some photos, and waited for a reply. 4 days later I called to find out what was going on. I was told that the question had been closed (but not by whom or why). When I emailed customer support and explained the situation, they referred my situation to a manager who apologized and said they would forward my question to their most experienced expert on the subject for a second opinion. That was yesterday. I haven’t heard back yet.

    • Hi Ermon

      Thank you for your testimonial!

      Regarding the fees, it looks like they have learned from mistakes in the past…

      As for the manager, maybe he’s having a hard time looking for someone willing to provide you with a second opinion 😉

      I hope he replies to you soon!


      PS: Don’t hammer a finger while “home reno”

  7. Hi, Pedro. Apparently JA still has some problems to work out. While chatting with an expert today about a different question, I saw a notification that I had a response to the question that needed the top expert to reply. When I finished with the other issue, concluded to my satisfaction, I went to look at the reply from the top expert and found nothing. No reply. What gives, JA?

    But before that, weirdly, while I was typing a glowing review for today’s expert, one of the Assistants (with whom I had spoken a few days ago about the problem call) popped up and asked if she could help me further. I said, I was giving today’s expert a 5-star review because he spent over 3 hours helping me with my wiring issue, and asked if she would let him know that. (The rating screen said that the rating/review would not be visible to the expert.) That wasn’t the weird part. What she said next was. “I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with our service and wish to cancel your account. I’ll forward you to Customer Support. WTF? I explained to the CS manager I was connected with that I didn’t want to cancel my account, that I had just renewed it last week, and I still had questions to ask. That was really bizarre.

    Still nothing on that other question, though… That whole thing is equally bizarre.

    • WOW, I wonder who in their right mind would say that after you stated that you gave a 5-star review? Does she even understand English?

      The problem with many companies is that they outsource people overseas, people who sometimes do not understand “your” native language. (Note I said yours because I’m Portuguese, and English is not my natural language either) lol.

      Worst than not understanding is not caring enough for the company, and because of that, they provide crapy support, take a long time to answer because of timezone differences, etc.

      No wonder people give “some” bad reviews to JA!

      Once again, thank you so much for your time giving this testimonial!



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