me2 Hi My name is Pedro im 38 years old.

I consider myself a family guy, been with the same woman for the past 20 years mother of my 4 old daughter.

Im between what you may call a computer geek and a nature guy, love to surf, well actually bodyboard been doing that since my 13’s, my other fav sport is rollerblade riding.

My first console was at my 6 years old, and after that i had a computer all my life. I consider myself a internet booming pioneer of course that on early ages was just for gaming (typical of age) and chatrooms (no social networks back then)

In 1994 i started to play Ultima Online, the first so called MMO was the first social / gaming / virtual life and there i established a strong connection with the US, met a lot of great people which some are still friends today after all these years.

In 1997 me and a friend went to a franchise hall and met Worldsites, a Canadian internet company that used to create websites and sell them over a platform across the world. We been internet consultant for Worldsites for some time, but expenses were high since we had to keep up with the franchise contract and not many people wanted a website back then. After couple of years we went solo.

I’ve been working with internet, since then, creating websites,  teaching in private schools from TIC to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Office … etc

I know most of internet scams, (learned some the hard way). I also believe internet is booming every day and with it huge potential for those who want to invest some of their time in exchange of winning money online. We experiencing another gold rush, only this time is virtual, but the profits can be very real! Is up to you !