Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Ambit Energy a scam? Most people believed that Ambit Energy is a pyramid scheme, but there are some who believe that they are a legitimate multi-level marketing company. I can see that you’re looking if you can make money with this Ambit Energy if you’re checking this review.

If you want to make money with Ambit Power, like most intelligent people, you have to test whether they are a scam or not. Whether you’re here to learn more about Ambit Energy’s business opportunity or just want to know more about the services they offer, you are on the right page to choose from as I will let you discover more about Ambit Energy in-depth with this jaw-dropping review. 

Ambit Energy Review Summary

Product Name: Ambit Energy
Founder: Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless
Logo: is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing company.
Best For: People who are good at recruiting people to join an MLM company and have knowledge about energy provider companies.
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Ambit Energy is a multi-level international marketing company providing power and gas supplies in deregulated markets throughout the United States. In this review, we will discuss Ambit Energy. If they are really a scam or not.

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What is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy operates in Dallas, Texas and is operated by Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless, the co-founders.

Ambit Energy’s main mission is to be the best and the most trusted retail energy provider in the USA and to make today’s energy customers cost-effective options.

is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!

Ambit Energy’s primary products and services include the supply of gas and electricity to more than 14 United States countries. Aside from offering quality services in providing cheaper energy, they also give the business opportunity to their customers and clients. They are known as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

Through recruiting people into the business opportunity and taking a share of their income you will benefit through making people change their energy supplier and gain more revenues. In addition, other people bring you monetary benefits, up to 7 levels, into the business and so on. The aim is to create a network of people and soon they will also recruit other people to join and will be under you or what they called downlines.

How Much You Can Earn With Ambit Energy?

Let’s now go over how Ambit Energy will benefit you and how much you can earn from having business with them.

They are a power service provider, as you may be aware, and their pay plans somehow differ from others. They pay their members up to 7 points of incentives for qualified individuals.

Your sales depend mainly on the number of new customers you registered and the energy that those customers use every month. Furthermore, in order to recommend their services and benefit from them, you should not have to pay anything beforehand. This is not like the usual MLM company in which you have to buy products in advance.

is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!

You can earn two customer points with your own field of energy if you register as a vendor, which is 1 of your first customer points. So if you recruit an additional 2 persons which are around 5 points in total, you will earn as much as $100. And another $100 if you will recruit another 5 persons. In their first 28 days, you help your friends or family make $100 as well as yourself.

Everything can sound very easy, but the problem is, in the first 28 days, only a small minority would ever achieve these goals. Many will still be in debt from their initial investment in their second month. 

Recruiting others is how you advance within an MLM company if you are trying to make some serious money. A big problem is that most people would likely have negative feelings about the business model of MLM right off the ship. 

Many think that this kind of business really is a pyramid and many people do not know how much a legitimate MLM is different than a pyramid scheme.

What I Don’t Like About Ambit Energy.

Just like the other companies, I see there are some downsides with Ambit Energy that might affect its business and will lead people to think before signing up as their members.

They don’t give enough information on their website.

The question remains, Is Ambit Energy a Scam? Are they hiding something? While I am checking their website doing this review. Some of the information is via video which is I think most of the people are not into looking at it. And there is information that you will know only if you will contact them directly or their customer service, especially on their compensation plan.

For me, since they have a well-established website why not put all the necessary information that a future member should know. Well contacting them directly is not bad, however, what if you need the information as soon as possible or real-time.

They have lots of complaints and bad reviews.

I believe this is normal, but it would really affect the business and the company. Especially if recruiting is one of their way of giving rewards and bonuses to their members.

is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!

Based on my research, most of the complaints are not about the services but about their customer service or support. The comments are they find the support rude and unhelpful in times they needed them.

What I Like About Ambit Energy.

You can also benefit from signing up with Ambit Energy if you’re not sure the whole MLM presence is really for you. This is what I like about them, you will not benefit from them just by recruiting. As soon as you sign up for them as a member, you are entitled to some benefits which are exclusive to their members only.

You have the chance to get free energy.

In order to do this, you need to find 15 others to register for Ambit Energy but do not required them to sign up for the business opportunity. Since everyone needs power and wants cheaper electricity, this part may not be so difficult for you. In addition, you might feel you would like to take it further if you manage to register 15 people.

is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!

They are giving travel incentives to their members.

Just like the other airline companies that are giving away free travels for their employees, Ambit Energy has its own way to give its members travel incentives. You can also save up points that are traded for trips by recommending other people to register with Ambit Energy.

So if you’re a wanderlust or a traveler this might be interesting for you.

Clean and renewable energy are the main areas.

It could be an extra selling point for you, as well as being a good thing for the environment.

Is Ambit Energy a Scam? Final Verdict

After the thorough analysis and a general examination, Ambit Energy can not be concluded as a scam. Despite their negative effects, Ambit Energy is a highly successful business with creative solutions but this does not change it.

In contrast, the Ambit Energy sectors in the US have an immense dollar demand. Ambit Energy will achieve even greater milestones with its current growth in the coming years.

is ambit energy a scam? uncensored facts!

When you approach Ambit Energy simply to save money on a bill, make sure that you compare all the options available. Before signing something, make sure to read the terms and conditions, because certain offers may seem good but can cost you more in the long term. These are the common sales tactics used by most of the multi-level marketing company.

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You will only be able to find a small percentage of success stories from any MLM business. A huge majority of people spending time and money in a multi-level marketing company won’t succeed and it isn’t because of the lack of effort.

Anyway, I think you should examine all your options before you make the decision if your goal is to get money out of Ambit Energy. Explore deeper and your financial success will be greater. If you want to add something to my “Is Ambit Energy A Scam” review feel free to drop a comment down below.


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