Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme? Another MLM Review

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Advocare a pyramid scheme? You are either looking for an Advocare review to buy the service or consider becoming a supplier for this business if you read this article. Now, if you ‘d like to purchase Advocare products, I’ll recommend you can find or buy it directly from the source. 

On the other hand, you will face one major issue, which is how you can market your business, if you want to be a distributor, and build a company around the sales of Advocare items. Most consumer advocates on trenches, using conventional door-to-door approaches.

That’s all right if you want to grow your business as fast as possible if you’re something like me. But I want to cover some issues before digging into how I can assist you in building your advocacy business. Through this fearless review, we will answer the question if Advocare is a pyramid scheme or not? Let’s find out.

Advocare MLM Review

Product Name: Advocare
Founder: Charles E. Ragus
Logo: is advocare a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: People who are into wellness and healthy living. As well as someone who is interested in doing sales and promoting products to earn extra cash.

Advocare is renowned for selling the 24 Day Challenge Advocare, nutrition supplement, and weight loss business. Advocare is also a growing commercial advertising tool. Advocare was active for many years. Like almost all pharmaceutical providers, they have a large number of loyal customers and unsatisfied customers.

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What is Advocare?

Advocare is a multi-level marketing organization with direct sales systems to promote wellness and dietary supplements. Charles Ragus with an office in Plano, Texas, founded the company in 1993.

Today the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company is Brian Conolly. The goal is to inspire entrepreneurs to an already highly successful organization and to focus on business development.

is advocare a pyramid scheme

Advocare has participated in the 2010 DSA Code of Ethics Compliance Program and is a member of the US Direct Selling Association. 

Advocare is well-known for selling the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, nutritive supplement, and weight loss company. Advocare is also a growing business method for multi-level marketing. For many years Advocare has been involved and they have a good share of loyal clients and unsatisfied customers, like almost all medical distributors and weight loss firms.

is advocare a pyramid scheme

The Products of Advocare.

Advocare has real and available programs with more than 70 items. They typically fall into many categories including weight loss, power loss, additional sports performance, skin, and overall health. A number of people, including Dr. Oz, promote the products for Advocare.

is advocare a pyramid scheme

Spark powder, which is a vitamin and an amino acid supplement, and MNS3, a multi-nutrient supplement to help control your appetite, tend to be the most common products. The rates are not too expensive, but not too cheap. I can’t see why they’d be better than other retailers ‘ less expensive options.

On the other hand, a buying public will be present particularly with so many background athletes who endorse products from Advocare.

How Much Can You Make With Advocare?

If you have met one of the distributors of Advocare, I am sure you’ve heard about the exciting ways on how you can earn with Advocare. Wherein you can use these ways in order for you to earn extra money or can be one of your sources of income in the future.

As I do this research about Advocare, I found out that you have a lot of ways to earn from them. And here are those.

Through retail profit.

It is very usual for the MLM companies to have this kind of way to earn extra cash. Once you become a distributor of Advocare, this can be the easiest way for you to earn money. As a distributor, you can purchase their products with a 20% to 40% discount. In that way, you can sell it with the normal retail price.

Override Earnings.

You will start collecting override commissions when you have reached the rate of the advisor. You can receive this fee from your downline on the business volume. Up to three grades of consultants in your range are liable for an override.

Wholesale Commissions.

It is the ‘passive income’ Advocare charges to you when people buy Advocare goods from your downline. The value you receive is dependent on the discount rate difference. In addition, a wholesale fee is charged on all items purchased by your customers. A chosen consumer charged a subscription fee in order to buy goods directly from Advocare 20%-30% less than the planned retail price.

Leadership Bonuses.

This can be a combination of the other ways to earn from them. If you become one of Advocare leaders, one of your perks can have a bonus that is coming from your downlines. Advocare has different levels of leadership, the higher the level of leadership you have then the higher the commission you will get.


Advocare also has incentives that are available for all their distributors. However, just like the usual incentives, this can be other things, not just cash. For example, if you will be one of their top performers for a specific quarter or can be annual, they might give you an all-expense-paid vacation outside your country or a vacation with your family. 

And new members are also eligible for the incentives. They just need to have enough recruits and they might get like an iPad or any gadgets that depend on Advocare.

Like the usual MLM companies, they give this kind of incentive to encourage their members to work hard and this can serve as a motivation. This can make their members push harder in order for them to somehow reward themselves with these incentives.

What I Don’t Like About Advocare.

To be honest, I don’t see any reason to hate Advocare. Maybe it can be just about minimal reviews about the company itself. Which is coming from their former employees and the feedback is based on their experiences.

is advocare pyramid scheme

But I believe, this is not that big deal for Advocare to be stated as a scam. We always have our own experiences in each company we worked with. And this is normal to have feedback about the experience, especially if what happens is not we are expecting.

This can help Advocare to improve what they need to and to maintain what they have to main, which is based on the feedback.

What I Like About Advocare.

If we are going to talk about what I like about Advocare, I can say that it is about their ways for you to earn money. Especially it is an MLM company, the usual MLM business will require you to recruit more members to earn more. But with Advocare, you don’t really need to push yourself to recruit more, but you have more other ways to earn money.

As well as their incentives, this is a good idea which will make their future members get more interested to join the company. This can also be a reward for the good performance of the members. It is always heart-melting that you are appreciated in every hard work that you do.

Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme? My Final Thoughts.

For me, as I have this review and research I can say that Advocare is a legit company. The company was well-established for a long time now. They have been out of the business if they are having any fraud or scam doing to earn money right?

Their products are effective based on the reviews and feedbacks of the users. This is the reason why they have been very successful in business and also the reason why people think they are a fraud. If a company became a success, people will think right away that there is something fishy going on over the business. However, it’s not always that and it would be best to further investigate more about the company before speculating anything.

When it comes to their products, the people are really curious about it. If it’s really effective or not. Checking the internet will give you the answer. There are a lot of reviews about their products and proven to be effective and worth it. That is the reason why people are more interested in joining and resell the products. If products are proven to be effective it is very easy to sell and get an income from it.

On the business side or how you will earn money, Advocare is a good try. Aside from proven members that really earn from Advocare, they have a lot of ways for you to earn money. The incentive can be a reward for yourself for doing a good job. It is also a good point that you don’t need to recruit more members just to earn. Just have the honesty to promote the product and surely, in the long run, you will benefit and earn a lot from it.

Earning money will always require patience and determination. There is no instant cash and not doing anything to get it. Everything will be worth the wait as long as you work hard for it, 

So, “is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme”? Now that you read my detailed review, let me know what you think!


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