Is Insight Global a Scam? A Surprising Insight Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to Is Insight Global a scam review. Most of the reviews I have are about making money online or work at the “comfort” of your home. For sure that is one of the reasons you end up checking on this page! But is Insight Global a good business opportunity? 

With this eye-opening review, I will let you see with yourself the truth behind the success of Insight Global and what are the things that you need to do and avoid. Is Insight Global legit? Can you really make money with this program? I will answer that for you, I don’t want you to keep on waiting, let’s dig into details.

Product Name: Insight Global
Founder: Glenn Johnson
Logo: is insight global a scam
Product Description: An online-based company that helps every individual to look for a job and also helps employers to fill in available slots on every position that they have.
Best For: People who are looking for a job that can be online or an office-based one.

This website was first founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Glenn Johnson in 2001. More than 40 branches in the USA and Canada currently run. We range from healthcare and retail to aerospace and defense in a variety of industries. They have about 35000 jobs every year, making them more popular with the general public, and some people think about jobs that are legally acceptable or not on their website.

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What is Insight Global?

This website was founded by Glenn Johnson in 2001 and was first located in Atlanta, Georgia. And now they have more than 40 branches across the United States and Canada. They are into a wide variety of industries from healthcare and retail to aerospace and defense. They have an estimated 35000 job placements every year which makes them more popular to the public and it turns out some of the people are thinking of jobs that you get on their website are legit or not.

is insight global a scam

What does Insight Global do?

There are two probable reasons why you are checking on this review. The first reason is you are doing a research about this staffing company or you want to learn more about this company. And second is you have checked one of the job posts on Insight Global and some of your friends have encouraged you to try being on the recruiters on this website.

Insight Global works the same as the other platforms out there like Upwork or Freelancer which I do have reviews about these companies. They serve as a brokerage that is connecting the employees and employers. They are offering a large number of job vacancies each month that you can check and see if that fits for you or not.

is insight global a scam

Some of the job posts that you can see inside this website will require you some skills that an employer is looking for. If you think you have those skills that are listed on each post, you will have the opportunity to have a negotiation for a fair salary.

Is Insight Global a legit company?

Yes, Insight Global is a legit company where you can check for possible jobs that you are qualified for. But again, you must be really skilled in order for you to more successful in getting a high salary job. This way of working may not be effective to everyone but there are a lot of alternative ways that you can so in order to start earning money online.

Can You Make Money With Insight Global?

Yes, earning money with the use of Insight Global is possible. However, the process will not that be easy than the usual way of applying for a job. There are two positions that Insight Global can offer to you, being a Recruiter and being an Account Manager.

As soon as you start with Insight Global, your first position will be a Recruiter. It works like Telemarketing that is looking for possible leads and passes it to your Account Manager. This somehow requires you to work full-time normally it is around 7 to 8 hours a day. Since your work is like a Telemarketer so expect that you are going to do outbound calls to reach out to possible leads. And as you reached the required number of hours of making outbound calls you will have the chance to be one of the Account Manager.

What is Insight Global base salary?

Your base salary would depend on what position you have. Let’s start with the Recruiter’s base salary, upon doing research they say that as a Recruiter of Insight Global you can earn $32000 to $52000 per year but that might change based on the decision of their management. However, I cannot give you a guarantee of the total compensation that you will have unless you try it with yourself.

is insight global a scam

For sure you will ask how about being an Account Manager, I was really surprised when I found out how much an Account Manager can earn, the base salary of an Account Manager is at around $30000 to $70000, it may increase based on how long that you have been with the company. But you should be working hard in order to achieve this position because like I mentioned earlier you need to complete hundreds of hours as a Recruiter before you will have the chance of being an Account Manager.

Does Insight Global offer benefits?

When it comes to benefits, I believe Insight Global is one of the best when it comes to it. They are offering more benefits to their employees, and this will include:

  • Medical
  • Dental and Vision
  • Retirement Pay
  • Weekly Pay

You can find more information as soon as you visit their website. And with these benefits that they have, I find it worth it to try being their employees.

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What I Don’t Like About Insight Global.

If you will ask me about the things that I don’t like about Insight Global, there are two things and here it is.

They are getting a lot of negative reviews.

While I was doing this review I can see that there are some complaints and negative reviews about Insight Global. Some of it is about the payment that even if Insight Global is offering weekly payments they were not able to get the pay and as soon as some employees do follow up about it, they never received a response from the company.

is insight global a scam

They have a quota.

I know that it is normal for a business to have a quota but for me, this is something that I am not used to. There are a lot of ways there online that you can earn without being pressured about the quotas.

What I Like About Insight Global.

Here are the things that I like about Insight Global.

They have awesome benefits.

Benefits are something that an employee is looking forward to a company and Insight Global offers great benefits that you can take advantage of being an employee. Especially the medical benefits which are really important nowadays. This way you will somehow feel secure while working with Insight Global.

is insight global a scam

Competitive salary.

Having a good and competitive base salary is something to excite about if you were to start in a company and Insight Global offers that as well. You just really need to be more skilled in order to come up with a fair and high salary, working hard is the key.

Is Insight Global a Scam? My Final Thoughts.

And we are down to our verdict about Insight Global. If you will ask me if they are a scam or a pyramid scheme, I can say that they are not. They have something to provide to their employees and they have been in this industry for almost 20 years now. And maybe because of some issues they are getting like negative feedback, some people think right away that they are a scam.

This way of earning money may not be effective to most of you especially if you are looking for work or business that you can just do online or at your house. There are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online that will not require you to do outbound calls, you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover a lot of things or ways to earn money online.

I hope that this “Is Insight Global a Scam” review was able to answer your questions and help you with your decision. If you have any questions and concerns just leave that on the comment box below.


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