Is Foap a scam? Get ready to Shoot!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Let me welcome you to my is Foap a scam review. Are you an amateur photographer who wants to publish your work and earn extra cash out of it? Well, don’t look anymore, Foap is the answer you’ve wanted. Foap is an app that pays people to take photos of products, events, or brands recently posted that supply the company with data.

Online photos have become very common in apps like Foap in recent times, but is Foap a scam? Or can you make money from your phone? I believe this question is what you are in mind while you are checking this review.

Product Name: Foap
Founder: David Los
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Product Description: Money Making App
Best For: Photographers. Someone who loves taking pictures and has a passion for it.

Foap is a free iOs or Android program that you download to the App Store or Google Play, depending on the device you have. The Foap App, available for both iPhone and Android as a stock photo service, shares its profits by 50-50% if a company or person needs a photograph for private or commercial purposes.

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What is Foap?

Foap is a free iOs or Android app that you download, depending on which system you have, in the App Store or Google Play. The Foap App, which is available as a stock photo agency for both iPhone and Android, sharing its income on a 50-50 percent basis if a company or person wishes a photo for personal or commercial uses.

After you have downloaded the app you are ready to create your profile, assuming that you have a confirmed Paypal account, which is how you are paid.

As a startup, they caught the attention of a number of well-known names who did not hesitate to invest their money in the company. One of the risk entrepreneurs is Gary Vaynerchuk.

is foap a scam

You can get money from your images with the Foap app. Most corporations, blogs or high-end brands purchase photos from photography firms to be used in their advertising material or in their home brochures or, even, on their website.

You’ll find potential purchasers for your images if you have the kind of high-quality image that they need. It’s just taking high-quality photos and uploading them to the app. The great thing is that more than once you can sell your pictures. You can sell only one photo unlimited many times.

How Does Foap Work?

You only have to download the free smartphone app to start making money with your camera by taking pictures. After the photos are downloaded, a simple registration process followed by a disclaimer that says your photos may be used publicly but you will be paid if others will use that photo you posted. Complete the profile information and rate 5 images at 1 to 5 stars, then you will be well advised to get your photos uploaded.

After your registration, Foap App allows you to post photos or videos on your prospect customer’s website. It should be a brand suitable for your video or photo design. Then you will give them your photos or can let them buy it from you and provide them the licensed to use it. By uploading your images, make a relevant description of the image using tags to help potential buyers identify your images.

Additional users of the Foap app will rate the images. That doesn’t affect your ability to sell your photos because they are all available on the market regardless of the rating. However, I think that photos with a higher rating will be easier to sell.

The Foap missions are another way of selling your pictures. Foap Missions are like photographic challenges and are part of current campaigns that are pictured by well-known brands. You will receive a short brief about the mission that describes Foap’s kind of picture. All you have to do is take the picture. You will be paid if your photograph is selected.

is foap a scam

How Much Can You Make With Foap?

Each picture is sold in Foap at $10, and income 50/50 will be divided up. Nevertheless, you can post a photo on to the marketplace to be sold again after you have sold it. So you can sell it as often as you want when you take a great photo that has several practical uses either for advertising or for personal uses.

That might seem like a low amount, but remember that you can sell your pictures as often as you like, and build a huge library of pictures that will increase your chances of selling. Occasionally, but not always, the company purchases the exclusive image rights that you can not sell elsewhere or anywhere. But for that, you earn more than the standard $5.

You need a Paypal account to be paid for it. You have to request payment before the end of the month to receive your money within the same month.

What I Don’t Like About Foap

Behind how convenient it is to use, there are also things that I can say I don’t like about Foap. Like the other applications, Foap has its downsides as well.

Foap can best use only on a mobile phones.

People can only post and upload photos from their smartphones, so you have to have a camera to connect to the app and earn money. Even if you can own a nice camera and take really high-resolution pictures, you can not download pictures from an external source to the app.

is foap a scam

This could be a hassle for others, especially if you prefer to use your DSLR cameras to take pictures. It is possible to use it but will require you to have a laptop to transfer the file to your to it then transfer it to your phone through any source you can use like Google Drive. They just recently launched a website however, they are receiving bad feedback about it especially in uploading photos and logging in.

They only have one option to cash out your earnings.

As Foap pays only via PayPal, it takes a few days to get the money from the app into your account, which means that you will still need to wait for your money to be seen in your account. Foap will only be able to pay through PayPal.

There is a faster way to cash out your earning which Foap can use and can add it in the future. Having your cash real-time is a big point to an application who lets you earn money. I hope they can still consider adding more payment options.

is foap a scam

I find it hard to earn money with Foap.

Foap is only available to sell pictures online and, with so many people taking pictures on the app, it can be difficult for you to sell many pictures. Imagine the difficulty of selling pictures online, and now quadruple it when you sell pictures online, surrounded by hundreds of other images.

is foap a scam

What I Like About Foap

There are things that I really like about Foap. Because I personally tried this before I start reviewing the app so I can experience it myself.

They have lots of members.

Hundreds of Foap members will see your image and possibly buy it. Foap is also used to find images for marketing campaigns and advertisements by businesses and brands, as well as by community users. As so many people and companies use the app, you have a very high chance of finding a buyer for your photos.

Convenient to use and available right on your mobile phone.

Foap is an app for mobile applications, so the photo you take can be uploaded as soon as you take a picture. The app is easy to use and makes it easy to post pictures and add descriptions.

Is Foap a Scam? Final Verdict!

If you will ask me if Foap is a scam, they are not. Foap can be an option for you to earn money at home or anywhere using your phone. Maybe be it is difficult to earn money through this app, but there are a lot of people who are still trying to post and sell their photos. It would take patience as always in earning money. There is no such thing as instant.

is foap a scam final verdict

And to be honest, Foap is something that you cannot make as your full-time source of income. That is based on how much you can earn and will always depend on how attractive and professionally-made your photos are. But Foap can be a source for extra money for your small bills.

Since it is free, however, it hasn’t hurt posting some photos and looking for the best. Congratulations, if you finally sell photos. You have made a couple of bucks, and now your pictures can be released online. Conversely, there are other options if you do not sell photos but want to still make money online.

Earning will always depend on how patient you are and determined to earn more. If you find Foap an easy way for you to earn then so be it, but I hope this review somehow helps you decide. You will not lose anything or any amount, Foap is free and all you need to have is your skills in photography and creativity. 

I hope you found my “Is Foap a Scam” review useful, if you have anything to add feel free to drop me a comment down below.


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