Is Wealth Recovery International a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Wealth Recovery International a scam? I understand why you would want to know the answers to that question. I mean, there are a lot of scams nowadays, and a lot of people fail to distinguish between what’s legit and which ones are scams.

One of the many scams today are binary options frauds. A lot of people lost their money through trading with binary options. If you are one of those people, I’m pretty sure you want to recover the money that was stolen from you.

No worries! You and Wealth Recovery International have the same interests. This firm claims to recover the money binary options frauds stole from you. Now, you have the chance to recover a portion of your life you have lost.

However, how can you be so sure that Wealth Recovery International’s best interest is just to help you get your money back? What if they want something else from you?

What if the one helping you in your battle against the scammers is a scam itself?

If you want the answers to that, well, you’re just in time! In this Wealth Recovery International review, we are going to understand who they are, what they do, and most importantly if they can really help you recover what you have lost.


Wealth Recovery International Review

Product Name: Wealth Recovery International
Founder: Austin Smith
Logo: wealth recovery international logo
Product Description: Binary Option Fund Recovery Service
Best For: Victims of Binary Option Scams
Recommended: NO

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What is Wealth Recovery International?


is wealth recovery international legit


With the increase of binary options throughout the years, comes with the exponential growth of its victims. As a result, binary options fund recovery websites have also entered the scene.

Of course, someone has to clean up the mess this niche has created.

Wealth Recovery International aims to help victims of binary options frauds by recovering the money they have lost due to trading with binary options and forex brokers.

They have also claimed to be the leading intelligence firm for binary options asset recovery.

Founded in early 2016 by Austin Smith and ‘Mitch’, Wealth Recovery International has built its fort on the grounds of New York City. They are also based in Tel Aviv in Israel.

If you are residing within NY, you might want to drop by their office which is located at 200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10281 between 8 AM to 1 PM.


Inside Wealth Recovery International


Is Wealth Recovery International a scam? To answer this question, we must first understand how this works. Wealth Recovery International is also based in Tel Aviv, Israel as I have mentioned before. I want to emphasize this since it makes perfect sense because research says that 99% of binary options companies which are unregulated are primarily located within Israel.

Because of this, Wealth Recovery International operates with Israeli attorneys since they have deliberate knowledge regarding the legal system of Israel. They also have a network of international attorneys.


myownadmin is wealth recovery international legit


Austin Smith hired an attorney named Tami Hamm which is associated with a law firm in St. Louis. He also hired Arthur VanDesande which is a retired IRS criminal investigator.

Now, I have nothing against turning into a new leaf, but you might want to be extremely careful with Wealth Recovery International due to this fact.

Apparently, the employees of this firm are actually former employees of companies that offer binary options. In other words, they were binary options frauds before they had a change of heart and help the victims of binary options.

I mean, I ain’t no saint but I believe anybody can change. But can you really trust these people?

Wealth Recovery International explains their stand on this issue. They explain that if they need to help the victims, they would first have to know what happens within the walls of binary options frauds. Having former binary options frauds as their employees gives them the insider information they need to make the best strategies to counterattack these scams.

They claim this information is what they have utilized over the course of its services and it has helped them recover more than $4 million for their clients.

To get you started, you would first have to consult them. You can consult them at their office in New York, but before you do so you might want to shoot them an email first. is their official email address.


myownadmin is wealth recovery international a scam


You better be careful and enter just this particular address. There are other fakes claiming that they are Wealth Recovery International with the address Don’t confuse yourself.

You can also contact them through +1 (888) 653-2119 if you reside within the US, and +44 (113) 868-0981 if you are in UK.

After the consultation, they will proceed first by tracking down the binary options companies and other employees involved in the fraud.

Wealth Recovery International then proceeds with detective work. What detective work, you ask?

Well, binary options companies and brokerages use fake names and fake addresses. Of course, Wealth Recovery International’s initial move is to find out their real names and where they are actually hiding.

The best way to handle cases like these is to go the legal route. Wealth Recovery International will ask you to hand in all sorts of evidence that will be of help to your cases such as screenshots, conditions, emails, agreements, emails, credit card statements, and many more.

Once they have gathered enough information on this case, they will pass it onto the attorney. This attorney, together with Wealth Recovery International’s consultation, will then decide the best course of action they will be taking.




So, how are they able to recover the money you lost? It’s not like Wealth Recovery International is a donation company. What happens here is that they will submit a compelling case to your credit card company so that you will be given a chargeback.

Credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard runs a chargeback in which they will take the money back that you sent and shall be obliged to send it back to you.


How Much Are Wealth Recovery International Services?


The thing is, there are no fixed plan of payments. The cost of the case shall be discussed during the process.

Of course, just like how they do in court, the costs will depend on the case itself, whether it is complex or fairly easy to handle.

The only information I can give out is that there is a 10% upfront fee. But that’s not all.

There is also an additional 20% fee when the money you lost has been recovered. Whether your money got recovered or not, you would have to pay 10%.

This seems like a gamble, too, because you are going to spend money to recover money.


wealth recovery international


Whatever the case, this is just how things works. Nothing is free in this world anymore.


Confidentiality Agreement


Take note that the information I am giving out is only limited based on the information I have researched. This is because Wealth Recovery International requires its clients to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Why is there a need for this, though? This is actually the perfect way to hide information from outsiders, particularly those who are from binary options companies.

Of course, this is all just a game of chess. You have to do your best that your strategies will not be found out by the opponent or else you are doomed for failure.

If the frauds were to find out what is happening inside the walls of Wealth Recovery International, you might not be able to get your money back. Nobody wants that to happen.

Is Wealth Recovery International a scam, you ask? You might scratch the surface on the answers to that in the next section.


Wealth Recovery International Complaints


On Trustpilot, Wealth Recovery International has been graded 3 stars with 29 reviews. If you would take a scroll through the reviews, you will find an equal proportion of angry and satisfied customers.

I am going to show you both so that you can weigh the pros and cons of this firm for yourself.

One customer complained that she feels being passed around by WRI and the law firms and instead of regaining her money, she claims as if the only money left with her is just being milked out. Damn.


my wealth recovery international review


Are you sure you can trust former binary options scammers to do the job for you?


myownadmin wealth recovery international review


After reading this review, I don’t feel like featuring a positive review on this post. Apparently, the positive reviews on Trustpilot are made up by the PR director of WRI. That’s just a low blow.


wealth recovery international review


What I Don’t Like About Wealth Recovery International


Selective with Cases

This actually just sucks. Before you are able to benefit from their services, they would first decide whether your case is something they would want to work with.

Apparently, they only work with cases that have a 95% chance of winning. If your case doesn’t seem to have a chance of winning, you will not be eligible for their services.

For me, I think this is just a way of keeping their reputation clean so that people have no beef against them. But this is just not fair to those who want to fight for their money.

Fortunately, you can look elsewhere. There are a lot of binary options fund recovery services out there. Just make sure to find the right one.

On the other hand, this could be good too. Once your case has been forwarded to their attorneys, you know that there is a guarantee your money can be recovered.


What I Like About Wealth Recovery International


Boots on the Ground


myownadmin wealth recovery international


I don’t know if you should trust your money to the ones who know the ins and outs of binary options companies. This might be a great opportunity, considering they have the insider knowledge to strategize the best ways to get your money.

However, if it turns out that these folks didn’t actually have a change of heart, then this is going to be a big problem.


Conclusion: Is Wealth Recovery International a Scam?


By the looks of everything, it seems to me that Wealth Recovery International is just another scam.

Once a scammer, always a scammer. You really just can’t trust people who have been once involved in scams like binary options.

They express pride in this when in reality, this is just another binary options fraud in disguise. They will extract every cent from you and leave you with nothing in the end.

And when they do, they will stop answering your calls, and leave you all alone in the cold.

I suggest you take matters into your own hands and go hire an attorney yourself and battle it all out in court, just like how everyone does.

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Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!






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