Is Beauty Counter a Scam? Mind-Blowing Truth!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Beauty Counter a scam? Mind-blowing truth! I believe the reason why you end up checking this page is you are interested in anti-aging products, or you want to sell in products. Beauty Counter is one of the well-known companies that manufacture and produce skincare and anti-aging products. But they don’t just produce and sell products, they are a Multi-Level Marketing company that lets their members earn extra cash out of selling Beauty Counter products.

You may also be looking for more information about Beauty Counter. Is Beauty Counter really legit MLM company? Are their members earning extra cash from selling products? These are some of the questions that I believe is on your mind. With this eye-opening review, we will find out what’s behind the name Beauty Counter and if they mare legitimate company or not. Be with me to discover more things, is Beauty Counter a scam? The mind-blowing truth.

Beauty Counter Review Summary

Product Name: Beauty Counter
Founder: Gregg Renfrew
Logo: is beauty counter a scam
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing
Best For: People who are looking to have extra income from selling beauty and skincare products. Those who are also good at sales.

Beauty Counter has been designed to offer customers high-quality, premium beauty products that use primarily natural, organic and botanic ingredients and have proven healthy artificial ingredients. They also give interested clients the possibility to market such goods as a business opportunity independently run.

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What is Beauty Counter?

Beauty Counter is an online company that says it offers some of the highest quality skin care products and beauty products on the market as well as a marketing opportunity for network products.

is beauty counter a scam

How Does Beauty Counter Work?

The United States has not implemented a major federal law to control the protection of ingredients in personal care products, according to its website since 1938. While the European Union has been banishing or banning over 1300 ingredients over the past two decades, the United States has only prohibited 11.

Furthermore, of 10000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products only about 10 percent have any kind of safety data studied and publicized.

Beauty Counter has been designed to offer customers high-quality, premium beauty products that use primarily natural, organic and botanic ingredients and have proven healthy artificial ingredients. They also give interested clients the possibility to market such goods as a business opportunity independently run.

is beauty counter a scam

Beauty Counterclaims more than 1,500 ingredients are expelled to establish a new standard of health and security and that over 80% of the ingredients of its products are organic, natural or extracted from plants. They used outlets, such as industry, academia, government agencies, and non-profit health organizations, to choose the ingredients they use in their products.

If you have a question concerning the products, a complete list of all ingredients included in each of the items you intend to buy will be available on the product page on their website.

How Much Can You Make With Beauty Counter?

The Beauty Counter website currently does not publish a complete explanation of its compensation scheme, but interested people are welcome to contact a local representative and talk to them directly about the profit opportunities for new company associates.

If you want to become a vendor, the website addresses the compensation plan, in the same manner, they ask customers to contact their local or current company representative to access all the details that they need.

is beauty counter a scam

Understanding what the cost of their products, based on what items you may want to order individually or through a representative of the company, can be viewed from their existing website stock. So 
technically, you can earn with them by selling their products.

Based on my research, their products are really effective which makes it easy to sell and customers or consumers would really love using the products especially the skincare. If you are someone good in sales and encouraging people to use a project, you have a big chance to earn a bit of extra money.

What I Don’t Like About Beauty Counter.

What I have noticed if the product is something to do with skincare or cosmetics, the consumer finds it expensive. And that is what I also see in Beauty Counter products.

Their products are expensive.

Since they are selling skincare products and cosmetics it will be good if they will have a price that is somehow worth buying. If you will scan all of it one by one you will find other brands cheaper with the same effect that Beauty Counter products do.

This is mostly the complaint that I found about their products. Maybe they can find a way to lower down the prices so it will be more easy for the seller or distributor to sell it. But behind its price, there are a lot of people who are still buying it behind the price because it is really effective and must-try products.

is beauty counter a scam

They don’t have enough information on their website.

They have a fully established website, so people will think that the information that they need will be on their website. But based on what I saw is that it will require the viewers to contact their customer support to get details about products especially on how you will able to be a distributor.

I am not saying that they put all the information on the website. But at least a bit of it on their website so people can have an idea about the products and the process and will just contact Beauty Counter’s customer support if they still need additional information. It can lessen the customer’s effort in purchasing and signing up as a member.

What I Like About Beauty Counter.

Upon doing this review I saw things that made like Beauty Counter. Especially when it comes to customer service. Mostly, the way of communicating with them is through their customer support. And these are the things that I like about the Beauty Counter.

They process a refund of their products.

The Beauty Counter website states that a customer who has received an unsuccessful product will be able to fix his order at no cost, provided they contact Customer Service as quickly as possible after their order is received.

Items that consumers want for any other reason returned can be returned, provided that the initial order date is still 60 days after. When you return the entire order, Beauty Counter may refund your shipping charges, but the collection or package must be entirely returned in order to receive a refund if you have purchased a collection or set.

They have effective products.

Most of the products that I reviewed before are having an issue when it comes to their product, most of them are claiming something about their product but it turns out that they have a false advertisement or the product is not really effective.

is beauty counter a scam

But with Beauty Counter, they are getting good feedback about their product. What has been advertised is really something that you can get when you use it. Which is a good point if you are someone looking at selling Beauty Counter products.

They have personal consultants around the globe.

It is important that before using any skincare product is you consult professionals or to someone that has the knowledge on how you will use it. Beauty Counter has a personal consultant anywhere in the world. So anytime you need any advice or recommendation on what you can use on your skin you can have someone to help you anywhere.

This thing is one of the important things that a company has especially if they are marketing products that involve the skin. It might have a big impact on any company if they have been sue because of any damage on the skin of their consumers. For me, this is a big plus and I can recommend Beauty Counter because of this.

Is Beauty Counter a scam? Mind-blowing Truth!

At this time, this company and its services seem to have very mixed reviews. Many people seem very excited about the organic and botanical brand strategy of the business, but it is a common allergy to the botanical ingredients. The inherent disadvantages of using these types of products. This sadly leads to some online reviews to report that some of their products contain allergic reactions.

If you will ask me if Beauty Counter is a scam, I can say that they are a legitimate MLM company and earning with them will depend on how hardworking you are to promote and sell the products. It will really take patience for this especially some find the products expensive. It will be all about your strategy and how to encourage people to buy the products.

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I hope this “Is Beauty Counter a Scam” review will help you decide if this program can be one of the sources of your income. You might find it hard at first if you are not into selling but in the long run, if you get used to it, you will get the hang of it. Just have the patience and the determination and you will bear it all in the end.


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