HI, I’m pedro

Father & Internet Marketer

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I’ve been there, searching the web for a way to start making money online with the intent of one day quitting my day job and live a better life with my dear ones. Spend more time with the family and friends, having time for my hobbies, actually, live life instead of just survive it.

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About Me

I’m a family guy, been with the same woman for the past  23 years mother of my daughters.

I’m in between what you may call a computer geek and a nature guy, love to surf, well actually bodyboard been doing it my 13th’s.

I’m an internet booming pioneer, I’ve been online since 1997, creating  and optimizing websites, teaching in private schools.

I know most of the internet scams, (learned some the hard way), but The internet is booming every day and with it huge potential for those who want to invest some of their time in exchange for winning money online.

We experiencing another gold rush, only this time is virtual, the profits can be very real! Is up to you!


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Is American Income Life a Scam

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Change Your Mindset.

Set Your Goals.
Take A Challenge.

Stay Positive & Focused.
Reward Yourself.

The most important thing about working for yourself is setting up your mindset, think outside the box, remember, you no longer have someone telling you what to do!

 Set goals like,  how much money you want to make per month, how much daily time are you willing to invest on your project, look ahead! Remember if you don’t push yourself, no one will!

 Now you are Ready for that PUNCH IN THE FACE!!!

Believe in yourself, work hard, run the extra mile success will follow!


Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Forging Your Own Path Today!


Get The Proven 4-STEP Affiliate Marketing
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NOTE: This is not a get rich overnight mumbo jumbo, you need
time and effort in order to succeed .


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