What Is MySurvey All About? The Bare Naked Truth!

I want to welcome you all to my What Is MySurvey review. I know that one of the reasons why you are checking on this page is you are looking for better opportunities to earn money online, in a legit and easy way. And MySurvey is one of the options you have and you want to learn more about this company, and no need for you to worry you are checking the right review.

Online surveys are one of the trends right now when it comes to earning money online. However, the question is, is MySurvey a scam? Or is MySurvey legit? Today you are going to find out the answers to your questions and will able to know if doing these surveys with them are really worth it. So without further, I do, let’s go ahead and get into details.

Product Name: MySurvey
Founder: National Family Opinion Organization
Logo: what is mysurvey
Product Description: Online Survey
Best For: People who are interested in answering online surveys and have enough time to wait for each survey.
Recommended: NO

What is MySurvey?

MySurvey is a market research company that will let you answer a survey online to gather information for their clients. They were established in 1946 but they did not start with online surveys right away since the internet is not yet discovered that time. MySurvey’s first name is NFO or National Family Opinion organization, they started the business with surveys but it was through emails or over the phone which is still existing in our generation today but much upgraded or high-tech.

what is mysurvey

And in 2001, they started to fully launch the business and finally named it MySurvey. The reason why they decided to finally launch it is that they want to expand the business and do further studies also to reach out to a large number of families across the nation. However, in 2010 a company named Lightspeed Research which is another market research company that has its own survey program bought MySurvey. And because of that, MySurvey became one of the largest survey providers.

Today, upon doing this review I figure out that MySurvey has already re-branded and has now a name Lifepoints. Which was still the have same business, answering surveys. To be honest, until now there is no official statement that came from their side regarding the re-branding and what is the reason behind it. Time can tell soon and for sure there is a valid reason behind it.

How Does MySurvey Work?

I know you are curious about how you can able to earn with MySurvey. It is quite simple to earn from them, especially if you are someone who just started doing online surveys and don’t have the idea of how it works. MySurvey does have a very easy to use website that will walk you through for them to make sure that you go through the right process from creating your account until you answer surveys.

The first thing that you need to do is to create an account for MySurvey which will require you to provide some personal questions like your email and your name. The if you already successfully created your own account, the next step will be answering some series of question which is around 10 to 15 questions and using your answers it will help MySurvey to sort out the surveys that will be best for you. Then after these steps, you are good to go and start answering surveys.

what is mysurvey

Unlike the other online paid survey platforms, MySurvey offers different ways for you to earn money not just by answering surveys. This is interesting, right? But the question of some is how easy it is and is it effective. Here are some of the ways that you can do in order to earn money from MySurvey.

Of course, the main source of earning with them is through answering online surveys. This is somehow easy and each survey you will get is given depending on the answers that you have on creating the account.

So it is easy for you to understand and know the things that you will answer one specific survey. However, there are times that you are not qualified for the survey that was sent on your email which is normally happening in other online surveys as well.

They also have a point system, wherein you will gain those points in every survey you answered as well as on other activities that you do on the website itself. It would be best to check for their website to see those ways to get the points.

These points can be used to redeem exciting rewards and that includes cash. The plot twist with this pointing system is you need to have at least 1000 points as the threshold for you to redeem any rewards or cash.

It may sound easy but somehow it is because on every survey you’ve answered you will get 25 to 125 points each. Based on my estimation, it will take you 1 month to get the 1000 points and the rewards will still depend on what is available for you.

what is mysurvey

Just like an MLM company, you can also invite your friends to join MySurvey and start earning as well. The reward is at $1.50 each successful referral you will have. Your referral should successful confirmed the necessary information and already started taking surveys.


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How Much Can You Make With MySurvey?

The reason we are checking some reviews for a specific company is for us to know how much you can earn from joining them. As we discussed earlier the ways we can do to earn from MySurvey, your total earning will depend on how frequently answer surveys.

Depending on the length of the survey that you are qualified which will normally take you 45 minutes to finish it will give you a compensation of around $1 to $1.50 per survey. But some say that it is less than this amount. Do you think that it is worth it? If you will just have this as your source of extra income, this might be worth it for you.

But the most controversial about MySurvey is, some of the member’s accounts got terminated before they can able to cash out their rewards or points. This is the reason why some people are having doubts about joining this online survey platform. For me, there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money and it can be online. There is a legit and effective way to earn money online that will not require you to answer boring and long surveys.

What I Don’t Like About MySurvey

While I am doing this unbiased review, I was able to discover a lot of things about MySurvey which is now Lifepoints. And there are things that I think you should consider thinking twice about this, and here it is.

Terminating Accounts.

The fact that you already invested time and effort in answering the surveys, then when the moment you are excited about cashing out your hard work, it ends up that one of your accounts is on the list for termination, and without any notification from them. This might be their way of minimizing expenses I guess, but again this is just based on my opinion and what I think about this strategy that they. It seems to be unfair so start thinking about this.

what is mysurvey

Low Compensation.

I know that online surveys will not pay you that can let you survive for the whole month. But I also think that the payment of $1.50 per survey that will take you almost an hour to answer is not worth it. There some work or job out there that can pay you $3 per hour rather than this one. However, they provide other ways to earn money so I think you can try those ways as well to test yourself.


This is normal in business but receiving a lot is something you should think of and start doubting. MySurvey received a lot of complaints regarding the services that they have and most especially on how they pay their members and terminating their accounts without prior notice.

what is mysurvey

What I Like About MySurvey.

Behind those doubts about MySurvey, there are things that e can still look forward to them. And here are the things I like about MySurvey.

Easy Start-Up.

It is good to know that they have a website that is very easy to use and the signing up process is smooth and less hassle on your side. It is like they are preparing you already on answering surveys. And all is for free.

You own your time.

Since this is going to be online, you can do this even in your spare time or while at the house and just watching television. It is your decision when you will be able to start answering surveys or not. This is somehow effective to some, especially for housewives.

What Is MySurvey? Is it a scam?

After exhausting all the information that I have researched about MySurvey, I can say that they are not a scam. They are a legit and on-going online paid survey platform. However, I think this is something that will take you more time before you can start earning especially on how much they are going to pay you for every survey.

There are a lot of things you can try that will give you a better opportunity and will not require a long time before you benefit from it. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover more ways to do legit and effective ways to earn money online. It can be easy as writing your own diary but getting something out of it.

I hope this “what is MySurvey” review serves its purpose to you. If you have any questions and suggestions or just want to add something,  please leave me a  comment below. Cheers!


I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015 with no marketing experience whatsoever. In a couple of months, I got my own website running, driving traffic, and sales daily.

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