YouGov Surveys Review. Truth Revealed!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

If you ended up on this page, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for a YouGov Surveys review, allow me to give you a heads up that you are on the perfect page to check it.

We are in the generation today that every information we need to know is just a search away, and thanks to the advanced technologies we can now research everything in a split of seconds. And we are all aware that making money online is one of the tops searched topics over the internet.

YouGov is one of the known paid surveys online. But, does it cross your mind that if there are real people earning through this website? Is YouGov really paying them or not? Let’s go ahead and find the truth through this jaw-dropping review.

YouGov Surveys Review

Product Name: YouGov
Founder: Stephan Shakespeare
Product Description: Paid Survey Website
Best For: This website is good for you if you’re looking for something that can give you an extra income. Let’s say you’re a housewife who wants to get extra even if you’re just at home and doing house chores.
Recommended: Yes


What is YouGov?

They are an international internet-based firm founded in the UK last 2000. They have some headquarters in the UK and they conduct online surveys around the globe especially in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

YouGov technically will send you surveys for you to answer. They are using the data that they collected through other surveys or online. And in return, you will get a point in every survey you answered which you can convert to cash if you already hit the target to encash the points.

How Does YouGov Work?

As you search the internet, it will give you YouGov as an option for you to earn extra money, either you’re at home or make it as part-time work.

As soon as you land on their website, the first thing to do is it will ask you to register and create your own account. You can do that on your desktop or on your mobile, they both support those devices so it will be more convenient for their members to access the surveys.

Upon registration, it is good to know that it will let you choose from where you at or from what country are you. Like what I have mentioned earlier, they support and operate all around the globe. I think it is a good way in terms of promoting the business, the more you conquer the globe the more members you will have right? That was a nice marketing skill for me.

YouGov Surveys Review wordwide

Once you click the join button for you to proceed with the sign-up process, like the other websites that require an account, you have an option to choose to log in using your Facebook account or Gmail account. At some, it looks like there is something fishy going on after accessing your social media accounts. But I never heard that they have an issue about fraud or phishing, therefore I believe it is secure.

After setting up your account, you must verify your email address in order for you to start earning which I believe will take you less than a minute. As soon as you verify your email, it will give you a link that will direct you to your first survey. It will give you more excitement and eagerness to answer the survey since the first survey will give you 100 points.

And if you’re done with the survey, automatically you will be directed to their homepage which is logged in on your account. Once you have another survey, YouGov will send you another email and will tell you that you are eligible and they choose you for another survey. However, for the next survey the points may vary depending on the kind and length of the survey.

Can Anyone Use YouGov?

For me, I can recommend that you must be on legal age before using or creating an account for YouGov. Because in every survey they will ask your age and if your age does not qualify for the survey, it will end up losing the survey and wait for another one (this based on my experience as I tried YouGov before).

When it comes to their website, it is very easy to navigate. All the important information that you need to know is just a click away and easy to see on the first page.

YouGov Surveys Review website
If you are going to check the website, you will notice that it will not just give you surveys, but there are other things that you can read and you can benefit and use it in the future. You can rate the writers, actors and even create your own poll and let others answer it which can give you knowledge at some things around us aside from answering surveys.

That is why it can still be recommendable to use by anyone as long as they can already understand things.

How Do I Earn with YouGov?

When you heard that you can earn on an answering survey, first that will come into your mind is money. However, in YouGov the points that you will earn can be converted to cash or other great rewards like points that can be used to buy a plane ticket, gift card to your favorite store or restaurant, mobile credits or it can be a charity donation. Looks cool right?

On the other side, if you will convert your points into cash you must have minimum points of 5000 so you can cash out an amount of $65. At some, that number of point is reachable especially if you’re really determined to hit the goal. But that is time-consuming, right? Especially that 5000 points are quite hard to achieve in some.

For me, based on my experience at first, I was really determined to answer the surveys. But as time goes by, and thinking that I need to get 5000 points for my first cash out. Unfortunately, I get frustrated, to the point that I already stopped answering surveys even if they keep on sending emails that I am qualified to answer a survey, and there are times that they doubled the points just for me to answer the survey.

YouGov Surveys Review worldwide

Maybe what they can do is to set something that is possible to reach not in a way that the member will be frustrated and will stop getting their surveys. At some point, it helps improve the personality of a person. You will be more patient enough in waiting and completing the 5000 points. And you will get to realize that money cannot be earned in just an instant, it takes time, patience and effort.

But it will always be your choice to convert it to cash anyway. Since that is the main reason why you’re answering the surveys right? The great thing is that we also know that there are, other options we can have in getting the reward of answering the surveys.

About Their Referrals.

Most of the members who are really decided to earn money and reach the 5000 points, another option they do is to refer. Why? Because of the YouGov referral marketing bonus. Wherein you will get extra points by referring a friend, family or anyone that you know who is interested in answering surveys and soon will earn something out of it. As far as I remember, their referral bonus is a total of 200 points per referral. It is not bad, because having at least 4 referrals you will able to get 800 points. That is a lot easier than answering surveys right?

My Conclusion?

As I have tried YouGov before, I can say that this is something that is worth a try. Maybe because of their threshold for you to cash out money is something that can be a reason for you to think.

But if you will visit their website and look for other reviews, you will see that there are some who really have the patience to complete the points so they can earn. All will be about your dedication and determination to earn. There is no such thing as an instant in earning money, you would really need to strive and work hard for it.

YouGov maybe not a stable way to earn, but at least it can help you pay some small things that you have or maybe getting yourself a reward through the use of points that you will have. I hope this review will give you a little insight about YouGov.

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