What Do People Want To Read On A Golf Blog?

Last Updated on November 24, 2022

What Do People Want To Read On A Golf Blog? Golf is a sport that anyone of any age can participate in, making it popular with young and older adults and people of all ages. According to Statista, there were approximately 24.2 million golfers in the United States alone in 2018. The World Golf Foundation estimates that golf contributes $84.1 billion annually to the US economy.

In a CNN interview, World Golf Foundation CEO Steve Mona stated that the golf industry is more extensive than spectator sports and the performing arts combined.

Golf is one of the most popular and profitable sports in the world. If you enjoy golf and want to blog about it, this niche has a large audience with somewhat deep pockets.

How To Start With Your Golf Blog?

1. Finding Your Niche

Blog About a Niche

Use a free tool like Answer the Public to find content ideas for your golf blog. For example, at this time in October 2022, frequently asked questions by searchers include: “will golf courses open soon” “can golf clubs play competitions” “why do golf balls have dimples,” and “why is golf so expensive.”

There are numerous golf blogs available, so if you want to start one, you must:

  • Find a unique niche that is underserved or underserved well.
  • Discover your voice. How do you write differently than others? Are you sure? Funny? Sarcastic?
  • Examine your competition. If you want to write about golf for kids, look at what other people are doing on blogs. What isn’t covered, and how can it be improved?

Everything else should fall into place once you’ve determined the focus of your blog. You should also consider your blog’s mission. Do you want to make money from it? Reach out to readers? What is your ultimate goal?

2. Setup the Blog

Starting A Blog Is More Accessible And Less Expensive.

The following are the general steps for starting a blog from scratch.

  • Select a domain name
  • Choose and pay for your web host (check out Scala Hosting or TMD Hosting – they are affordable and very reliable)
  • Set your domain DNS to point to your web host.
  • Install WordPress on your host’s server.
  • Log in to WordPress and select a ready-made theme for your blog.
  • Install necessary plugins (i.e., software to improve your blog security and performance – basic ones are usually available for free).
  • Begin writing your post.
build content with intent

3. Monetizing Your Golf Blog

There are numerous ways to make money from your golf blog (or any blog).

You can use some or all of these, but adding one new thing at a time is best. See how much time it takes and the payback for your time before deciding whether to keep it and add more or toss it and try something else.

  • Create and sell a book. You can sell it on your blog and sites like Amazon’s self-publishing platforms.
  • Make a video of the lessons and sell them as a package.
  • Make a members-only area with truly one-of-a-kind content. Readers will have to pay a small membership fee to access those items.
  • Include affiliate links. Because you’re talking about golf, you should look for affiliate programs that pay you to sell golf items. But be cautious here. If you haven’t tried and liked the product, you risk losing your readers’ trust.
  • Accept personal advertisements. Is there a local golf course that might be interested in advertising on your website?

These are just a few ideas for monetizing your blog. There are also standard AdSense advertisements and Amazon links. You can even make money by selling your blog.

In fact, many sports-related websites have achieved relatively high resale values. GarageGymPro, a blog that primarily provided content, was sold for more than $110,000, while BowGrid, a younger site, went for more than $7,500.

Golf Blog Post Topics And Ideas

Blog Posts Are Significant, Compelling, And Ideal Material.

Creating new blog post topics and ideas can be time-consuming and difficult. Even more challenging is coming up with a great content idea that will bring you the right traffic and resonate with your target audience.

Writing a great blog post can take hours, days, or even weeks, so make sure you do your research to ensure your post reaches your intended audience.

How-To-Guide Content

How-to guides are an excellent way to share insight and knowledge with your target audience.

These guides are informative and use step-by-step instructions to teach your reader how to complete a given task. Here are how-to-guide golf blog content ideas:

  • How to enhance your mental skills in playing golf
  • How to become a professional golf player
  • How to avoid injuries in golf
  • How to save money to afford to play golf
  • How to have the best form in playing golf
  • How to stay fresh while playing golf
  • How to get popular in golf
  • How to find the best golf course
  • How to attract newbie golfers
  • How to maintain a golf course properly
  • How to play golf at home
  • How to recover from injury in golf
  • How to buy the best golf car
  • How to join a golf club
  • How to start a golf blog
  • How to play golf alone
  • How to play golf with an injury
  • How to train like a pro in golf
  • How to write a book about golf
  • How to master the rules of golf in one day
  • How to run a successful golf club
  • The ultimate guide to playing golf
  • How to become a caddy
  • How to build your own golf course at home
  • How to achieve the best golf swing form

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Style of list-based content

Lists are an excellent way to organize information and provide your user with a quick and easy read.

Lists are a great way to quickly answer your searcher’s query for those who want a quick answer or don’t have time to read a long article. List content is excellent for driving traffic to your blog, and it is often simple to create. Here are a few examples:

  • Places in the US to learn golf as a beginner
  • Top golf players of all time
  • What clothes to wear when playing golf
  • Top golf players with disabilities
  • List of the best golf balls
  • Highest-paid golf players of all time
  • List of the safety rules in golf
  • Topics that you can talk about on a golf course
  • Different golf training aid products
  • List of the different golf competitions to join
  • Health benefits of playing golf
  • What are the common injuries golf players can get
  • Different workouts to become an efficient golf player
  • List of the terminologies in a golf game
  • The different equipment you need to play golf
  • The different types of golf clubs and their uses
  • Tips for finding the best caddy
  • Different strategies for playing golf
  • List of the best golf shoes
  • The best golf drinks to bring on your next game
  • Tips to maintain endurance while playing golf
  • List of the best sun visors for playing golf
  • Benefits of doing golf drills

Other types of blog posts

You can write content in various other blog post styles.

Incorporating various blog post formats into your content strategy creates an engaging experience for your audience.

Here are some other blog post formats you should experiment with:

  • Ebooks \sInfographics
  • Case studies in video
  • Interviews or Q&A sessions

Here are some of the other types of blog post ideas:

  • The routines of Tiger Woods
  • Why you should play golf in the summer
  • The history of golf
  • Biography of the best golf players
  • What comprises a golf training
  • What is a long-drive golf exercise
  • What is a golf course management
  • What is a golf ball made of
  • A complete analysis of golf swing
  • Where to sell golf memorabilia
  • The proper golf etiquette
  • How much is the average salary of caddies in the US
  • What is a frisbee golf
  • What are the chances of scoring a birdie
  • Which is better, tennis or golf
  • The golf ball industry
  • The different golf organizations in the world
  • What are the chances of scoring an eagle
  • Is it wrong to have a score of par
  • What does it take to play at a professional level
  • Actual golf course vs. mini golf
  • Why golf is a popular sport
  • Why is it expensive to play golf
  • Use a golf car vs. walking
  • Can you play a golf game without a caddy

Final Thoughts

Although the field is crowded, there is always room for another great golf blogger if you genuinely love the game. “Be yourself and have fun,” Neil Sagebiel said. After all, this is your blog. Write about and share topics and stories that pique your interest and passion. This will be obvious to others and, hopefully, draw an audience.”


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