Is Survey Compare Legit? Yes, Well, Kind Of

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Survey Compare legit? When you say make money online opportunities, the first ever thing you’re going to encounter are online paid surveys. It’s an easy way to accumulate money by simply answering surveys from companies. While some of these survey websites promise you the world, some are realistic enough to tell directly to your face that you can not make a fortune out of surveys. 

One of those online paid survey websites is Survey Compare. I like the instant slap of honestly this website provided me. It’s different from most in its league. But what meets the eye isn’t everything. 

As I made my way in and dug deeper into this online paid survey website, I found myself questioning all my first impressions on Survey Compare.

Let me walk you through Survey Compare by giving you information on what it’s all about, how it works from the inside, and if this online paid survey website is legit or an outright scam!

Survey Compare Review

Product Name: Survey Compare
Founder: Marketing VF Ltd.
Logo: survey compare logo
Product Description: Online paid survey websites consolidator
Best For: People who are in need of supplement for their full time income
Recommended: NO


What is Survey Compare?

survey compare homepage

Survey Compare, created by Marketing VF Ltd., is a company based within the UK that provides you online paid surveys as a way to earn some side money on top of your regular monthly income. Although the company is based within the United Kingdom, the website is available in different domains to cater to different countries outside UK.

When I first stepped onto the platform, Survey Compare will make you believe that you can sign up and start answering surveys directly on the website itself but that’s not the case at all. Apparently, Survey Compare is only an online paid survey websites consolidator. 

The website does not really directly provide you with paid surveys to qualify for and answer, rather, it only aggregates links to redirect you to other legit online paid survey websites like Global Test Market,  Inbox Pounds, Maximiles, and many more.

Then, why bother with Survey Compare in the first place? The website states that you can easily access all of these multiple websites in one single interface so you don’t have your accounts all over the place. Plus, you can be sure that all of the online paid survey websites they have on the platform is legit and trustworthy.

Is Survey Compare legit? Don’t worry, we’ll be going more over that later on, but for now, let’s know how this online paid survey websites consolidator works in the first place.


How Does Survey Compare Work?

survey compare how does it work

You sign up on the website with your personal information thinking you could extract some value from it, only to find out that Survey Compare is different from the type in its league in a sense that it doesn’t really directly provide you with paid surveys on the platform itself. It only redirects you to other legitimate online paid survey websites.

Once on the platform itself, all you will be provided are links to other websites like Global Test Market, Inbox Points, and the like. If anything, you’re the one providing money to the people behind Survey Compare because they earn commissions once you sign up for their partners.

You can always choose to sign up for all the third party online paid survey websites to increase your chances of getting qualified for more surveys and earning more money with surveys. But, you can also just choose some of the websites that attract your attention and gain your interest.

survey compare partners

Once you’re redirected to the websites of your choice, you’re pretty much on your own from that point on. Survey Compare only wants you to click on these links and sign up to the websites, so that they can earn their commissions. That’s pretty much just it.

Let me give you a general overview of how online paid survey websites work. First off, you’ll always want to completely fill out your demographic information. Why did you ask? Well, it’s because this determines how many surveys you can receive and how much money you can earn from doing surveys.

You see, market researchers gather information about the opinions of the general public regarding products and services ranging from different industries to further improve it depending on how the public perceives it. 

Of course, by filling out your demographic information, these researchers will know whether you should be sent an invite to a survey or not. I mean, why should you be invited to a survey about automobiles when you don’t own one in the first place? 

survey compare demographic

It’s of utmost importance for you to completely fill out your demographic information to give justice to the standards of market researchers.

In order to earn money from online surveys, you must be able to finish it from beginning to start. Now, to be able to finish it means you would need to be qualified for the survey itself. You’re going to have to answer some pre-qualifying questions. 

If you’re not qualified, you can either move on to the next survey or be consoled with rewards. It pretty much depends on the website itself. 

Once qualified and you have completed the survey, you could get paid in the forms of cash, gift cards, vouchers, or points that you could convert for rewards, raffle entries or chances to join sweepstakes programs. What you can receive also depends on the companies themselves. 

You could choose from Survey Compare’s list of online paid survey websites and check out which companies will cater to your needs and interests the most.

Mode of payments could still vary on the company, but if you’re receiving cash, you can expect to request cashouts through PayPal on a weekly basis.

Is Survey Compare legit? You may find the answer to this question you are looking for all this time once you have read the next section below.

Why Survey Compare Sucks

It’s Misleading

Survey Compare gives you the first impression that you can start answering the moment you finished signing up, but that’s not really the situation at all. It only provides you a list of third party online paid survey websites, and that’s pretty much just. 

survey compare list

I don’t have much problems and issues with promoting other companies in exchange for commissions, but the way Survey Compare initially presented themselves to you is so misleading. Nobody really wants to go through such hassle just to get disappointed that they are not getting what they really wanted in the end. 

You’re not getting any value for signing up with Survey Compare. There’s kind of no point in using this website in the first place.


Not a Full Time Income

Let’s face it. You can answer surveys to your heart’s desire all you want, but the amount you’re going to earn won’t just cut as a full time income. Surveys only just pay you cents to a dollar for completing it from start to finish. Considering how finishing a survey also takes a long time, I don’t think your time is being compensated well.

There are also factors that could affect your survey earnings, specifically your demographics. If you belong in a demographic area that market researchers don’t really care about, you could only receive little to none amounts of survey invites even if it’s on a monthly basis.

If anything, surveys are best for the purpose of supplementing your regular monthly income. If you think the amount of money you can receive from surveys will replace your full time income, well, then you’re highly mistaken.

What I Like About Survey Compare

Instant Slap of Honesty

survey compare slap of honesty

I like how they indicate right off the bat that you can’t make a fortune by answering surveys. The website also warns you to stay away from online paid survey companies that requests you to pay to access their list of surveys. 

This honesty is not something you would see from usual survey websites, and it’s very refreshing to have Survey Compare slap you with the truth.


Free to Use

To be frank, this is not that much of a big deal since online paid survey websites should be free to use in the first place anyway. Remember, your opinions matter and companies are willing to pay you for it.  If you are urged to pay to answer a survey, there’s a large chance that you are being scammed. 

Plus, since Survey Compare does not really provide you any value, it would be weird if they won’t let you sign up for free.


Legitimate Third Parties

survey compare legitimate

You can be sure that Survey Compare only partners up with legitimate companies, and they will never include scams to their list of recommended online paid survey websites.


Wide Coverage of Availability

Although it is based within the UK, the website is actually available in different domains meaning there’s a specific website for a specific country. There’s not much difference in between these platforms, you will still be provided with links to their third party websites.

My Conclusion! Is Survey Compare Legit?

Survey Compare is definitely a legit online paid survey websites consolidator. You can also be guaranteed that their list of third party companies are also legit and Survey Compare will never promote scams. It’s free to use for a number of countries, as well. However, that’s just how far this train goes. 

It’s still not something I would recommend for you to use. Signing up to Survey Compare does not really provide you any value since you can’t answer surveys on the platform itself. Rather, you’re only provided with links to their third party websites, and that’s pretty much just it. 

It’s kind of a waste of time since you can access the websites they are promoting directly by searching for them online. In common sense, you don’t need Survey Compare at all.

Plus, answering surveys won’t replace your source of regular monthly income in any way. If you believe that, then it’s honestly kind of delusional. If you’re only in need of a supplement to your full time income, then you could refer to online paid surveys. Otherwise, you are highly mistaken.

But hey do you know what’s better than earning cents by answering surveys? I know! An actual sustainable and passive source of income. You don’t have to get stuck completing surveys for life, you know. 

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