Is The VIP Voice Legit? There’s No $€£ Here!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is The VIP Voice legit? Let me give you a clear picture on the situation of the Internet today. Nowadays, you won’t run out of opportunities to earn money. Why? Because the Internet is already home to make money online opportunities. Heck, you can even get paid for spewing out your opinions about certain matters concerning different industries. How awesome is that? 

Unfortunately, with the exponential growth of make money online opportunities also comes the  significant increase in people who want to advantage of you! There’s just as much scams as there are real legit ways to make money online nowadays. That’s why here in My Own Admin, it’s always the best choice to gather information about a product first, especially if it’s something that concerns your hard earned money.

As I was searching for ways to make money online, I came across The VIP Voice which seems to be an online paid survey website. It got me wondering if it’s a legit way to make money online or just another one of those ugly and up to no good scams! So I did my research, it turns out The VIP Voice is more than what meets the eyes. What I’m saying is, this one might not be as legit as you think and it might not be the best choice to make a living out of.

In this The VIP Voice review, let me walk you through this online paid survey website by explaining to you what it’s all about, how it works from the inside, and if it’s a scam you should be aware of.


VIP Voice Review

Product Name: VIP Voice
Founder: NPD Group
Logo: vip voice logo
Product Description: Online paid survey website
Best For: People who want to win prizes on the side of their monthly income
Recommended: NO

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What is The VIP Voice?


vip voice homepage


The VIP Voice is an online paid survey website in which you get paid in the form of VIP points by answering surveys coming from their research partners. These points are apparently only eligible to use as raffle entries and bids for auctions.

VIP Voice is part of The NPD Group. This group of companies has been providing market information and advisory services to Fortune 500 companies ever since 1967 long before the Internet even existed. All of this for the purpose of helping businesses and companies make informed and smart decisions. 

NPD Group does this by gathering the public’s opinions through the form of surveys, then aggregating all these into reports for the sake of other businesses, while having the kind heart to compensate their consumer panel with points enabling them to have the chance to win prizes through their raffle programs and auctions.

In just one year, the VIP Voice gives out at least 12 million surveys to their members. With such a significant volume of conducted surveys, all of these cover every business industry you can think of – apparel, accessories, automotive, beauty, electronics, footwear, information technology, mobile, sports, toys, and many more!

Is The VIP Voice legit? I get that you want to get over this post as quickly as possible. However, I think it’s better for all of us to understand first how this online paid survey website works from the inside so that you can understand why I came up with such a verdict later on.


How Does The VIP Voice Work?


To gain access to The VIP Voice, you would first have to create an account and be a member of their consumer panel. All you would have to do is provide some demographic information which would be of maximum benefit to help you find surveys you can qualify for. 

Don’t worry, there is no sign up fees you have to pay for to use The VIP Voice. It’s totally free to use! The problem is, ask yourself first if you are a resident of the United States or Canada. If you reside outside these regions, you can kiss this website goodbye and find your luck elsewhere.  On top of that, you must be at least 13 years of age if you are a US resident, and at least 18 years old if you reside within Canada to benefit from The VIP Voice.


the vip voice email notification


If you happen to be a resident of these countries, you can now start taking up surveys with The VIP Voice. The company informs you if there surveys you can qualify for through email. What kind of sets me off is that they don’t show how many points a survey is worth. You could be lucky and finish a survey for little to none points. That we don’t know for certain.

Just like any other online paid survey website, just because you received a survey invite, doesn’t mean you are automatically qualified for it. There’s still this possibility you won’t qualify for it depending on your demographic and the qualifications of certain companies in different industries.

It could take you a while to finish just the pre-qualifying questions alone, and this time doesn’t guarantee qualification right off the bat. If you do manage to qualify for a survey, it would take at least 30 minutes to an hour to finish it completely. It’s a good thing that The VIP Voice compensates you with points for voicing out your opinions and spending time answering those questions.

The amount of points you can receive varies depending on the length of the survey itself and whether you qualify for the survey or not. I have reviewed a significant number of online paid survey websites before and I must say this is the first time I witnessed one with a tiered rewards program. This tier is composed of 5 levels. Apparently, the higher your level is, the higher amount of points you can earn. You jump to a higher level by completing more surveys.


the vip voice surveys


Apparently, there are two kinds of points The VIP Voice compensates to their members. First, the VIP Participation Points. If you are one of the unlucky ones who did not qualify for a survey, don’t fret. Your time is not wasted. You will still be rewarded with these participation points. As a Level 1 member, you will earn 50 points. Level 5 members, on the other hand, earn 550 points.

Second, the VIP Qualification Points. Of course, as the name implies, if you qualify and complete for a survey, you earn these qualification points. As a Level 1 member, you will earn 25 points. Level 5 members then earn 200 points.

Unfortunately, you can’t convert these points to real and actual cash. You can’t redeem it in the form of rewards, either. So what gives? Each VIP Voice point equates to one raffle entry in Sweepland or one auction bid in Bidland. In the case of Sweepland, you can use your points as much as you like by dropping in more entries to the sweepstakes. Of course, the more entries, the higher your chances are of winning! The prizes you could win could either be anything of high value like $5,000 cash, television sets, trips, and many more.


the vip voice prizes


With Bidland, on the other hand, you can use your points to bid on a variety of items.  All you have to do is bid higher than the current highest bid. Of course, the highest bid by the end of the auction gets to win the prize. If you are the one to win the auction, the points you used up on bidding shall be deducted from your account. On the other hand, if you don’t get to win the prize, you will get the points back.

What I appreciate with The VIP Voice is their exclusive discounts and special offers. Although, these are only available for US residents. The company also offers special opportunities and contests. An example of this would be their Pigskin Pick-em. Here, during the football season, you can win cash prizes by the week.

Is The VIP Voice legit? Here are some of the things I didn’t like about this online paid survey website. These might determine the answer you are looking for to this question.


Reasons Why The VIP Voice Sucks


The People Needs Cash


Let’s be honest here. We don’t need points, we need real and actual cash. If that’s what you really want, there are a lot of alternatives out there in which they compensate you for your time and opinions with legit cash. You can’t make a single cent with The VIP Voice. They don’t even convert your points to cash. What’s more depressing is your points can’t even be redeemed as rewards of any sort. It’s solely just a chance to win prizes with their sweepstakes and auction programs.


the vip voice complaint


Better Be Lucky


With The VIP Voice, you don’t get rewarded purely for your effort. Sure, you can answer surveys until your body and mind gives out, that gives you a lot of VIP points. But looking at the bigger picture, these points are all for nothing if you don’t win anything in their raffle programs and bid auctions. It’s like saying to your face that you don’t just have to be hardworking, but you also have to be lucky.


the vip voice negative review


Limited Availability


This one’s only available to US and Canadian residents, what about those who reside outside these regions? Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. The VIP Voice has just decided to close their doors on other countries. It can’t be helped, though. Most companies and businesses just want data and reports regarding consumers coming from the US and Canada. 


Uninstructive at First Sight


It would be great if the survey invitations show beforehand how much points a survey is worth instead of having to find out after you have been rejected or qualified. I mean, you know, the world is fast paced and none of us can afford to waste time on a survey worth little to none points.


Hard to Qualify


Is The VIP Voice Legit? Why is it so hard to qualify? These questions pop on frequently, but this is not just about The VIP Voice itself, it’s about every single online paid survey website that exists. You can spend at least 30 minutes with the pre-qualifying questions only to get rejected in the end. Don’t blame yourself, it’s just that companies and businesses search for candidates that fit perfectly into their requirements. 


the vip voice complaints


What I Like About The VIP Voice


Accredited by The Better Business Bureau


the vip voice bbb accreditation


The NPD Group is accredited by the BBB with an A+ ever since 1972. If you are any familiar with BBB, you know that being accredited with it is a seal of legitimacy. Though it is only rated with 1 star based on 1 customer review, the company has managed to close at least 8 complaints within the last 3 years. Them having the initiative to solve the complaints means they care about their clients. 


Free to Use


I’d be shocked if The VIP Voice has some sort of sign up or recurring fee for rewarding their consumer panel with points. Good thing they don’t! Yes, you could benefit from The VIP Voice as long as you’re eligible to create an account.


Not a Total Waste of Time


Most of the survey invites you will receive does not guarantee you will qualify for it. Your time is not completely wasted if it turns out you don’t qualify for a survey. Thankfully, they console you with VIP participation points which are still useful for their sweepstakes and auction programs.


Lots of Exclusive Discounts


Although these discounts are only available for US residents, I appreciate them having the heart to give out discounts. This just shows their will to compensate you with everything they have for voicing out your opinions and spending time answering their questions.


My Final Conclusion! Is The VIP Voice Legit?


After everything we found out about this online paid survey website, I can say with full confidence that The VIP Voice is not a scam. This one’s a legit company providing you with chances to win in sweepstakes and auctions. The real question is, do I recommend it? Absolutely not!

There’s just a lot of things about this website that doesn’t make it worth it in my eyes. One thing, it’s just not a sustainable source of income. Heck, it doesn’t even reward you in the form of cash. It just rewards you with points that are useless unless you are lucky. It’s like winning the lottery, except that it’s a much more sadder story. 

If you are using The VIP Voice just because you are feeling lucky and want to win some prizes on the side of your monthly income, then this one might be a fit for you. However, if you are searching for a legit way to make money online, you may want to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review!

So, Is The VIP Voice Legit? Well, it’s not a scam but online paid surveys were never the most viable and advisable option to make money online in the first place anyway. You know what’s better than earning points for raffles and auctions? I know, let me tell you! Two words, Wealthy Affiliate. 

Unlike The VIP Voice, this make money online opportunity does not compensate you with useless and intangible points. But if you are passionate enough and if you have the will to learn about new things and strive in everything you do, Wealthy Affiliate might just be your next flourishing and sustainable source of income.


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