Is InboxDollars Legit?

Is InboxDollars legit? You lie down on your sofa, watching the same movies that had been airing for more than a month already, and then a thought struck into your mind – “Ahh, it would be great if I could earn money just by doing the things I always do on a daily basis.” Hey, what if I tell you that’s actually possible?

Look here, there’s this website that enables you to earn extra money from the comforts of your own home. It recently just flew into my radar, and let me tell you that I was also boggled by the idea of this. I mean, imagine earning money with all the convenience in the world just by doing things you usually do when you go online. This website claims a lot of things on their end, and to be honest, all of it just sounds too good to be true.

Well, don’t fret. In this InboxDollars review, I’m going to dissect each aspect of this website to help you in answering the question “Is InboxDollars legit?”.

What Is InboxDollars About?

InboxDollars is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that provides internet users like you and me different options to earn money online in the easiest way possible.

CotterWeb Enterprises, founded by Daren Cotter in 2000, is composed of different websites like (UK),, (Canada) and PaidEmail, with InboxDollars serving as their trademark. Daren Cotter seemingly founded InboxDollars in his dorm in Minnesota, as they claim. The company is currently stationed in Minnesota, still, just within Mendota Heights

inboxdollars homepage

The community of InboxDollars is composed of more than 10 million members and they boast of its growing population by the day. Just 6 years ago, in 2014, it looks like the website had already paid out more than $35 million to its members; and just 3 years later, they had already paid a hefty amount of $50 million to its community of loyal members. That’s kind of impressive if you ask me.

And if this doesn’t impress you still, InboxDollars has been a 6-time recipient of the prestigious Inc. 5000 award. This Inc. 5000 serves as a list of the 5,000 fastest-growing, independent, and private US-based companies published every year. Plus, InboxDollars is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+. It is noted worthing that not a lot of businesses get accredited by this body with such a high rating such as A+.

But hey, before we answer the question “Is InboxDollars legit?”, I think it might be ideal for you to read on until the end of this review so that you yourself can weigh out the pros and cons of using it as an alternative way to earn money online.

How Can You Earn Money With InboxDollars?

Wait, but how does InboxDollars work anyway? In what logic and premise do it enable its members to earn money? What do they even get from all of this?

You see, companies need to cater to their audience. They need data and information regarding the needs and wants of their target market for them to serve their customers better. Usually, they conduct their own researches for a specific time of the year, but some brands and companies find it easier to partner up with companies like InboxDollars that gather the information for them through the form of surveys, emails, product trials, and many more all throughout the year. These companies and brands then pay InboxDollars for this service, and InboxDollars share a portion of their earnings to their members as a form of compensation. You could say that it’s a win-win situation.

All it takes for you to start is to sign-up on their official website. In fact, they even provide you with a welcoming gift of $5 just for signing up. Well, don’t mind if I do! Once on the platform, it will be easy for you to navigate the different ways in which you could earn money with InboxDollars.

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Taking Surveys

This is the key point of the website itself. You can find the survey invitations that you may possibly qualify for in the “Surveys” tab on the website. Here, you could see the amount of money you will earn for completing a survey and how long would it take for you to accomplish it. You can generally earn at least 25 cents for a survey that doesn’t take long to complete. For much more extensive and complicated surveys, you could earn $4.50. The surveys could take at least 3 to 25 minutes for you to finish. Take note, you only earn if you get to complete the survey.

But InboxDollars extend their gratitude to their members by providing you with entry chances to win a prize by either spinning the prize wheel or giving you scratch cards. You also do not have to worry about your information being sold to third parties because InboxDollars will discard all the information you have given if in any case, you do not qualify.

Watching Videos

The videos that you get to watch could be videos on how to live healthily, a cook giving instructions on how to prepare a meal, movie trailers, new product features, and other random videos you could possibly think of. You could be rewarded with a scratch card after finishing a video if you are lucky!


You can earn a cashback whenever you shop online and you can even score discounts from top brands like Target, Netflix, H&R Block, Walmart, and Publishers Clearing House.

inboxdollars shopping

Read Emails

InboxDollars and its partners will let you receive the best offers they have for you through email, and they will pay you for simply just reading it without having the need to bite into their offer. But of course, completing the offer will give you additional earning opportunities.

Coupon Cash Rewards

If you’re the kind of person who collects coupons to save up money, good news for you because InboxDollars provides you access to free coupons for beauty and home products, groceries, and many more!

Playing Games

Have you ever imagined earning money playing games? I have never thought that I would live until the day it happens. You can choose from various games like Candy Jam, Mahjong Solitaire, Outspell, and Monkey Bubble Shooters. InboxDollars also partnered up with GSN Casino, so there are a lot more options to choose from!

Surfing The Web

Earn a cent for every four searches you make with their search engine. If you are the type of person who does a lot of research with the use of search engines, your cents could grow exponentially!

Offers On Products And Services

Companies are more than willing to hear your opinion on their products and even send you their products and services for you to try yourself. All you have to do is sign up on the offers that pique your interest the most. You get to try the products within the trial period that the brands provide and give your opinion on them afterward! How awesome is that? Free stuff!

Does InboxDollars Really Pay?

Yes, InboxDollars really do pay you with actual money, not with points nor coupons. Most of the activities you accomplish pay in between the range of $0.02 to $5.00. You can cash out your earnings as long as you reach the cashout threshold of $30, but take note, there is a cashout fee of an additional $3. Well, if you do the math, it actually is relatively easy to reach the threshold, but that’s if you qualify for the offers. Take the surveys for example. You won’t qualify for each survey invitation that you receive. You’re lucky if you fit the criteria of the people that a company needs, but if not, better luck next time.

You can receive the money you earned from doing various online activities with InboxDollars through the traditional paychecks we are all so aware of (It takes at least 2 weeks for the check to be mailed to your address, should have known.), ePayments which include Merchant eCards, prepaid visa, and donations. Payment is processed 10-16 days after the payout has been requested, always on the Wednesday of each week. This is the case if you are not a Gold member.

So, what’s the difference if you manage to score a Gold membership, then? Well, you are given the option to choose the eCards you like without having the need to create an account or you can create an account for additional benefits. Also, as a Gold member, you can have your payments processed on a weekly basis. You can become a Gold member once your first-ever payout is processed. It’s a lot simple than you think, so don’t fret!

One must also always take note that you can’t get rich with InboxDollars. Heck, it’s not even a stable form of income, to begin with. It is only and will only ever be a get-paid-to (GPT) website that enables you to earn additional money whenever you have spare time.

Is InboxDollars legit? We are going to have to go over the reasons why it might be the real deal and reasons why it could be something that you’d want to avoid for the rest of your life.

Cons Of Signing Up With InboxDollars

inboxdollars con

Not A Stable Source Of Income

It’s obvious that InboxDollars is just an alternative way for you to earn some additional money on top of your regular income. This can’t make you rich nor can it feed your family. It’s perfect if you want to save up money or if you want to buy a cup of coffee.

Ugh, A $3 Processing Fee?!

$3 may not look like much, but considering the time you spend and the rewards you earn for completing an activity – say cents to a dollar, this $3 is actually a big deal and something I would consider as a loss.

Some Offers Require Your Money

Of course, InboxDollars is free to use, don’t misunderstand me here. However, some of the offers are actually a bargain. A member reports that he had to pay $10 for him to get a $25 gift certificate. Even if I’m the kind of person that collects gift certificates, it’s still not worth it if you ask me.

Error, PayPal Not Found

In the age of PayPal, not having it as a cashout option is kind of plain dumb. It’s convenient and accessible for almost everyone, so why not utilize it?

What I Like About InboxDollars

Impressive Credentials

InboxDollars has been a 6-time recipient of the prestigious Inc. 5000 award, and on top of that, they are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+. I don’t know about you, but what I do know is that this screams legitimacy.

It Really Pays

It doesn’t compensate you with points nor coupons, but with real and actual money. This could prove worth it if you’re the kind of person who wants to thrift and save money for the long term. Plus, it provides you a lot of options in which you can cash out.


A Variety Of Ways To Earn Money

You can simply start earning money by just doing the things you usually do when you’re online. From answering simple surveys, shopping online, reading emails, and even having fun through playing video games. How awesome is that?

The Signup Bonus

Just by signing up, they welcome you with a bonus of $5! Talk about hospitality!

A New Hobby

This could serve as something you can do on your free time. You get to spend your free time while earning money at the same time!


Doesn’t Cross The Line

You don’t have to worry about InboxDollars selling your private information to third parties or that they might use it against you. If in any case that you don’t get qualified for a survey, the information you have already provided will be discarded immediately. There’s nothing to be anxious about!

Is InboxDollars Legit? My Final Verdict

I can definitely say that InboxDollars is legit. It is a legit way for you to earn additional money in the easiest ways you can think of. The company seems to be putting up with its end of the bargain seeing how impressive their credentials are. I applaud them for that.

But let’s be honest here, InboxDollars is not something you can rely on if you want a reliable source of income. That’s not what you came here for, is it?

If you are looking for a system that teaches you how to make money online, make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review.

Fair warning, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It takes patience, time, and hard work if you want to make things work out on your end. But I wish you all the luck in the world as well, so put up a fight out there!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or maybe want to add something to my “Is InboxDollars Legit” review, leave me a comment down below! Cheers.

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