Is Paid Viewpoint Legit?

Hello there, and welcome to my 'Is Paid Viewpoint Legit?' post.

Let me guess… so, finally, you have decided to make some extra bucks online, particularly taking surveys, and you may likely come across a get-paid-to site like Paid Viewpoint.

Even so, it's always requisite to must-know if is Paid Viewpoint legitimate and a real way to take advantage of or just another scam platform never to forget and stay away as long as you live.

I have checked out the platform myself, and have read many reviews online, unbiased or not.

So, if you, by any chance, consider joining, allow me to share my experiences with you first, so you would know what to expect once inside the platform ultimately.

Let me address this as early as this point; Paid Viewpoint has unique features that only a few GPT sites have, which I will go more into details about this in one minute and start with the basics of the site, how it works, and what it offers.

In this packed Paid Viewpoint Review, I will also explain how this survey platform stacks against its competition across the internet channels.

Here, you will find everything you need to know before even signing up on this GPT site. Let's get started!

What is Paid Viewpoint?

Paid Viewpoint is a get-paid-to GPT site or an online market research platform owned by Umonguos Inc, and operated by Ask Your Target Market. 

Paid Viewpoint invites businesses and people together online so that developers can easily collect market data, which is really necessary to improve ideas of their future products and services-to-be.

This method will completely reduce the need for knocking each door or chasing down respondents on the busy streets like the traditional survey strategies.

Paid Viewpoint Homepage

Surveys and data collection are efficiently done online these days. A respondent can easily reach and asked to answer from the comfort of their homes.

As we all know, living in this competitive age, information is a currency. Business owners need honest and real-time feedback to make workable decisions and adequately manage predictions.

They are willing to make the extra mile of effort and pay these respondents to acquire the necessary information they need. 

More importantly, it doesn’t matter how these details are delivered as long as they are relatable and make sense. 

How To Join Paid Viewpoint?

Paid Viewpoint is free to join, an online data research platform accessible to anyone aged 13 years and older.

Once you meet these conditions and become a member, you will immediately receive a $1 as a sign-up bonus.

Signing up on the platform is anything quite easy– you only have to fill out your necessary information.

Once the system has verified your email, your sign-up bonus will directly be deposited into your account and will be set to start participating surveys and other ways to make money through them.

Paid Viewpoint is free to join, an online data research platform accessible to anyone aged 13 years and older.

Once you meet these conditions and become a member, you will immediately receive a $1 as a sign-up bonus.

Signing up on the platform is anything quite easy– you only have to fill out your necessary information.

Once the system has verified your email, your sign-up bonus will directly be deposited into your account and will be set to start participating surveys and other ways to make money through them.

So how does this platform really works? How can you make money into it? Unto the next section!

How Does Paid Viewpoint Works?

Before I start talking about how the system works, it’s essential to know that Paid Viewpoint is a desktop-only site– no app version yet.

So, to actually use the platform, you must jump through a web browser either on your laptop/desktop setup or on your mobile device.

Paid Viewpoint offers businesses opportunities to gather timely data from respondents and make money online by simply completing these surveys or tasks.

So, again, to successfully get started, go to their website to sign up; don’t worry, the site is entirely organic and is available for anyone aged 13 and above.

Finally, to make money on this platform, here’s the complete blueprint on how to do it. There are actually three options to make money through them.

Option 1 – Taking Paid Viewpoint Surveys

The ultimate strength of any GPT sites available in the market is by taking surveys online to get paid. 

It’s possible that you can complete surveys as many as you want; however, the place or the region you are part of plays a huge role.

The cool thing about surveys under Paid Viewpoint than to other survey sites is that you will never lose survey every day or answer surveys forcibly you are not qualified for in the first place.

This attribute alone sets Paid Viewpoint afar from others and encourages not to waste any time anticipating surveys that you will not complete. 

So you would know that when you are asked to complete a survey on Paid Viewpoint, it’s a full guarantee to have them finished and eventually get paid for it.

This is a unique feature that I really look up about Paid Viewpoint.

Once you’re already inside the platform, you can see the available surveys ready to take in the right part of your screen. 

You simply have to commit and log in regularly to check for new surveys as you will not receive email updates when new surveys arrive.

Moreover, the surveys on Paid Viewpoint are mostly short and are generally in multiple-choice questions, so they are entirely uncomplicated to take.

Here are some of the highlights of this section that I want to explain more.

No Disqualifications

The strong point of Paid Viewpoint is that once you are asked to take a survey, you cannot get disqualified, as other GPT sites do. 

Again, you would not receive any email notifications for the surveys; instead, you can use the portal to check for available Trait Surveys. They also reward you for completing these too.

Every Click Counts

For every survey you take, you will receive rewards like cash or gift cards from it. 

Plus, you get to know beforehand how’s the length of the survey you wish to complete and realize the amount of money you can get.

Option 2 – Participating In Trait Surveys

Paid Viewpoint provides at least one per day survey called the Trait Surveys. 

However, these surveys will only give you a minimal reward that only takes just a minute to complete. 

This advantage will help maximize your income opportunities by participating in more different surveys and later on, with higher rewards.

Option 3 – Taking Advantage Of The Referral Program

Paid Viewpoint generously offers a referral program, where you can make up to $25 per person you recruit into the platform, as you will get a bonus every time they complete a survey. 

Please take note that this amount of money will not be taken away from the person you recruit, instead, be paid by Paid Viewpoint itself.

But before you get too thrilled about this benefit, be aware that it is not as simple as it sounds. 

You do not get $25 just for recruiting a person. 

If your invite signs up, you will get 20% in commission of that person’s overall earnings, so you will only take advantage of this benefit once the person regularly takes and ultimately completes surveys.

And here’s the catch, the maximum bonus you can get per person is $25, which is entirely still a subtle way to make extra bucks on the side. 

So if you have family members interested or have many friends, invite them over to the platform to increase your earning potential ten times fold.

How Much Can You Make With Paid Viewpoint?

Just like with any GPT sites available, how much time you want to spend relies entirely on you.

The daily Trait Surveys, which I stated earlier, usually take 1-2 minutes only, which is good news as they can improve your earning potential, especially in the long run.

The regular surveys pay pretty well in regards to time than to many other survey sites. This is clearly hard to explain as the time and rewards mainly depend on the unique surveys and your undertaken Trait Surveys.

Nevertheless, most surveys only take around 5 minutes and are straightforward to answer, as they are generally multiple-choice questions. 

Paid Viewpoint does, however, have restrictions in the time you can spend on it.

Mainly because it only has hardly any ways to earn and high paying surveys are not as many as you imagine.

How Much Can You Make With Paid Viewpoint

Sometimes, there will only be a Trait Survey available to do, and can only maximum spend 1-2 minutes on the site. 

So in that way, it’s clear to say that Paid Viewpoint is not the site that offers the best online opportunities, as there are not as many chances on some other platforms.

Even so, Paid Viewpoint does have qualities to take advantage of and is intuitive, so it can be a subtle GPT site to join and take surveys to get paid.

Again, one thing to note is that you have to check the site to see if there are available surveys to take. 

In the settings, you can change and enable yourself to get an email notification when there are already available surveys. 

This can reduce the time of checking the site from time to time, waiting for the surveys to arrive.

In your email notification, however, available trait surveys are not included but are guaranteed to have 1 or 2 of these daily. 

Please remember that this GPT site, in general, will not make a living or is suitable to be a full-time income. It can only offer you some subtle extra money, just to make things clear and separate facts from hearsays circulating online.

How Does Paid Viewpoint Make Payment?

All surveys undertaken on Paid Viewpoint are rewarded through cash or gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, and many more. 

The minimum amount you can take out for cash rewards is only $15, which either through your Virtual Incentives or PayPal.

All you need to do is verify your PayPal account, click on the “Cash Out Now” icon, and wait to receive a notification informing that your money will be in your PayPal account in less than 72 hours. 

Typically, it takes only 24 hours to receive the cash from the Paid Viewpoint platform.

Who Is Paid Viewpoint For?

Anyone can take advantage of Paid Viewpoint as this is available worldwide. 

You can get started no matter where region you belong, as long as your 13 yeard old and above.

How many surveys you will take does, however, depend on where you live.

For example, there are more surveys for people living in the US, UK, Canada, and some states in Australia. 

There will still be surveys in the rest of the world, but not as frequently as those countries mentioned above.

So if you don’t live in one of those countries, this might not be the proper GPT site, but then there are other sites good for your country instead. 

Paid Viewpoint is thus growing from time to time worldwide, so hopefully, soon, more surveys will generate across different countries and accessible for everyone.

You can take surveys even if you’re traveling to another country, contrary to other GPT sites, so you can take advantage even when traveling.

Is Paid Viewpoint A Quality Side Hustle?

My honest answer to this question would be NO, and here’s why.

Doing surveys online will never make more than minimum wage. 

As a matter of fact, most people rarely make more than $1 to $3 per hour if they are lucky enough to get a cash-out. 

You simply cannot count on this for financial independence.

Moreover, I don’t think you can actually make enough money on Paid Viewpoint to call it a side hustle.

That said, as a survey site, I did love it. As a survey site, it’s one of my preferred, and I may recommend using it in the future just because it’s easy to use and somewhat fun.

This is not a side-hustle site; instead, its focal point, in my opinion, is to offer a fun environment when taking surveys and then getting paid for completing them. 

And with this concern, Paid Viewpoint does a well-done job of meeting its goals and a good fit for people who naturally like survey sites.

Is Paid Viewpoint A Quality Side Hustle Site, No and here's why.

A side hustle must not just generate enough extra bucks, but also to offer at least a certain amount of flexibility and ultimately consistency. 

And when you put them all together, I simply don’t believe that this site meets those criteria. 

Even so, it’s still fun! So thumbs up to Paid Viewpoint on making this part right!

If you want to make money online legitimately, invest your time into building a website.

You may earn passive income through affiliate links and advertising commission rather than spend extended periods answering surveys. 

Build a real web property online that you can legitimately make a monthly income from, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review, and start your business, all for FREE!

Pros & Cons Of Paid Viewpoint

The Good

  • Paid Viewpoint is free to join with no regional limitations
  • Your personal information is secured and takes privacy very seriously.
  • Its surveys are easy to do and are engaging.
  • It has a fine hourly earning potential compared to any GPT site in the market.
  • Their referral program is a great way to increase your earning potential.
  • Uncomplicated methods payments.
  • No disqualifications, and every click you make counts.

The Bad

  • No mobile app, and you can only go on through desktop.
  • A limited number of surveys are available a day.
  • Some members claim to “take your Trait Surveys to 9000+ to make more,”, which is not useful at all.
  • The company has a score of 2.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, which is low.Trustpilot is an authoritative review platform.

Is Paid Viewpoint Legit, the Bottom Line

There’s no mistake about it that Paid Viewpoint is a legit and a safe survey platform to make some extra bucks with. 

The earning potential is quite limited, yes, but the fact that they have a reputation of guarantees that are paying on time once the surveys are completed.

Is Paid Viewpoint Legit, The Bottom Line

Paid Viewpoint is a decent site with a minimal paying that could help add your monthly over-all passive income like being an affiliate marketer alongside.

Your earning potential is not as high as you imagine; however, the income opportunities they provide are worth giving a try.

It does seem like an excellent alternative to make easy cash.

So that ends my ‘Is Paid Viewpoint Legit’ review. I sincerely hope that this answered all your concerns.

If you have suggestions regarding this post, feel free to drop a comment or two down below. ‘Til we meet again, keef safe and stay healthy!

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