Multiple Income Funnel Review: Beware Before Joining!

When searching the web for topics such as how to make money online, you may find a website called Multiple Income Funnel. As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Multiple Income Funnel system was created to allow experienced internet marketers to take advantage of newcomers and profit at their expense.

When searching the web for topics such as how to make money online, you may find a website called Multiple Income Funnel. As the promotional video began to play, I recognized the voice of Mack Mills, a well-known internet marketer. Is the program legit? Find out on this Multiple Income Funnel review.

The system claimed that I could sign up and start earning commissions from four different income streams on complete autopilot, even if I was completely new to making money online.

After doing some research, I can tell you that it's not exactly a "scam," but in this Multiple Income Funnel review, I'll explain why I don't recommend you join.

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What Exactly Is A Multiple Income Funnel

Multiple Income Funnel is a new online business opportunity created by an online marketer named Mack Mills that promises to provide you with a way to start earning commissions on auto-pilot.

Technically, the Multiple Income Funnel website leads you to believe that you can sign up and start making money, implying that you can make $ 1,000 per day.

Without doing anything at work, and I think you'll agree that's a big claim.

You see, there are many legitimate ways to earn money online - but I have yet to come across a method that worked entirely on auto-pilot.

If such a thing existed, I would use it myself.

However, Mack (the creator of Multiple Income Funnel) claims that for $49 per month, he will custom-build you the same website that he uses to generate an auto-pilot income.

As you might expect, there is a catch, which I will explain in a moment, but first, let's find out who Mack Mills is so you can understand what's going on here.

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Mack Mills: Who Is He?

Mack Mills is an online marketer who typically promotes things in the "online business opportunity" space, and he's made a lot of money in his career. According to his claims, he is worth eight figures.

However, a Google search of his name reveals that he has also developed a somewhat negative reputation.

This is because Mack Mills is behind several "make money" systems, including:

  • Digital Income Method

  • Secret Income Formula

  • Daily Income Method

  • Instant Payment Method

  • Instant Income Method

And they all make exaggerated, unrealistic claims, which means that people join his systems expecting to make a lot of money quickly, only to discover that the opportunity does not materialize.

Multiple Income funnel headline

Instead, they lose money while Mack becomes richer at their expense. As a result, it's probably easy to see why Mack has such a bad reputation.

But, in the same breath, I'll admit that Mack is a guy who knows a thing or two about marketing and building systems that convert into sales. And that is precisely what the Multiple Income Funnel is intended to do.

You'll understand what I mean as I explain in greater detail how everything works below.

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How does Multiple Income Funnel work?

In a nutshell, the Multiple Income Funnel is straightforward. It's as simple as purchasing the Multiple Income Funnel (for $49/month) and then purchasing the other three programs inside, which are:

  • Easy 1 Up (scam)

  • Envy TV (MLM)

  • Traffic Authority (scam)

Finally, promoting Multiple Income Funnel to others and encouraging them to do the same.

So, you guessed it; it's a Ponzi scheme. There is no tangible product here.

Of course, Mack would argue that it's a "marketing funnel," but it's pretty clear that it's simply about investing money and then recruiting others to invest below you, just like you did.

That is a scam, according to the FTC, and while it is technically possible that you will make money, it isn't very particular.

Multiple Income Funnel is not intended to assist newcomers in getting started. Instead, they are meant to help expert marketers with broken moral compasses in exploiting newcomers.

So, the gurus who promote these things will make a lot of money, but they will do so at the expense of those they manage to dupe into joining.

And, unfortunately, those "newbies" who join will spend more than they earn. I almost forgot that the program's cost exceeds $10,000. Yes, you read that correctly: $10,000 or more.

And if you don't invest the entire amount, you won't be able to earn the higher commissions. This means it will be even more difficult for you to make a profit.

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Is Multiple Income Funnel a Ponzi Scheme?

According to the FTC, Multiple Income Funnel is a scam.

Realistically, earning money with a Multiple Income Funnel is technically possible. Still, that money is made by investing and then recruiting others to invest the same way you did.

There is no product, and there is no emphasis on a product.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the Multiple Income Funnel system was created to allow experienced internet marketers to take advantage of newcomers and profit at their expense.

The average person who joins Multiple Income Funnel will NOT profit. They will end up spending money and enriching those who recruited them at their expense.

As a result, I advise you to avoid Multiple Income Funnel (and any other programs that make similar hyped-up promises).

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The truth is that it is possible to make money online, but only through hard work. There isn't (and never will be) a system that will generate you an income entirely on autopilot with no effort on your part.

Sure, you can work towards a passive income with methods such as affiliate marketing, but it won't happen overnight. You will have to put in some effort at first.

The good news is that if you still want to make money online, there are other legitimate options available, and I've compiled a list of the best ones on my top picks page right here.

But, whatever you decide, I hope that my review of Multiple Income Funnel here has given you a good understanding of how it works and that it has helped you save some money.

Multiple Income Funnel Review: Final Thoughts

You now understand what Multiple Income Funnel is and why I do not recommend it to you.

Numerous programs like this make unrealistic claims about helping you make money online. But, in the end, you may be the one making others rich.

Such programs are not worthwhile because they waste time and money.

There are numerous ways to make money online, as there are multiple websites. However, not all of them are legitimate because, as I previously stated, some are not, such as Multiple Income Funnel.

That is why conducting research before enrolling in or investing in a program is critical. There are far too many con artists out there!

Regarding MIF, I recommend that you avoid it. You can find a better alternative method of earning money online.


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Last Updated on July 11, 2022