The User Testing Review! Let’s Test This!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

I would like to welcome you to my The User Testing Review. I know that today testing different kinds of products like website, application, and games online can be one of the options for you to earn money and User Testing is one of those many websites that let you do that. But one of the questions in your mind is, is User Testing legit? You got the right page to check for more discoveries about User Testing.

With this unbiased review, I will discuss everything that you need to know about User Testing that most of the people did not know about them and just take the risk to join them. We will tackle every detail that you need to know in order for you to come up with the right decision so let’s get into details.

Product Name: User Testing
Founder: Darrell Benatar
Logo: the user testing review
Product Description: An online-based website that lets people test a product or service like websites and applications and pay them accordingly.
Best For: People who are tech-savvy and has a great skill in reviewing websites and applications online. People who are looking for opportunities to earn money online.

User Testing is a research platform that allows people to test their websites and apps to learn how to improve and enhance their product. It also gives people the opportunity to support other entrepreneurs and developers. It was founded in 2007 by Darrell Benatar and has its headquarters in the California United States, so that essentially for 13 years it has been in business so they really do well in the niche they chose.

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What is User Testing?

User Testing is a testing website that lets people have the chance to help other entrepreneurs and developers to test out their website and applications and know more about that experience that can help them to know what to improve and enhance on their product. It was founded by Darrell Benatar in 2007 and their headquarters is located in California USA, so basically they have been in the business for 13 years now meaning they are really doing well when it comes to the niche that they choose.

the user testing review

This website is the best to use by developers, professionals, e-commerce managers, product managers, and designers to let people test their product and collect feedback to rectify ongoing issues on their website or applications.

How Does User Testing Work?

Most of the developers and other entrepreneurs right now want to test out their websites and applications after they launched it to the public in order for them to know if they need to do some changes on it and if there are some issues ongoing on it and be resolved immediately. And the best way for them to do that is to have people or testers to do that for them and collect feedback about their experiences.

the user testing review

And that is how User Testing works, they are looking for people to join their company online and perform a test on the websites or applications of their clients, and for doing that they will able to pay their Tester after a successful review. And once User Testing has the review report for the specific client, they will submit the report to the client with that feedback.

And yes it is possible to earn money online by giving opinions and feedback for a specific product. This is very unusual to other companies online right?

How Much Can You Make With User Testing?

I know that the reason why we are looking for opportunities online is for you to earn money without traveling long hours and go to an office. This is very convenient especially in our generation today that traveling to work is never easy. One of your questions in your mind is how much can you earn by joining User Testing. However, before earning with User Testing you need to have a series of qualifications and requirements in order for you to be approved and hired as one of their testers.

Here are the electronic requirements that they need:

  • A computer can be Mac or at least Windows 7 and above.
  • Fast and reliable internet speed.
  • A headset or microphone.
  • Smartphone or tablet that is used for mobile testing.
  • And a webcam.

Once you have these requirements you can proceed with the next step of applying as their tester. Joining user Testing is for free, and if you must be at least 18 years old and above and make sure that your country or location accepts Paypal payment.

the user testing review

After submitting the application for being one of their Tester, you will be invited for a sample test and if you were able to nail that test they will send an email of confirmation provided the link to continue to the registration process.

Your next step is to download the screen recorder that User Testing uses to record each session or review that you will have and that is also where they are going to upload it on their servers. If everything was set up like your microphone and webcam you can start with the final step of the application. On that final step, they will ask you to visit a website and you must share your opinion and thoughts out loud on the recorder.

That is where they are going to judge you if you are qualified to be one of their Testers. And once you get approved, they will send you projects straight to your email address that you provide upon registration. However, it is not guaranteed to have projects every day, you will only receive a project once it is available for review.

And each test that you have successfully done you will get a standard fee of $10 but if it is a short review or test it will just for $3. User Testing is very honest about their compensation that it is not that quick for you to earn a lot of money or use this as a full-time work. Your total earnings will still depend on how many tests you have done and completed.

Basically, you have to go through a lot of processes in order for you to be one of their Testers, and I know that is not easy for some of us. There are a lot of ways over the internet to earn money online that you can also try.

What I Don’t Like About User testing.

Here are the things that I know will make you think twice if joining Use Testing is really worth it. The things that I don’t like about them are.

They have complaints about payments.

Most of the complaints are about not getting paid for what they have worked. Maybe at that time, there are some issues on the technical side of User Testing but still, have a big effect on their business. Especially this is the reason why people work for them.

the user testing review

This is not for everybody.

It is obvious that they really require their Testers to have a good source of equipment to use and you really need to invest in it before you can send your application aside from the long process that they have that would take you 2 to 3 days to finish. I hope they can find a better way to make this easy, especially for beginners.

What I Like About User Testing.

Of course, there are always things that you can look forward to a company. Here are the things that I like about User Testing.

They pay well.

In each successful test that you will complete you will get $10 which is not that low compared to other websites that offer the same way of earning. Plus it will not take that long for you to know if you qualify for a test or not and will be sent right away to your email.

the user testing review

Payment method.

I know that Paypal is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to virtual payments and User Testing has it. This way you are sure that all the payments that you will get are secured and safe.

The User Testing Review. The Final Thoughts.

For me, after all the research I have for User Testing, I can say that they are not a scam. It’s just that they are not for everybody and because of some complaints that they received especially about the payment, people tend to think that they are just a scam.

Your earning with them would really depend on how hardworking you are and how you were able to do the job well. There is no such thing as instant money especially in our generation today. However, the decision will always be with you and taking a risk is not bad at all.

If you think that User Testing is not for you, I can help you by checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for you to know more about earning money online is easy and without technical requirements. It is easy as writing your hobby every day.

I hope that this “The User Testing Review” was able to help you with your decision and if you have any questions or want to add something just leave it on the comment box below. Cheers!


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