Transcribe Me Review. Are They Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Transcribe Me review. Are they scam? I believe you are looking to start your career as a transcriptionist that’s why you end up checking this review. Today’s Internet has made online opportunities so easy to access. At your fingertip, you can almost try any given job. And I know that the toughest part is searching for the right one for you. Since there are a lot of companies right now that are scams.

It clearly shows that you are looking for Transcribe Me review which can help you decide on when and where to start your transcription career and earn extra cash. There a lot of things that you can find out with Transcribe Me through this jaw-dropping review that I created, whether it’s legit or a scam.

Product Name: Transcribe Me
Founder: Alexei Dunayev and Greg Feerer
Logo: transcribe me review. are they scam?
Product Description: Transcription Company
Best For: Aspiring transcriptionist and want to earn extra cash at the same time.
Recommended: Yes


What is Transcribe Me?

The Alexei Dunayev and Greg Feerer created Transcribe Me in 2011. Transcribe Me provides transcription services and hires people to complete these services.

The process of turning an audio file into text is transcription. Normally, what you will do as a transcriptionist is to listen to audio, lectures, podcasts, or even conference and you will type it in words. The process seems easy but you have to stay focused on transcribing audio to words. You have to make sure that you have enough knowledge when it comes to English grammar and you have a good listening skills.

transcribe me review. are they scam?

To those who want to enter Transcribe Me, there are many opportunities. The clearest thing is that you don’t need to find clients because Transcribe Me frequently sends jobs when you perform well. I believe you want to know what are the things that you need to prepare to start your career as a transcriptionist, as long as you have a good working computer or laptop you are good to start. But it will be best to invest good audio system and quality headphones since it will be all about listening.

Transcribe Me can be an excellent stepping stone when you devote yourself to learning transcription and you want to benefit from that. They accept transcriptionists form other countries as long as you understand what you are listening to and can type fast, you can earn extra cash from Transcribe Me.

How Can You Earn from Transcribe Me?

I would tell this is for anyone because everyone can apply and wants to earn money online. However, at some point, it may require you some skills in order for you to be successful with this career.

First of all, you have to be a transcriptionist or you really need to type quickly. If you haven’t developed these skills, it will work for you. Most of the projects will require to comply with a deadline. So you really need to work fast and having skills in typing would be a great help for you. And then from there, you will start earning money from Transcribe Me.

For you to start transcribing on their website, you need to pass some tests that they prepare for someone who will create an account and be a member. For me, if you are not that familiar with transcribing you might get frustrated if you will not able to pass their approval process and not getting any clients from Transcribe Me.

transcribe me review. are they scam

Their website claims that if you will be a successful transcriptionist you can earn as much as $2200 per month. As a beginner that is around $20 per hour or if you’re a transcriptionist who has experience with the field, you may have a higher hourly rate than the beginners.

Based on my research, I cannot confirm that you can earn $2200 per month with Transcribe Me. But there are some forums and other reviews show that there are people who are earning from Transcribe Me. And their mode of payment is through Paypal, so better if you have on if you have plans on signing up as a member.

What I Don’t Like About Transcribe Me?

I personally tried to create an account for them, and I find it hard as a newbie on transcribing. Maybe that is the reason why some get frustrated every time they are trying to sign up and take the qualification tests.

It would be best if they will make it much easier for a newbie to take the exams, like having some considerations for everyone. Since not everyone who is visiting their website is an expert when it comes to transcribing. I know that they have that kind of test to give their clients a quality service and result.

transcribe me review. are they scam

Most of the reviews as well are about their test, to the point that even the tenured ones are getting failed results on their qualification test. That is a big proof that Transcribe Me is not for beginners.

What I Like About Transcribe Me?

There are some factors that I like about Transcribe Me which has a big impact on someone who is looking for ways to earn money through transcribing.

Legitimate website to earn money.

They are a legit website where you can earn money, this is big factor to everyone since we are all afraid to get scammed by some companies. We don’t want to waste time on something that will not benefit us.

They have a good hourly rate.

One thing that we consider in finding a job is how much we will earn. We want to make sure that it is worth it and enough for us to sustain something in our daily life like bills and some necessities. Transcribe Me has a very competitive hourly rate compare to other transcribing company who offers less than $15 for each hour of transcribed audio.

transcribe me review. are they scam

Easy Requirements.

We all know that some companies will require you to have a good and updated computer or laptop in order for you to be qualified for any position. But in Transcribe Me, they don’t require you to invest updated equipment to start, as long as you can give quality results and satisfaction to their clients you are qualified to sign up on their company.

You Own Your Time.

Almost all kinds of works right now will require you a specific timeframe to work. And to be honest, sometimes it is hard to comply with time. Especially if it is working on an early morning. But with Transcribe Me, you can work anytime as long as you deliver the project on the deadline given by the client. This is what people are looking for nowadays at work, so you can work without any pressure and you can still do some errands if needed between works.

Transcribe Me Review. Final Thoughts

With all the things mentioned in this review with Transcribe Me, I believe you start to think if you will sign up for them and start earning. Are they scam?

Well for me, based on my research about Transcribe Me, I can say that they are a legit company and not a scam. They are paying a lot of freelancers for a long time now and they got a lot of feedback about their services and legitimacy. But one of the questions is, is it worth it to join Transcribe Me?

In my own opinion, if you are someone who does not have any experience when it comes to transcribing this is not for you. Like what I have mentioned earlier about their approval tests that even tenured ones are failing. Better have enough preparation for that test to avoid frustration in trying. But I do believe that sometimes you just need to try and try for you to get you have been dreaming of. The ability to carry out the work is very easy, and tools or software are available that can facilitate the work. But the best thing is that you’re free to join Transcribe Me and you won’t lose anything.

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It will take patience and skills for you to be able to earn. Most of the jobs today will require a good skill set that will benefit you in the long run and will lead you to success. And earning money online needs you to be more self-reliant, the more skills you have the better earning you will get. I hope somehow this Transcribe Me review helps you and gives you an idea of what to prepare in entering the career of being a transcriptionist.

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