ClickASnap Review: List Of Things You Need To Know!

If you're into photography or enjoy taking pictures, a website claims you can get money from them by just uploading your photos. It's known as ClickASnap. In this ClickASnap review we will determine whether it is legit and a great way to earn extra income online, or is it a waste of effort?

In this post, we'll go over all of its benefits and drawbacks so you'll understand what to expect before deciding whether or not this is the best choice for you.

So, how about we take a deeper look at this ClickASnap review and see what it offers?

ClickASnap Online Photo Sharing

ClickASnap is an image-sharing platform that pays you to contribute your photos. And, sure, it is a legitimate site because your efforts will be compensated.

Now, to properly comprehend how the site operates, we must examine the earning potential it provides. Looking at ClickASnap’s objectives is an excellent approach to seeing what you need to do on the website. Listed below are the options you can choose from to make money on ClickASnap:

First Option: You can upload your photographs.

As previously said, you must post original pictures. You won't be able to utilize any stock photographs, screenshots, or artwork you've created yourself. You must use photos you shot using your camera.

ClickASnap Online Photo Sharing Platform Subscriptions

Now that we've cleared things up, let me discuss how you can get money by posting your images.  First of all, you must subscribe to a paid subscription to profit from the photographs you've posted. The Ad-Free subscription is the cheapest registration level for earning money from your uploaded images.

Once you upgrade to this membership, you will be paid a specified amount for each viewing of your photograph received. Before a paid viewing counts, the visitor must view the picture for at least 5 seconds.

A viewing counter will appear next to each photo you've posted, letting you know how many people have seen it. Achieving consistent views for your photographs, on the other hand, is a different matter. 

You must submit high-quality photographs to receive a large number of views. Then there's the matter of gaining a following. You may immediately obtain hundreds, if not thousands, of opinions for your images this way. That would be a lot of labor, and you must remember that you will have to invest some money per month to earn.

As a result, you have to ensure that you can recoup the subscription fee to avoid losing funds. With that in mind, this website is not appropriate for all.

On the other hand, you don't have to subscribe for their subscription fee if you only want to browse images. If you're going to make money, you must spend some.

Second Option: You can sell your photos.

There are two membership tiers with the term seller.  You can start selling the photographs you've posted if you subscribe to that membership. They will be available in the ClickASnap marketplace.

If someone wants to purchase your photograph, all they have to do is pay ClickASnap, and the website shall take care of the rest.

When individuals buy images from ClickASnap, they usually get the photograph printed and mailed to them. They will receive a hard copy of the photo and the digital version.

Keep in mind that you would be the one to determine the price of the photographs you wish to sell. You also get to keep the majority of the profits. ClickASnap will receive four percent of the total cost of the picture to cover the service fees during payment.

As a result, you'll have to set a price for each photograph you would like to sell. And you may discover that this is not an easy task, and to reach a reasonable price, you must strike the proper balance. You'll have a better opportunity to market your images this way.

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What is your earning potential in ClickASnap?

ClickASnap Online Photo Sharing Comparison

As I previously mentioned, the size of your ClickASnap audience will determine how much money you can make. Consider this a photo-sharing social networking site. To earn a lot of money from the views, you'll have to put in a lot of effort to develop a significant following.

For instance, every time your photo has a view, you'll get paid $0.007, considering that the viewing lasts at least 5 seconds. It's such a tiny amount! Plus, you'll need a minimum of 2,143 visits to meet their compensation criteria. 

That will necessitate a significant amount of effort. To increase your follower, if you don't have one already, you'll need to be a very active user of the platform and communicate with other individuals.

If you choose a subscription plan that allows you to sell your images, you'll get there faster. If you purchase a Seller or Pro Seller subscription, ClickASnap provides tools that can help you market your photos.

Only a select few persons can fully utilize the site's capabilities. And if you don't have the time to establish a lot of followers on this site, you shouldn't anticipate making a lot of money from it.

What method do you use to get paid?

You will be paid a set amount for each photograph you sell and each viewing you receive, which they will deposit to your ClickASnap account balance. You'll be able to withdraw your money via PayPal once you've earned $15, at the very least.

Unfortunately, this is the only way of payment available, so if you don't already have a PayPal account, I suggest creating one and having it validated before registering with ClickASnap.

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What Are the Pros of Using ClickASnap 

1. Legitimate Website

It is a legitimate website that compensates its subscribers for views and sales. As a result, you can rely on ClickASnap to reward you when you make money.

2. Obtaining Payment

The pay system is ClickASnap's key strength. It's relatively reasonable, and it provides a rather unusual means of getting paid just for getting your images glanced at it without having to buy them. This new layer to the pricing scheme is a step up from many photo businesses' conventional selling approach.

Given how many people look but don't buy. However, if you want to generate more money, you'll like them for sale. Nonetheless, ClickASnap's compensation model is tempting.

3. Secured Image Rights

ClickASnap guarantees that they have no rights to the photographs you will upload. Thus, this must provide folks who are hesitant to publish their pictures on image sites like ClickASnap with some peace of mind.

Even the best websites and ClickASnap is no exception and has flaws. While the service appears to be simple enough, you should be aware of the limits that ClickASnap offers.

4. Subscriptions are available for free.

ClickASnap does provide a free membership as part of their total subscription package. While this may be a terrific way to get started, they fail to mention that the free subscription does not imply that you will get paid.

You can upload your photos, but you must subscribe to a paid subscription plan to gain profit. Given how heavily ClickASnap advertises itself as a free service, the way the free subscription plan is marketed is quite misleading. It doesn't entirely break the limit, but many users have been duped into believing that they may earn money on ClickASnap without paying.

What are the Cons of Using ClickASnap?

1. The Marketplace Is Limited

This is not a significant deal disadvantage as it generally restricts selling images. Users that are most successful in selling their work are because of their marketing initiatives. In other words, while the ClickASnap marketplace is lovely and easy to use and provides a venue to sell your images, don't expect to make a lot of money unless you complete the outside effort required to sell your photographs.

This entails establishing a social media presence, developing your webpage, and promoting your offerings across many channels. Sure, a couple of your images might sell on the ClickASnap marketplace, but you'd be better off focusing your resources elsewhere.

2. Poor First Impression

One of the most startling aspects of ClickASnap is how unsightly their website's photos are. Given the competition aspect of the photography industry, having a line of outstanding photographs greet you on the first webpage is critical.

However, several of the photos on the ClickASnap page are of poor quality. The majority are acceptable, and some are pretty excellent, but they are not on a level with other, more renowned photography sites on the internet. This is a disadvantage because the most crucial component of selling images is aesthetic appeal, businesses that buy a lot of them.

Is ClickASnap Mobile-Friendly?

There is no ClickASnap smartphone app to install yet. However, because the site is mobile-friendly, you may easily use it on your phone or tablet. All you need is a smartphone web browser.

This accessibility is helpful if you have a high-end mobile phone to take highly qualified photographs. You may simply take images and submit them to the site right away. That's the most acceptable situation you can optimize for using their mobile-friendly site to its full potential.

Does ClickASnap have Customer Service?

If you have any concerns regarding the site or run into difficulty during use, you can consult their extensive FAQ guide page. 

And if you still can't find the solution, you can always approach their customer service team by visiting their Contact page and submitting a support ticket. As a result, obtaining assistance is relatively simple.

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The Bottom Line

ClickASnap is a legitimate photo-sharing site that will compensate you for uploading your images. It offers a few beautiful features, but it also has certain drawbacks that you should be mindful of.

The one major disadvantage of this site is that you must pay to gain profit. If you merely sign up for the free subscription, you won't be able to earn money. If you wish to generate income, you must upgrade to one of the three premium membership tiers.

Furthermore, while generating money will be pretty straightforward, it will need a significant effort. You'll need a large following to make a good living from this website. And to do so, you'll need to devote a substantial amount of time to connecting with other online users or marketing your profile somewhere.

That is why this website is not appropriate for everybody. If you enjoy photographing and have a lot more free time, you can register on this website and earn a reasonable amount of money.

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