Is Dreamstime a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Is Dreamstime a Scam review. Technologies nowadays are so upgraded that with the use of your smartphone you can call yourself a professional photographer. That is also the reason why there are some applications and websites that let you sell your photographs online, and for sure you have heard about Dreamstime that is why you are also checking on this review. Maybe some of your friends who also love photography have introduced Dreamstime to you and its business opportunity to earn money online.

With this review, I will let you see everything about Dreamstime especially the facts about earning money with them. Is Dreamstime legit? Can you really earn money by selling photos? If you want to know the real truth about Dreamstime just keep on reading as we are about to dig into every detail now.

Product Name: Dreamstime
Founder: Serban Enache
Logo: is dreamstime a scam
Product Description: Dreamstime is a stock photo company website that lets people or some photographers sell their photos or images and get paid for it.
Best For: For those who have a big interest in photography and can take eye-catching photos that are good for selling.

Dreamstime is a stock images website that was set up in 2004 by Serban Enache in Brentwood Tennessee. For over ten years they've been in that kind of company and they definitely already proved to some, but people still believe they're all scams.

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What is Dreamstime?

Dreamstime is a website for stock photos that was founded by Serban Enache in 2004 and located at Brentwood Tennessee. They have been in this kind of business for more than 10 years now and for sure they already proved themselves to some but there are still people who are thinking that they are just a scam.

is dreamstime a scam

Dreamstime is claiming that they let aspiring photographers or those who are professional photographers to upload their own photos or images and they can sell it to people all around the internet, and that is how they get paid. You will able to get a commission for every sale that you will have. And the question is how? You will find the answer in the coming segments.

How Does Dreamstime Work?

The first step that you need to do is just like the usual website or platform, you just need to create your account or with Dreamstime, they called it Contributor account. Then once you were able to create your account you can now upload the images that you own. Dreamstime has its own internal team who check and verify your entries for quality purposes. Then once everything is okay and approved, you will start getting commissions and credits every time someone uses or download your content.

is dreamstime a scam

Most of the questions that I read is they are asking what is specifically is the process of selling photos with Dreamstime, and by that, once you have an account and everything is set up you can upload your images or content, the good thing about Dreamstime is you don’t have any limitation on how many you can submit each day. But they have what they called acceptance rate, in order for you to get the highest number of allowed submission per day, your acceptance rate should be 80% above.

is dreamstime a scam

However, just remember that they have specific requirements on every photo you will submit, especially the size of the photo should be at least 3MP and less than 70MP on size.

I know that not all of us have the talent in photography and I can say that I am one of those people, so there is a chance that this way of earning money will not be effective for everyone. However, you don’t need to worry since there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online.

Can You Make Money With Dreamstime?

This is the most awaited part of every review, the answer to the question if you can really make money with Dreamstime. To be honest, based on the reviews that I read and the research that I checked, I can say that you can earn money with Dreamstime and it seems that they have a good compensation plan to their contributors.

Once you are a new contributor, you will automatically start as a Level 1 user. Yes, they have a different level of users in Dreamstime and that is where your earnings will depend as well. They will upgrade you depending on how may submission you can do and how much you earn in every submission you will have.

is dreamstime a scam

So expect that if you are still with Level 1 you have a low amount of earning but once you reached Level 2 up to Level 5 which is the maximum level, you can get between 25% to 60% of commission per transaction or purchase of your content. The estimated amount of earning per download of your content is between $1 to $17 depending again on what level of user you are.

Once you reached the minimum threshold of $100 you can already request for cash out wherein you can get your money through a check, Paypal or Payoneer. But they are after your security so they will ask you to upload a photo of your ID and once everything is validated you can get your money in an instant.

So basically, earning with Dreamstime needs to have time and effort, time to make your photos and capture your best shots as well as effort on uploading them right away on your account to upgrade your level of user faster.

What I Don’t Like About Dreamstime.

It seems that Dreamstime is something worth trying for but of course, there are things that I notice that you may need to consider to think first before trying Dreamstime. Here are the things that I don’t like about Dreamstime.

The threshold to cash out money is too high.

Maybe they also need to consider that it is not that easy to capture images and upload them to the best of your ability to sell it. What if you are someone who is just a newbie with this kind of business right? Then that $100 threshold is a bit high to achieve for me. It would really take time before you learn the curve of photography.

It may take you forever to upgrade your level.

Since like what I have told you earlier, it is not easy to produce quality images and will undergo a quality check by Dreamstime. Some say that it will take you forever to upgrade to the next level and you must be at least Level 3 in order to have a stable amount to earn.

is dreamstime a scam

What I Like About Dreamstime.

But there are also some things that you can look forward to Dreamstime. Here are the things that I like about them.

They are BBB accredited.

Dreamstime has a positive rating at BBB or the Better Business Bureau, and fortunately, they are also accredited. For sure you know how important it is for some people that a company is accredited by BBB.

is dreamstime a scam

They are all over the world.

Wherever you are in the world you will have the chance to try the business opportunity that they give. There is some website like this that are not available in other countries, and this is what I love about Dreamstime.

You can earn a good amount of money.

If you were able to learn how it works and combine it with your skills in photography, you can really earn big amount of money. Imagine you can earn up to $17 if you are on Level 3 to 5 as a user and you can able to upload the maximum submission per day which is 50, you can really have a good source of money here.

Is Dreamstime a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have with Dreamstime, I can say that they are not a scam. They are a legit stock photo website and gives an opportunity to other people to show their skills in photography and earn at the same time. Maybe because of its success that is why a lot of people are thinking that they are just a scam.

However, I cannot recommend this to everyone especially if photography is not your thing, there is a possibility that will just stock on Level 1 user. Don’t worry, you can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and you will discover ways to earn money online without selling any photos that you have. It is just easy as writing a hobby on a daily basis.

I hope that you find something that answers the questions in your mind through this “Is Dreamstime a Scam” review. If you have any concerns and suggestions, you may leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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