Is Stream Energy a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

I welcome you to my Is Stream Energy a scam Review! You may have discovered Stream Energy via an e-mail, social media lists or a friend or family member suggested it. There’s every reason to be skeptical, because the business opportunities for MLM firms appear not to get the best reputation and, frankly, I can see why you would also be cynical about Stream Energy.

Above all, I have to congratulate you on doing some additional research before you commit to any online venture. This is undoubtedly the best way to avoid scams.

Product Name: Stream Energy
Founders: Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki
Logo: is stream energy a scam
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: Someone who has knowledge about the energy company provider. And someone who is good at advertising and promoting a product.

You don't have to go any further than with Stream Energy in order to be a Swiss military army knife. Not only do they provide a healthy range of power packages and prices, but they also have so many other bundles to practically provide consumers with a one-stop-shop for most goods and services.

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What Is Stream Energy?

Stream Power is a service company in several categories like mobile, home, safety, and power. Their main business is based in the energy sector, which you can buy through various electric and gas contracts. These deals are supposed to reduce your total energy bills and also give you some additional benefits.

Since 2005, the company has been running a multi-level marketing strategy to attract new developers. At present, there are only 245 official employees.

is stream energy a scam

Like what I have mentioned earlier, Stream Energy offers services in several categories like,


By comparison to any other energy provider, Stream Energy provides clients with three forms of power, coal, natural gas, and renewable electricity. This product is provided by the company to residential and commercial customers.

Home and Mobile

This service enables customers to connect their intelligent homes to their smartphones and stay connected to their homes regardless of their location.


You can choose a 4G, or LTE Unlimited Talk & Text package for your cellular phone from different consumer options, such as global packages. Customers also have the option of buying cell phones through one reseller of the company.

These are some of the products and services that Stream Energy offers to its customers and more exciting benefits await their future members as well.

How Does Stream Energy Work?

I did a little research about what others thought of the quality of the service offered by Stream Energy in order to find out if the service is actually good. They are an MLM company that lets their members earn money either through selling and promoting their product or recruiting people to join them.

Stream Energy had fourteen years of experience in tracking the unpredictability of energy sector prices. And, what’s fair and what isn’t the company knows. Stream’s power plans already provide consumers with an unbelievable price.

How Much Can You Make With Stream Energy?

Stream Energy’s best way to make money is through direct customer rewards. The partners have to make direct sales while also creating a team to make the most of this reward. If you want to seriously participate, you will need to do a few things in order to become an official Stream Energy selling partner.

Obviously, the first thing you’ll have to do is sign up, you should be able to do that through their website. Then you’ll be required to pay a few fees.

is stream energy a scam

I read on her website that the starting price is $299.00 which after 3 days can not be reimbursed. Then there will be a web fee of $19.95 a month, just to promote their service. Which seemed to be a little dumb. You can hit various levels, managing director, senior manager, and managing director. Nonetheless, their payout seemed very small. In your first 60 days, you only get $200 if you enroll ten users. You get a residual income of .50 cents a month per client and you get only $5 a month. You get a more bonus as well.

There’s another form of income which consists of different cash bonuses, called immediate revenue. You have to meet those conditions in order to receive the incentives. You can receive a $100 bonus if you gain 3 customer points in 120 days. Depending on the number of points you can stack, rewards continue to increase too.

If the switching power providers make your family and friends cool, this may not be the most difficult task, but if they don’t want to move, you have to find another way to go about it, be it to find people face to face or online.

What I Don’t Like About Stream Energy

If you read this far, Stream Energy likely is one of the best multi-level marketing companies out there. You may even feel that you are signing up for and recommending one of their products to your family. And here are some things I discovered about Stream Energy that might make you think before joining.

A lot of bad feedback.

One of the main complaints against Stream Energy and the fact that the firm was charging electricity unfairly was the source of legal action. 

In most situations, for a period of time Stream Energy provides a fixed rate. And, when the contract expires, people are moved to a viable plan, which means they must pay for expended energy. This sum is most of the time far more than the fixed-rate, even double that.

is stream energy a scam

Poor Customer Service.

As a consequence, there is almost no customer support system. They take a long time to answer a query, and the answers do not solve the problem even when they do.

The customer support systems need a lot of work, for example, instead of changing customer plans without letting them know, to their contract plans more clearly.

What I Like About Stream Energy

But of course, there are some positive points about Stream Energy that you can look forward if considering joining.

A well-established company.

Since 2005, it is amazing and the business appears to be still solid. If they can hang around for so long, they have to do something good. The bulk of multi-level marketing companies do not last.

If you are someone looking for a good company, the first thing to consider must be fully and well established. They will not last the business if they are doing something wrong.

is stream energy a scam

Less legal proceedings.

Many international advertising companies are plagued with litigation and dissatisfied consumers. Stream Energy has its share of concerns, of course, but wasn’t involved in many legal proceedings.

Based on my research, the only major lawsuit they have is about Stream Energy over-charging their members. And aside from that, there is none. This is also a big point for Stream Energy.

Is Stream Energy A Scam? Final Thoughts!

Are you wondering Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme? Personally I will always warn against using an MLM business model to make money, not because you can not get money from it, but because the process has always been unethical for me and synonymous with a pyramid or fraud.

I prefer to work with something produced by means of your own and ultimately rely on you and your work ethic alone.

If you ask me, I always prefer affiliate marketing over MLM. The reason why is simple, the return vs investment is a lot better. You can do it from any place in the world, and all you need is a computer with internet access. If you want to learn more about this wonderful and legitimate make money online opportunity, I strongly suggest you check my wealthy affiliate review.

Let’s get back on track, is Stream Energy a Scam? The final verdict!  No, Stream Energy is not a scam and the emphasis is on a company and genuine customers and not just recruiting people to recruit people.  It seems to be a legitimate multi-level marketing agency, but I am not really interested in the product or the business prospects compared with the competition there.

is stream energy a scam

I hope through this “Is Stream Energy a Scam” review, I was able to help you make up your mind and lead you to a better decision. Looking for ways to earn money is really a coaster ride, but soon if you find your luck and able to get the hang of doing the business, you will harvest all your hard work.


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