Is Pure Romance a Scam? The Unbiased Review!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Pure Romance a scam? I believe one of the reasons why you came up checking this page is you are looking for other ways to earn extra money. Maybe you are checking for the legitimacy of a company that you consider joining. Or you want to know more about the products of Pure Romance, which is an MLM company who manufactures and sells beauty and sex-related products. This sounds interesting, right?

Yes, you are correct there is an MLM company that sells this kind of product wherein you can earn extra money as you sign up and join their company. With this unbiased review, I will let you know everything about Pure Romance. I will answer people’s questions like, is Pure Romance legit? Is Pure Romance products effective? I know you are excited to know more about Pure Romance, so let;’s get into details.

Product Name: Pure Romance
Founder: Patty Brisben
Logo: is pure romance a scam
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company who is specialized in selling beauty and sex-related products.
Best For: People are good at selling and promoting a product. Those who are open-minded to know more about sex-related products.

Pure Romance is an MLM company that sells and manufactures beauty and sex-related products but they also have essential oils. It was founded by Patty Brisben in 1993 and was based first in the United States. They offer different ways to earn money as well as different kinds of products that are really effective and wort it.

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What is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is a company founded by Patty Brisben in 1993 that sells beauty and sex-related products. It is something that you will get interested in because of Patty Brisben’s idea of their products. She had the idea of combining sex education, the latest trends on beauty products and details of bedroom accessories to create their products as well as the company itself.

is pure romance a scam

Pure Romance products are designed for two types of people, it can be for someone who looking for enhancement on their sexual health or for someone who wants to have an exciting and satisfying relationship with their better half. This is why a lot of people are looking forward to buying and test out the products of Pure Romance.

And Pure Romance is an MLM company that gives people the chance of earning extra money by selling and promoting their products. They have millions of sales consultants around the globe, most of them are from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This is another reason why people are curious about how to earn money from Pure Romance, and we will get into it one by one.

How Does Pure Romance Work?

Just like the usual MLM company, Pure Romance will give you the chance to earn money by selling and promoting their products. Or you can get a commission on every purchased product on your website which will be discussed as soon as you sign as their member.

Before anything else, before starting to earn money with Pure Romance they will require you to sign up and go into the process of applying as their Sales Consultant. If you are familiar with some MLM companies, you already know that there are some kits that you can choose in avail for you to be an official member of the company, and that is the same with Pure Romance.

is pure romance a scam

Pure Romance has two different starter kits, the cheapest is around $100 and the most expensive is at $500. Namely, they are Standard Kit and Deluxe Kit, both of the kits do include Pure Romance products that you can use to start the business with them, your website where you can earn commissions for every purchase made through it and some training materials you can use as a Sales Consultant.

For Starter Kit, you are entitled to get a 30% discount on every product you will purchase. And it means that you already have a 30% income when you sell that product to your buyers. And for the expensive kit which is Deluxe Kit, you are entitled to get a 40% discount in every product you want to purchase. Who will not be interested in these privileges right?

However, they also require every Sales Consultant. For you to continue enjoying your discounts and commissions, you need to have at least purchased a $200 worth of Pure Romance products so you still be tag as an active member of the company. Because if not, there is a chance that you will be inactive and need to process another membership fee to regain your active status.

How Much Can You Make With Pure Romance?

And let’s discuss the exciting part, which is all about the compensation plan of Pure Romance. How much are the total earnings of each member? The usual with MLM companies is mostly through recruiting people to join the company they will give a specific amount of cash as a bonus fee. But with Pure Romance it is different, every time you recruit someone to join, they will not give you bonus cash but a $50 worth of products.

However, you can still sell that product in its retail price and can still get a little cash from it right? Another way is after you refer someone that person will automatically become your downline and this how MLM works. You can earn overrides from your downlines which are the percentage commissions from the total sales of your downline.

Pure Romance also offers travel incentives that you will look forward to joining the company. They will launch a contest and you just need to join and the main prize is your dream destination, and sometimes they give it with all-expense paid. Sounds interesting right?

Since the company will provide you with your website, this can be another way for you to earn money, with every product purchased on your website you will get a commission for that. And lastly, they have a bonus for their top sales consultant this is what they called Superstar Bonus. You can have a $12000 bonus if you will be recognized as Pure Romance’s Superstar.

For me, regarding making money online, I prefer affiliate marketing over any type of MLM 100% of the time. If you want to learn how to turn your passion into a profitable online business, you must read my wealthy affiliate review.

What I Don’t Like About Pure Romance.

As I discussed above, it seems that Pure Romance is something you can choose as an option for you to earn money. However, they also received feedback and reviews about their products and the company itself. Upon having the research for this review, I found out that most of the bad feedback is about Pure Romance sales consultant, which makes me do a minus point for them.

is pure romance a scam

Based on the comments, the customer will order and received a defective product and when they asked the sales consultant to refund the payment that they processed, and will not even replace the product with a new one like a Pure Romance perfume. This is important, customer service will give a big impact on the business. So it will be best to do everything for your buyers so that they will order again and you will have continuous income right?

As well as the quota of $200 sales each month to remain active as a member, what if you are new to the business and need time to adjust to get a $200 sales each month. I hope that is something that they can consider in the future.

Lastly is their compensation plan, for me, it is a bit complicated though it has no difference from other MLM companies, it will be better if they made it simpler so people will not be confused about level and titles.

is pure romance a scam

What I Like About Pure Romance.

Behind those things that will make you think twice, some things can look forward to with Pure Romance. First is I find it very easy to start with Pure Romance, you just need to pay the membership fee and choose what kit you prefer, from there you can already sell the products you will get then it will be instant money, there is a chance that your income will be higher than what you spent with membership fee.

And the last thing is about their products, a read a lot of reviews about their products that attest that it is effective and worth it to buy. And this factor is a big plus to Pure Romance because having an effective product is a big foundation of a company because the people will always want to have and buy it.

is pure romance a scam

Is Pure Romance a Scam? Final Verdict!

I will be honest with this, I can say that Pure Romance is not a scam. Maybe there things like bad feedback they received but it is something that they can still manage and it is not the company’s fault, but it is about their Sales Consultant.

However, for the starting price of their kits which is $220 is the cheapest, let’s all be honest it is not a small amount of money wherein you can never say if you will have a stable income from them or not. What if you are a starter from the business and still learning it right?

There are some other ways that you can use and try where you will have the assurance of earning something out of it. To be honest, MLM company will not give you any assurance of earning, it will always matter on your motivation, hard work, and team-building capabilities. Look for the best which you think will work for you and I hope this “is pure romance a scam” review will help you find your way to your success.


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