Is Global Dream Network a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Global Dream Network a Scam? Maybe you’re one of the many who are curious about joining the Global Dream Network since registration is just for free. However, did you know that you need to donate in order for your registration to be successful? That is why some allegedly think that there is something fishy going on behind this MLM company. Let’s dig into the details!

Product Name: Global Dream Network
Founder: It is unclear who founded this company. The people in charge of this company are also unknown.
Logo: Global Dream Network logo
Product Description: Global Dream Network is an MLM Company that is created according to a peer-to-peer lending network. This company lets people raise funds for their needs. These could include raising funds for personal needs and even business start-ups, etc.
Best For: This company is best for people who have some spare money to invest. All you need to do is spend that spare money as a donation and receive returns on it.

Unlike other Multi-Level Marketing Companies, you don’t have to market this company’s products since it does not have a fixed set of products that it sells. 

If you are good at recruiting people to do certain jobs, you can join this company as an affiliate and recruit people so that you get higher returns and make more money.

Review Summary:

Global Dream Network is an MLM company that will let you make money off the donations you give. This means these donations will be like an investment and you will get a percentage of return on them after donating. When you join as an affiliate, you can make money through various means in this company.

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What is the Global Dream Network?

Global Dream Network is a Multi-level Marketing Company. If you want to make some money, it provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

The founder of this company is unknown. However, all we know is that this company is based in South Africa. Their lack of transparency immediately puts them in a place of distrust. 

Global Dream Network is a direct funding company. It has a peer-to-peer platform that allows people to donate money to other people and help them raise money for any personal or business-related cause.

This means you can either receive donations or donate to someone else. These donations are like investments because they help you earn money. That’s right! You will receive a certain amount of money for every donation you make. 

I will discuss their compensation plan in more detail later in the article. This company is not exactly a corporation. It is a platform for peer-to-peer donations and micro-financing.

How does Global Dream Network work?

Global Dream Network works slightly differently from other MLM Companies. Despite having a business model, this company is not a corporation and relies on donations to make more money.

They do not have a certain set of products that they sell, and you will not be required to market any products to earn commissions. 

The money you will get depends on the amount you donate. Since your donation is like an investment, the more you donate, the higher returns you receive.

global drem network climb up the ranks

If you donate more, you will climb up the ranks and earn more money. The money you will receive will be in South African currency which is the South African Rand. 

Another important thing to note is that you don’t need to pay any start-up or membership fee. However, you will be required to donate money to confirm your position as a part of this company. After you donate, you will be eligible for returns based on how much you have donated.

This company conducts its transactions through banks. So if you have received a donation, you must confirm that you have received it through a bank transaction.

Another important thing to note is that if you have received a donation, you will have approximately 13 hours to confirm that you have received it. If you do not approve the donation timely, your account will be blocked, and you will not be allowed to receive or give any more donations. 

 In addition to this, once you have donated, you will not be able to get your money back. Global Dream Network has a person’s processor that receives all these funds. There is no set department or representative in the company that holds or keeps track of the funds you donate or receive. 

This means all transactions are automated, and the company will not be able to facilitate you in case of a return. To join this company, all you need to do is create an online account on their website. You must register with your name, the name of the person who sponsored you, and your financial details (i.e. bank account details). 

You are encouraged by the company to make more than one accounts. This would increase your investment and also increase your returns. However, for each extra account you make, you have to recruit 2 new members into the organization.

What Products does Global Dream Network offer?

Global Dream Network does not offer a set of tangible products. They offer a way to make money through donations. These donations act as investments and get you returns according to the amount you have donated. 

Global Dream Network product offer

You can donate and receive donations from other people through bank transfer. As mentioned above, you will have 12 hours to process and confirm that you have received a donation. If you exceed the time limit, your account will be blocked, and you will not be allowed to take or give any donations. 

How much can you make with Global Dream Network?

You can make a considerable amount of money with Global Dream Network. However, the flow of money is not guaranteed, and you can also face various losses. 

When you become an affiliate at this company, you will be put into one of four levels. This depends on the amount of money you donate. If you donate more money, you will be in level 4, and if you pay less money you will be in level 1.

The returns that you will receive on your money depends on these levels. 

  • A level 1 affiliate has to pay R350 and will receive a return of around R700. To earn another R100 you could pay R600.
  • A Level 2 affiliate has to pay R600 and will receive a return of R2,400. They have the option of earning an extra R1500 by paying R900.
  • A Level 3 affiliate has to pay R900 to get a return of R7200. To earn an extra R5200, the affiliate can upgrade their payment to R2000.
  • A level 4 affiliate will donate R2000. The return on this is R32,000. This is a substantial amount of money. 

The more people you recruit, the higher your chances are of getting more money. Global Dream Network’s compensation scheme is not complicated or convoluted. It is simple and easy to understand.

What do I like about Global Dream Network?

  • This company has a fairly simple compensation plan. It has four simple levels and does not confuse you.
  • You get a good amount of returns on your donations.
  • Through your donations, you are essentially helping someone out and also making a bit of money on the side. So it is like a win-win situation

What do I dislike about Global Dream Network?

  • There is a major lack of transparency in this company. There is no clear information on who founded the company. In addition to this, nobody knows where the company is located. The only information we have is that it is in South Africa. 
  • This company has a structure that closely resembles a pyramid scheme. This means that you have to recruit people to make more accounts and earn more money. This is an exploitative way of making money and could lead to a loss.
  • The amount of money you earn each month is subject to change. If you face a loss or lose your investment, you won’t be able to hold anyone accountable because this company has no known representative.

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Is Global Dream Network a scam?

Yes, Global Dream Network is a scam. It is a pyramid scheme that will lead you to lose your money. Even if you don’t lose your money immediately, there is no guarantee that you will continue to earn good returns on your investment.

There are many other reasons why this company is a scam, and I would not recommend you to invest your time or money in this scheme. 

Why is Global Dream Network a scam?

Global Dream Network is a scam due to a couple of reasons. This is because they have a very shady donation scheme. There is no way to contact the company or its representatives.

In addition to this, nobody knows where the company is exactly located in South Africa. If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to hold anyone accountable for your loss. 

They also have an unstable compensation plan which does not guarantee good returns. Also, have no information about the people who are donating to you. This means that you do not know how to contact or even pay back your donors later. 

Since this company is based on a pyramid scheme structure, the only way you can make money is through donations and recruitments. 

Pyramid schemes are inherently unstable ways of making money. Especially pyramid schemes that do not have transparent contact and compensation plans. Due to all these reasons, I would heavily advise against investing your time, money, and energy in this venture.

Last but not least, their website is down and their Facebook page dead since November 2019. The question is, are they gone for good? Or just letting the dust settle to charge again under a different name? Time will tell…

I hope this “Is Global Dream Network a Scam” review as served your needs. If you want to add something please drop me a line on the comment section.


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