Invincible Marketer Review: Is Aaron Chen’s Program For You?

You may have arrived at this page after hearing about the Invincible Marketer course and wondering if it was legit or a scam. Is it possible to make money with this course? Is it suitable for beginners? Is Aaron Chen genuine? Find out on this  Invincible Marketer review!

Aaron is currently one of YouTube's most popular affiliate marketers. Last year, he also released his first-ever training course for starting affiliate marketing.

So, should you take the risk?

I will answer all your questions throughout my Invincible Marketer review, and you can be confident that you will receive an honest and unbiased review from me.

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Invincible Marketer overview

Invincible Marketer is a digital course that teaches people how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

It consists of more than 15 modules, most of which are video training in which the platform's owner explains the entire process of building an online business.

It includes mindset training, but most importantly, it teaches how to do affiliate marketing correctly.

I'll go over the platform in more detail later. Still, for now, I'd like to share that this is legitimate training that provides valuable information to both beginners and advanced marketers.

You're probably aware that Aaron Chen is the creator of Invincible Marketer, so let's get to know him a little better.

Who Is Behind the Invincible Marketer?

Who Is Behind The Invincible Marketer, Aaron Chen

The person behind the program is Aaron Chen. You may have heard or seen about Aaron Chen because he is all over the place, from reviews to Youtube, where he shares his thoughts on those products or businesses and determines whether or not they are legitimate.

His YouTube channel contains affiliate marketing educational materials.

If you enjoy his YouTube content, you should listen to The Freedom Audio Show podcast, where Aaron delves into big entrepreneurial ideas that will change how you work and think.


Aaron Chen has been in the industry for a long time and has experimented with various online businesses such as MLM and dropshipping.

Aaron Chen spends a lot of money in those businesses, nearly thousands of dollars.

He found the right mentor in 2016, and that is when he began to turn things around.

He is currently making a lot of money online and working full-time.

How Does Invincible Marketer Work?

How does Invincible Marketer work

The core training teaches you everything you need to know about starting and running a profitable online business.

Even if you are new to the business, the training will teach you everything you need to know.

This course teaches you how to:

  • Choose the right affiliate products to promote

  • Pick the right niche

  • Identify the needs of your target audience

  • Create a high-converting sales funnel

  • Build an email list

  • Have a successful mindset

  • Write compelling headlines and capture pages

  • Run profitable email marketing campaigns

  • Effectively manage your time and boost productivity

  • Drive traffic from native ads, banners, social media, and search engines

  • Build an authority website

  • Optimize for maximum conversions

  • Create a successful YouTube channel

  • And a lot more

Invincible Marketer's primary goal is to show you how to start making money online with affiliate marketing—in other words, promoting the products of others.

Aaron has been doing this successfully for quite some time.

That being said, it's fantastic that you'll be learning from an expert if you ever enroll in this course.

This is how I make my money online.

What’s inside Invincible Marketer?

This program is divided into four sections. The first two parts are the actual training, and the remaining two are bonus content.

The program will provide you with the following benefits:

Essential Mindset Training

Essential mindset in Invincible Marketer

This training focuses on mindset, which may be beneficial to everyone.

This training will teach you how to overcome failure, be accountable, and stay committed, among other things.

The course discusses mindset and strategies for building a successful online business.

Core Training

The core Training is where they will teach you about affiliate marketing and the business model's fundamentals.

In this training, he will teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing, build out your assets, drive traffic, traffic to your website, and much more.

This topic will teach you a lot, but it will not teach you how to build a website, which platform to use, etc.


The bonus is available for a limited time only.

This bonus includes some mini-courses on various aspects of affiliate marketing.

Here are a few examples of the program's bonus content:

Unlimited Traffic Masterclass - This is a traffic-related mini-course. The most important aspect of affiliate marketing is traffic.

Product Profit Secrets - This section discusses selecting the right products and bringing them to market.

Tribe Building Secrets - This branding mini-course will teach you how to build your brand from the ground up and generate sales down the road.

Invincible Marketer Exclusive Facebook Community

Private community in Invincible Marketer

You'll get access to Invincible Marketer's private Facebook mastermind group, where you can get help from Aaron Chen and his team of known marketers if you have any problems with the course.

Can You Profit From Invincible Marketer?

Can You Profit From Invincible Marketer

First and foremost, no guarantees are made. However, you can earn money through affiliate marketing and thus through the Invincible Marketer program.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that has been gaining traction since the early 2000s. The main reason is that you don't need particular skills or experience to succeed.

Essentially, all you need to make money online is a tried-and-true system like Aaron's, some time to put in the effort, some money to invest (not much), and some patience.

And the proof that Invincible Marketer works and that users profit is on the sales page.

You will have access to the community if you join this training program. And you'll be able to see the results for yourself inside.

I cannot guarantee that you will make money with this or any other course.

What matters is that you recognize affiliate marketing as a business. As a result, your company will require some time to mature.

However, once it grows, the results usually form a snowball.

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Is Invincible Marketer For You?

Invincible Marketer is for anyone willing to learn and wants to build their own business.

This course is for you if you are the type of person who is willing to commit and wants to make money online.

Remember that his course isn't cheap, and you'll find out how much it costs in this Invincible Marketer review.

Building an online business takes a lot of time and effort, and you'll have to go through trials and errors along the way, costing you a lot of money.

Now, I'm not trying to discourage you; I'm just saying that you should be prepared because it's not going to be easy, but if you're ready and determined, go for it.

Remember that if you want to take this course, you must be serious and prepared so that nothing goes to waste.

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Invincible Marketer Pricing

Invincible Marketer pricing

Invincible Marketer was regularly priced at $197.

It's currently $67 per month, and you'll have access to the bonus content and the Facebook group as long as you sign up.

Given how much value Aaron gives away, the price is quite reasonable. Indeed, it is not the most expensive course on the market. It is, however, slightly more expensive than some competitors.

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Although Aaron Chen provides numerous bonuses and has built a community that is slowly growing in size, I believe he is overcharging because there are no tools such as hosting, websites, keyword tools, and so on. This means you'll have to outsource everything, which adds to your costs.

Even so, if you use Invincible Marketer training and put all your time, effort, and money into Aaron's "Selling Without Selling" method, you can recoup your investment.

Not only that, but once the ball starts rolling, your investment will multiply exponentially. So, even though you don't get an all-in-one package, Invincible Marketer is worth the price, and I recommend giving it a shot!

Invincible Marketer Review: Final Verdict

Invincible Marketer is an excellent course for anyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing and making money online.

The benefit of this course is that you will receive assistance and guidance from Aaron Chen and his team of experts.

You'll also have access to their Facebook page, where you'll meet members who are similar to you and can help each other.

Remember, if you're interested in this course, make sure you're prepared because if you aren't and don't understand the course after a month, you'll have to pay for another month to continue learning.

This is not for you if you are one of those people who buys a course and watches the training videos but never applies for it. However, if you take serious action with this course and follow Aaron's instructions, you could see results within 2-3 months of enrolling.

You only need to invest $200-$300 rather than $1000s, which is the price of overhyped courses created by gurus who teach the same material as Aaron here.

So, if you're willing to put a lot of time and effort into this course, join Invincible Mareter today, lock yourself in, and hustle until you reach your goals!


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Last Updated on July 22, 2022