Is Rain International a Scam? Healthy Little Secrets Revealed!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my Is Rain International a Scam review. There is a big chance that one of your friends are encouraging you to join or sell products of Rain International, that is why you are here right now and check on this review. Don’t worry you are on the right page to look for the answers to your questions.

I know that when you will talk about health nowadays it is a big factor and you would really do everything about it, and Rain International offers products that can help you stay healthy. And most of the people take this advantage to look for business opportunities, are there people who earn money with Rain International? That is what I am going to discuss with you through this review.

I will share what I have found out with Rain International and reveal some information and reasons why people are thinking that they are a scam. So be with me as and I don’t want you to wait any longer for this, let’s get into details.

Product Name: Rain International
Founder: Byron Belka
Logo: is rain international a scam
Product Description: A multi-level marketing company that sells and manufactures health-related products.
Best For: People who are looking for business opportunities with an MLM company. Someone who has good skills in doing sales and promoting a product.

Rain International is a company established by Byron Belka in 2011 and based in Utah, USA. In addition to his decade-long experience in network marketing, Byron decided to start up the company. Byron was a part of Nu Skin, concentrating on beauty and health niche before Rain International was created. Perhaps that was the reason he came with this niche and his own company and sector.

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What is Rain International?

Rain International is a Health supplement company located in Utah, USA and founded by Byron Belka in back in 2011. Byron took more years to finally decided to put up the company knowing that he has more than a decade of experience in network marketing. Before Rain International was established, Byron was a part of Nu Skin which is focused on beauty and health niche. Maybe that is the reason he came with this niche as well as his own business and company.

When it comes to their products, it is all about seeds. Every company that is in the beauty niche has different specialty or ingredients in their products that will make the customers more curious to try it. Though this is not a product here are some of their well-known products:

  • Soul (Anti-Inflammatory) – this product is rich in antioxidants that will help your body for everyday performance.
  • Core – this product will supply your body with daily green requirements.
  • Form (For Fitness) – this product will help you burn calories as well as building muscles.

is rain international a scam

Is Rain International an MLM?

Yes, Rain International is an MLM company that is focused on health and wellness products. And as I mentioned earlier, they are located in Utah which is known to be the MLM capital of the world.

How Does Rain International Works?

Rain International works the same as the other MLM companies out there. You have two ways to earn money and this is by doing direct selling and referral commissions.

How to join Rain International?

The process is the same as the other MLM companies, you need to sign up for the application as a new member after that pay a membership fee of $39.95 this will give you access to Rain’s referral site and business intelligence software. Then in order for you to start the business, they have different packages to offer, and here they are:

  • Soul Basic – this package is for $104 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with a box of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory) and one business center.
  • Soul Builder –  this package is for $299 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with 4 boxes of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory) and one business center.
  • Launch Basic – this package is for $315 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with 2 boxes of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory), 2 boxes of Core and one business center.
  • Soul Pro – this package is for $689 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with 10 boxes of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory) and 3 business centers.
  • Launch Pro – this package is for $1249 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with 10 boxes of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory), 8 boxes of Core, free sample credits and one business center.
  • Soul Elite – this package is for $1320 and includes the Virtual Business Kit together with 10 boxes of Soul (Anti-Inflammatory), 3 business center and 6 months auto-ship program.

is rain international a scam

Rain International Compensation Plan

When it comes to their compensation plan, they have a lot of bonuses and incentives to offer to their members. However, we may not be going to get into so many details about it but I am going to give you a little detail on how you can get that specific bonus or commission. And here are some of them:

  • Three and Free Customer Program – Refer 3 members to Rain International who will buy the same products in the same month and you will get free products.
  • First Order Bonus – You will be entitled to get 40% of the product purchased by your referral on the Starter Package of Rain International.

These are some of the bonuses that Rain International has and there are a lot more like Lifestyle Bonus, Rank Advancement, etc. You can refer to their website videos to learn more about it.

Can I really make money with Rain International?

Rain International offers a good compensation plan and this will make you earn money if you are really decided to do that. Yes, you can earn money by doing business with Rain International. However, it will not be just instant, you need to work hard for it and sometimes will require to have good sales skills in order to be successful in this industry.

Honestly, for me? Joining an MLM company does not give you a guaranteed source of income. This may not work for each of us as we have different skills and preferences in a business right? But there are also some alternative ways that you can try to start your own online business today.

What I Hate About Rain International.

They have expensive products.

Their products are far too costly for the products that have apparently little nutritional value and no FDA approvals. And for people who just need to lose weight, there are a lot of alternative ways that you can do in order to be successful with the goals that will not require you to purchase monthly supplements.

And when it comes to your daily nutrients needs, all you have to do is take multivitamins that are much cheaper and in this way, you can avoid or lessen the chances of being sick.

is rain international a scam

Autoship is required.

If you are going to check some of their website videos, it says that you need to sign up for their monthly auto-ship in order for you to unlock the bonuses and commissions that Rain International has. I know that autoship can cause you problems in the future and might lead you losing money instead of earning.

BBB Review.

Ratings with the Better Business Bureau plays a big role in your decision. However, aside from the complaints that Rain International has on the BBB page, they are also not accredited. And for sure this will make you think right away as BBB review is one of the things where people based the legitimacy of a company.

is rain international a scam

What I Like About Rain International.

Let me be honest at this part, after all of the discoveries I have with Rain International, I don’t see anything to like. Knowing as well that they have been involved in some issues in the past even if they are just quite new in the industry. All I can see about them is negative reviews.

Is Rain International A Scam? The Final Verdict.

Rain International is not a scam, they are a legit company that operates and sells health and wellness products, however, there some points that would really make you think if they are one of the pyramid schemes there or not. But again, as I always tell you, the decision will depend on you.

If you decided to take the risk and try to join Rain International, then I wish you good luck and hope you came up with the right decision. You cannot tell want the future will bring you as we have different perspectives in life, just have the patience and be a hard-working one. And if you decided to look for other ways to earn money, I know I can help you with that. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and learn more about alternative ways to earn money online.

I hope that this “Is Rain International a Scam” review serves its purpose and helps you at some point. If you have any questions or just want to add something to this article, feel free to leave a comment down below. Cheers!


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