Is Valentus a Scam? The secrets behind the magic bean!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Valentus a scam? I know that nowadays that weight loss is one of the trends, and some people are taking this advantage to have business opportunities. And maybe one of your friends has introduced Valentus to you that is why you end up checking on this review. Valentus is a well-known company that sells supplements that will help you lose weight. They also claim that with the use of their product you can easily achieve your desired weight especially during summer, wherein some of us want a summer body.

In this Valentus review, I will reveal all the secrets behind the company’s success. Every detail will be explained to you so you can see if joining Valentus is really up for you. I will make sure at the end of this article you will have the right decision and all of your questions answered. So, I don’t want you to wait any longer let’s get into details.

Product Name: Valentus
Founder: Dave Jordan
Logo: is valentus a scam
Product Description: A multi-level marketing company that sells and manufactures products that can help you lose weight.
Best For: People who are looking for business opportunities. Someone who is good at selling and promoting a product, as well as recruiting people in a company.

Valentus is an organization created around 2014 by Dave Jordan. The company is renowned for its anti-aging products. Dave formerly belonged to the Waiora multi-level marketing business in 2008. And he was a member of LiveSmart 360 after being with Waiora, but the company was closed in 2015 because of financial problems. I know some of you are curious about "Valentus" which means "prevail" in Latin.

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What is Valentus?

Valentus is a company that was founded by Dave Jordan around 2014. Dave was formerly part of a multi-level marketing company Waiora in 2008, this company is known for its anti-aging products. And after being with Waiora, he became a part of LiveSmart 360 but the company was closed due to financial trouble in 2015. I know some of you are curious about what “Valentus” means, it is a Latin word for “prevail”.

is valentus a scam

Valentus has 10 products to offer to their customers and members, and most of their products are for weight loss. And we all know that a lot of us today are really interested in trying losing weight especially holidays just got ended. Valentus Slim Roast is their core product, this is a coffee that will help you suppress your appetite which will eventually help you cut down your food taking and became slim. Here are some of their famous products:

  • Prevail Energy – this is basically an energy drink that you can take whenever you need to feel energized. Valentus claims that this contains natural ingredients will take effect in minutes and will last for an hour.
  • Prevail Immune – this product is composed of vitamins and antioxidants that will help you boost your immune system.
  • Prevail Trim – this is another product for weight loss. If you are looking for a product that will help you lose weight naturally you can try this one.

is valentus a scam

Valentus has a small range of products when it comes to weight loss and health benefits. But their biggest claim is that they have the best products like their Prevail Energy and Prevail Trim. However, if you are going to ask me if Valentus’ products are effective I can say that it would really depend on how your body will react to the products since.

Is Valentus an MLM?

Valentus is a multi-level marketing company and its founder Dave Jordan is known to bounce in other network marketing companies before he finally decided to launch Valentus. And same as the usual MLM company, Valentus offers a lot of ways for you to earn money which we are going to discuss in a bit.

Can I Really Make Money Selling Valentus?

Since Valentus is operating like the usual MLM company out there, they also offer the same bonus and commission for you to earn money. And yes, you can make money once you start selling their products.

Should I become a Valentus distributor?

Yes, you need to be an official member or distributor of Valentus before you can start selling their products and earn. This is normally the process in every multi-level marketing company. You can reach out directly to their website to become an official member or if you know someone who is an active member of Valentus, you can ask help from them to guide you through the process of your application. In that way, you both have the chance to get an incentive or commission that can be extra to your earnings.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Valentus?

The first step is for you to pay a membership fee of $20 to activate an account. Second is you may be required to purchase a start-up package, and here are their packages:

  • Basic Package – includes 1 box of products for $59.95
  • Starter Package – includes 3 boxes of products for $129.95
  • Advanced Package – includes 6 boxes of products for $199.95
  • Business Builder Package – includes 16 boxes of products for $499.95

If you are going to notice, the smallest investment you can spend on joining Valentus is $79.95 which is quite expensive compared to other MLM companies out there.

is valentus a scam

Valentus offers a lot of commissions and bonuses to their members. This is going to be the exciting part of this Valentus MLM review. Here is their compensation plan:

  • Retail Commission – You have the chance to get a 25% commission for every sale or purchase that you have.
  • Fast Start Bonus – As far as I understood this bonus if you were able to reach the specified number of sales in your first 30 days or 60 days as a member you can have a bonus starting at $100.
  • Legacy Coded Bonus – This is one of the most interesting bonuses that they have, wherein the bonus is up to $100,000 per week. It will be best if an official member of Valentus will explain this further to you.
  • Car Bonus – Just like the Fast Start Bonus, if you will be qualified for this Car Bonus, Valentus can give you as much as $3000 per month for your car loan.

Valentus is operating like the normal MLM company, I don’t see anything different or special. They are more focused on recruiting people to have more members to promote and sell their products. The only advantage that they have is their niche, as people become more interested in weight loss nowadays.

What I Don’t Like About Valentus.

While doing this review, I can see some points that I think you need to consider or think twice about these before you decided to join Valentus. Here are some things that I don’t like about Valentus.

Why is Valentus illegal in some countries?

What I have found out interesting about Valentus is about the company being banned from some countries like in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Other countries aside from what I mentioned first are also considering banning Valentus in their countries like Malaysia and the Philippines. And I can see that the main reason is because of too many complaints about the side-effect of their products.

That was just last November 2019 that they found out that the coffee from Valentus contains Phenethylamine which has a stimulatory effect on the brain and can be a cause of addiction.

Their BBB ratings.

Valentus is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, I know that the BBB ratings play a big role every time people are making decisions on joining a company. Some of us are depending on the legitimacy of a company based on the Better Business Bureau website, and I think this can be one of the reasons why people are thinking that Valentus is a scam.

is valentus a scam

What I Like About Valentus.

To be honest, if you will ask me for things that I like about Valentus I cannot say anything. Especially when I have this review all I can see are complaints about their products and even the company itself. I know that some of you find the same thing as well and there are a lot of alternative ways to earn money online in a legit and easy way.

Is Valentus a Scam? Final Verdict.

After all the research for this mind-blowing review about Valentus, I can say that they are not a scam. They really offer products that people can buy even if they are just new in the MLM industry there are some people who still want to try their products.

Knowing that they have been in an issue just last year about their products that will cause people to think that they are really a scam, they still try everything to resolve that issue and stay in the MLM industry. However, as of now, I cannot recommend this to everyone. There are a lot of other ways to earn money online that will not require you to sell anything.

You can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover a lot of ways to use to earn money online as easy as writing your hobby on a daily basis.

I hope this “Is Valentus a Scam” review serves its purpose to you if you have any concerns, suggestions or just want to add something to this article, feel free to leave it on the comment box below. Cheers!


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