Is Coursera Legit?

How’s it going, and welcome to my ‘Is Coursera Legit?’ post.

If you’re on the fence wanting to gain new skills in specific areas, then an online learning system would be an excellent choice. You can learn things whenever you want, and whenever you are– even if you’re on the fly.

Whether you need to improve your current educational background or career or just want to explore new things, online learning won’t disappoint, especially in this pandemic.

Nowadays, multiple online learning platforms have arisen, offering online education from short courses to full professional degrees.

Coursera is one of those platforms that provide degree courses with certifications from top universities in the US. Nevertheless, there is another noteworthy competitor like edX, both are good, but ultimately it comes down to your personal taste of decision, course, instructor, and university-type.

In this Coursera guide, we’ll crack pieces of information regarding Coursera’s offers, course topics, fees, some advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately if you can make money with this platform.

Here we go...

Let’s take a glance at the brief overview.


Online learning system


$49 to $10,000 per course


There are 4,000 courses offered inside, and most of them are free


All valuable certificates require payment


Coursera is a trustworthy and legitimate system dedicated to transforming lives from all walks of life through the conveyance of knowledge and a means to make an excellent, legit passive income

What Is Cousera?

Coursera is an online course system that provides online learning and is backed up with some of the best universities available today

Their online learning courses range from short courses or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to specializations in specific topics and certain online degrees. Hence, there’s an array of options to choose from. 

Plus, Coursera’s team are highly-skilled instructors from first-rate universities, so the quality of instruction is quite intense.

Coursera Homepage

Since some of the world’s most popular businesses employ Coursera for learning purposes, you can be assured that you’re getting the specific job skills you need to improve.

All courses are given online, with videos, downloads, texts, and quizzes to test your knowledge when needed.

How Does Coursera Works?

When you apply for a course, Coursera will present it on your dashboard and show whether it is ongoing or overdue. But don’t get upset; being overdue simply means that you’re past the time limit of completion, and you usually can still be able to access them once the course is available again.

Some of the courses offered have a strict deadline, although, for these types, you might have the result of getting smaller marks in assignments and quizzes. Next, you’ll need to select on the course and undergo each lesson, as indicated on the left part of the Coursera’s portal.

When you finish a lesson, it automatically marks a check beside it, making it simple for you to monitor your progress and development. The lessons typically cover video tutorials and reading tools.

For the reading tools, you will get a set of links to get past, and once you’re finished reading them, you may select the “Mark as Completed” and proceed to the next one.

How To Sign-up For Coursera: Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

First, decide a course you are interested in by browsing the Coursera’s catalog of online courses.

Step 2

When you choose a course that interests you the most, click on its name to go to the course page.

Step 3

Please note that you need to set an account with Coursera before applying to any courses.

Step 4

Inside Coursera’s page, click on the enroll button, and it should offer you different enrollment methods.

Step 5

If the course falls in a category of specialization, you will notice a pop-up to enroll for a 7-day free trial. You can sign-up for free by clicking the button located at the bottom of the pop-up.

Step 6

On the flip side, if the course does not belong to a particular specialization, you will be given the method to either pay a one-time fee to purchase the certificate or the audit course. This audit link may be placed right down at the bottom of the pop-up as well.

Step 7

Available courses will show the ‘Coursera Plus’ method to pay a single amount for the next 12 months’ access to around 2,000 courses offered inside.

Step 8

For the most courses available, you will also notice a “Full Course- No Certificate” option, that means you can gain access to all the course offered which covers the assignments for free.

Coursera Main Courses Topics

All in all, Coursera has nearly 4,000 topics including courses on:

- Arts & Humanities

- Information Technology

- Personal Development

- Business

- Computer Science

- Data Science

- Health & Languages

- Math & Logic

- Physical Science & Engineering

- Social Sciences

Coursera enables you to try out various courses, specializations, or Master Tracks for free to learn if this path suits you or not. 

Here, you’ll learn from the very same expert professors as students enrolling these universities and receive the same valuable credentials with the benefit of not paying as much. Financial support is also available if your application is qualified.

Once you are enrolled in the full bachelor’s or master’s program, all the courses that you have completed will be added toward your degree.

Coursera’s professional credentials include Google IT Support, SAS Programmer, IDM Data Science, TESOS, IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner, and IBM Customer Interaction Specialist.

Who Is Coursera Best For?

  • Coursera is for you if you are interested in learning a new skill and hone it, improving your current knowledge or intending to receive a master’s degree in data science, computer science, or business-related courses without actually stepping back to school the whole time.

How Much Does Coursera Cost?

The Free Courses

Most of the content offered inside Coursera is free (although some courses are restricted behind a paywall– which you will find out below).

Click the option to ‘audit’ the course, and you’ll discover all the materials and won’t actually have to pay anything for this one.

As a matter of fact, I had undertaken six courses for this review, and all of them were free. Nevertheless, these free courses have always some features that you will have to pay if you really want to access them and level up your experience, and these includes:

Submission of assignments for feedback

Acquire mentorship from their staff

Can receive and be awarded a certification degree

Some courses have bonus videos and reading tools for paid members

Fundamentally, if you’re just learning for fun, you can apply in most courses on offer inside Coursera for free.

On the other hand, if you want an appropriate qualification (a certificate), you must pay. Please note that several courses are not available for free, and these are mostly extended professional courses and degree programs.

The Paid Courses

With Coursera, there are four unique payment methods to choose from:

Individual Courses where you can receive a certificate, the price starts at $49

Specializations & Professional Certificates, the price starts from $39 to $89 per month

Master Certificates can cost up to $2,000 or more

And lastly, Online degrees can cost at around $10,000

Pro & Cons of Coursera

The Good

  • There are 4,000 courses offered inside, and most of them are free
  • Schedules and deadlines are often flexible
  • This is open to all learners around the world
  • All instructors you’ll meet are experienced and have reputable backgrounds
  • This college-level education system is for free or half-priced

The Bad

  • If you’re new, things might get overwhelming, especially of the number of options available inside
  • No guaranteed credit
  • All valuable certificates require payment
  • At times, these flexible deadlines may affect your responsibility (if you’re easy to harass just like me, lol)
  • Some courses like Business, Data Science, Computer Science, and Management overshadow offerings
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Coursera Affiliate Program

The Coursera Affiliate Program is a program run by Coursera for rewarding individuals’ commissions every time they refer someone to buy a course or two from the Coursera online learning system.

Suppose you are an affiliate marketer with a deep interest in the educational space– in that case, I suggest you apply for the Coursera affiliate marketing program and transform lives by sharing this subtle and affordable platform that offers one of the world’s top online learning experiences for users globally.

How to Join Coursera Affiliate Program?

Joining in the Coursera affiliate marketing program is not problematic, and it’s totally free to join. They accept applicants from all walks of life as far as you can meet their conditions.

Planning on joining the Coursera affiliate program?

Then follow these straightforward instructions:

1. First, go to the Coursera affiliate site and apply as an affiliate marketer.

2. Next, you fill out all the necessary details and submit them once completed.

3. After that, you need to create an account in Linkshare (if you don’t have any), but if you do, proceed to log in and register as an affiliate marketer.

4. If your application has been successfully approved, you can start promoting and insert your affiliate link to start earning a passive income.

That said, making money online is anything but easy, just pay attention.

However, if you don’t have an online property yet, allow me to light you the way.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and build your first-ever website in a matter of seconds. It’s packed with FREE tools and straightforward techniques, so you are guaranteed that you’re on the right path!

How Much Can You Earn With Coursera?

The exact amount of money you can make through the Coursera affiliate program mainly depends on the number of referrals that generated traffic and successfully purchased the Coursera’s courses and the quantity paid.

Typically, Coursera rewards between 20% to 45% for every course dealt using your affiliate link.

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Benefits Inside the Coursera Affiliate Program

  • If you are a member of their affiliate program, you’ll gain access to the 1,000+ courses offered inside the platform.
  • The Coursera affiliate marketing program generally employs banners and unique text links to send you to the landing and payment page. These banners and individual text links are definitely neat and uncomplicated to use.
  •  You will also receive and take advantage of around-the-clock support from the Coursera customer provider unit. Plus, you will also get to receive the monthly affiliate program updates, which helps you to keep you on track of what’s going inside the company, current offerings, promotions, discounted fees, and many more.
  • You can earn commissions between 20% to 45 on procurements dealt through your affiliate link within 30 days.

  • It’s effortless to stay abreast of your earnings. Simply go to your dashboard on the affiliate portal. Then click on the earnings section, and all of your income would be presented there in real-time.

  • Here, Coursera has a tool that supports you to monitor clicks that your client makes, anyone who doesn’t purchase at the beginning but later comes back to make a purchase, so long as it is reconsidered on the same browser.

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Is Coursera Legit, the Bottom Line

If you are like me, you must have certainly asked if Coursera is a scam? I asked that exact question and did a great deal of research about it, and they are definitely not a scam online learning platform.

Coursera is a trustworthy and legitimate system dedicated to transforming lives from all walks of life through the conveyance of knowledge and a means to make an excellent, legit passive income.

Coursera has already transformed 60+ million people from all walks of life

Together with all the writings above, the Coursera affiliate program is an excellent program to make money as an affiliate marketer, and having known to promote your affiliate link to a vast audience is a big thumbs up.

So that wraps up my ‘Is Coursera Legit’ post.

I sincerely hope that this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Now, if you have a personal encounter with this online learning system, share your thoughts with me, and together let’s help people provide a clear and big picture with this platform.

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