Internet Traffic Academy Review

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

There are two reasons why I’m writing this Internet Traffic Academy review, first is because I’ve been receiving a massive amount of Four Percent ads everywhere and second is because you’re also probably being bombarded with Four Percent ads.

Either way, I think we’re both here because somehow, Internet Traffic Academy managed to catch our attention and had us considering to take out our wallets and invest in it.

However, before you do that, I urge you to read up until the end of this Internet Traffic Academy because as much as I want to believe in the flashy and almost convincing promises of Vick (the guy in the videos I’ve been seeing in all Four Percent ads), there are some things that concern me about Internet Traffic Academy.

Without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of this!

Product Name: Internet Traffic Academy
Founder: Vick Strizheus
Logo: internet traffic academy logo
Product Description: Training course on traffic generation
Best For: Start-up online marketers
Internet Traffic Academy, Another Four Percent Creation

Internet Traffic Academy is a training course on traffic generation created by the Four Percent group and guru Vick Strizheus.

Course Provider: Organization

Course Provider Name: Four Percent, Vick Strizheus

Editor's Rating:
Recommended: YES, but only for some


What is Internet Traffic Academy?

internet traffic academy homepage

Internet Traffic Academy is a training course all about traffic generation. It’s all about providing you an all-around informational resource to help you get massive, targeted website traffic, build a large hyper-responsive list, convert leads into sales, build your “tribe”, and to “dominate in your marketplace or your entire industry.”

It also claims to be the #1 traffic & conversions training system in existence. Bold.

I feel like these claims are a bit overdone, and this is even an understatement since the consequences of bold claims like these can stain and damage the image of lots of brands out there. People tend to call something a scam if it doesn’t live up to their expectations – and when people see others disappointed, they would just stop caring all at once.

Thankfully, there are not many people calling Vick a liar. In fact, Four Percent – the parent company of Internet Traffic Academy – have a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot, but let’s talk about these reviews later on.

Internet Traffic Academy claims to do traffic differently. They state that most traffic generation training courses teach you to depend on getting your traffic from a specific platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Internet Traffic Academy, instead of teaching you this old traffic model, they teach you the language of traffic. Basically, they’re not making you pay the price of this training course just so you depend on a platform. Rather, they enable you to create and maintain total control of your traffic, leads, and sales.

Its market is focused and targeted for entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and small online business owners in pursuit of exponentially growing their business through website traffic, and converting leads into sales & customers.

They also boast of 5 core pillars. Yeah, I know, it sounds fancy but don’t be fooled. These are the same principles that other training courses on traffic generation teach you.

  • Traffic Generation Mastery: This supposedly teaches you how to get targeted traffic to websites, products, or offer on-demand to get you up to 100,000+ visitors per day.
  • List Building Mastery: You are now able to turn cold visitors to subscribers of your email list.
  • Communication & Copywriting Mastery: Teaches you how to become irresistible to your customers.
  • Conversion Mastery: Quickly and easily turn your leads into sales and customers, they call it “effortless selling”.
  • Tribe Building Mastery: It teaches you how to create a movement or a community around your passion, product, or idea.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

internet traffic academy vick strizheus

The mastermind behind Internet Traffic Academy goes by the name of Vick Strizheus. Yeah, that’s the guy that appears in the ads of Four Percent, also doesn’t it sound familiar?

That’s because this is not the first time that Vick has introduced himself as the mastermind of these traffic generation courses. I have been in this industry reviewing products like these being offered on the Internet, and I have seen familiar faces every now and then. One of those faces belongs to Vick.

I have never reviewed some of Vick’s previous courses but every time I see his face, it always looks like he’s promoting something else entirely. Through the years, he had developed and promoted programs such as Big Idea Mastermind, Four Percent Challenge, High Traffic Academy, and now, Internet Traffic Academy.

Guess what? All of these are training courses on traffic generation, too. Considering this, we can have some kind of assurance that Internet Traffic Academy is not just some training course on traffic generation that’s just composed of some random modules found on the Internet.

No, it’s real and built by someone who knows what he’s talking about. Vick has been doing it for years. However, I wonder why he keeps dying out after some time and keeps on returning from the grave with another product in hand to promote.

It’s not that I am doubting that his training courses don’t work, nor am I saying that these are scams either. If they were scams, Vick shouldn’t even have the guts to keep on coming back.

So, what seems to be the problem here? Vick promotes his products in a way that makes people feel instantly hooked. Watching the promotional videos of Vick gives people this bizarre idea that they’re missing out on something great.

See, he is a great speaker. However, I do find that this way of promotion only creates hype that doesn’t last very long. Thus, that’s what exactly is happening over and over again. He gets people to sign up to the product he is promoting for the time being and once the hype dies down and everything becomes quiet, he releases another repackage of his training course.

Why does he do this? For profit, of course. Vick promotes the same content all these years, it just comes in a different name and a different skin.

Internet Traffic Academy Course Outline

internet traffic academy course outline

Purchasing Internet Traffic Academy gives you a total of 12 modules in which they say provides you complete mastery of traffic generation.

Module 1: Traffic Rules and Game Plan

For Vick, generating traffic is like a game and to win this game – you must fully understand its rules first.

Module 2: Influencer Traffic Media

Here is where you’re taught to reach a large number of people on demand to get floods of traffic to almost any website you want.

Module 3: 24-Hour Traffic Media

This teaches you the so-called abandoned goldmine of massive instant targeted traffic.

Module 4: Social Media Traffic

One of the sources of traffic you can tap into is social media. You can think of sources such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube like mines where you excavate so you could dig up gold – in our case, this gold is traffic. Internet Traffic Academy teaches you to find this gold and all you have to do is dig and tap into it.

Module 5: Search Media Traffic

Search engines are my favorite sources of traffic since a specific keyword can lead your prospects to your website and the product you are promoting. Everyone looks up almost everything on Google so it just comes off as common sense why this is a traffic source that every online marketer should tap into. This module teaches you all about utilizing search engines for traffic.

Module 6: Display Traffic Media

Internet Traffic Academy supposedly teaches you to tap into pools of targeted traffic with almost no competition through banner advertising networks. Thus, turning this traffic into profits by selling your prospects affiliate offers, having them subscribe to your email list, and providing them offers on what you think they may need.

Module 7: Retargeting Media

Retargeting means filtering out your audience which leaves you with people who are more likely to buy your products. Hence, you can save money and only present your ads to your retargeted audience. Internet Traffic Academy teaches you how to maximize these visitors.

Module 8: CPA Traffic Media

Here is where you’re taught how to tap into super-affiliates which enables you to gain 50,000 visitors a day.

The rest of the modules that you’ll be getting when you purchase Internet Traffic Academy are:

Module 9: Strategic Syndicate Traffic Media

Module 10: Perpetual Traffic Machine

Module 11: Traffic Media X

Module 12: The Best Traffic Media

Alright, so now that we have these modules out of the way, we go to the most important question: how does it cost?

So get this, they tell you that Internet Traffic Academy has an everyday price of $4,985 and that you’re getting it for only $997. I just find this funny because they make it look they’re pitching it to you for a lower price when in reality, it’s always been like that.

Anyway, even if they’re offering it to you for a lower price, we can all agree that this is still expensive. We have seen the modules and I can tell for sure that the content on these is definitely what an online marketer needs to learn the nature of traffic generation.

I’m sure you’re going to learn a ton from Internet Traffic Academy. However, you can still learn how to do traffic generation with cheaper alternatives. One of these alternatives I have sworn by all these years is Wealthy Affiliate. I can tell you that this is the real stuff because it’s cheaper, and the results will always be there.

Internet Traffic Academy Reviews

internet traffic academy trustpilot reviews

Four Percent, the parent company of Internet Traffic Academy, has an excellent rating with 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. This is remarkable considering how they have a total number of 1,020 reviews. Let’s see what people have to say on Four Percent.

internet traffic academy is very detailed

internet traffic academy is excellent

internet traffic academy and four percent group

internet traffic academy module is awesome

Is Internet Traffic Academy For You?

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or an online business owner who wants to learn the ropes of traffic generation, then Internet Traffic Academy may be the next training course you’re going to sign up for.

However, if you’re second-guessing of purchasing it because of its insane price point, you can always go for cheaper and better alternatives.

Pros of Internet Traffic Academy

  • You get 12 modules pertaining to traffic generation, and that’s a lot of content.
  • Perfect for start-up online marketers
  • The mastermind knows what he’s talking about, you just have to listen and apply what you learn.
  • Learning the rules of traffic generation instead of just depending on one platform for traffic proves to be better for the long run.

Cons of Internet Traffic Academy

  • It’s just a rehashed version of all the training courses Vick has developed and promoted in the past.
  • It’s just too expensive, and even though you are getting the training course you need for traffic generation, there are other alternatives that you can get for a cheaper price.

Final Call on My Internet Traffic Academy Review!

After reviewing Internet Traffic Academy, I can confidently say that this is not a scam. Even though this is only a rehashed version of the previous Vick creations, this training course on traffic generation proves to be something that a start-up online marketer would need to succeed in his business ventures.

If you are not handicapped by this insane price point, I suggest you go for it. But I know that a lot of us only have just enough to give and invest, thankfully there are alternatives that offer the same content – probably even better – and for a cheaper price point. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more!

I really hope you enjoyed my “Internet Traffic Academy Review”. If you have any doubts, questions, or simply want to add something to this review, make sure to write a comment down below!


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