Anthony Morrison Review: Best Affiliate Marketing Coach?

Are you wondering if Anthony Morrison is a scammer or a legitimate marketer?  This Anthony Morrison review will address that.

Find out about this internet marketer's past, courses, and controversies here!  After reading this post, you'll tell if Anthony is worth the money.

What Is Anthony Morrison's Background

Anthony Morrison is one of today's most successful internet marketers and instructors because he wouldn't be able to support himself if he wasn't.

Anthony claims to have established several successful internet marketing businesses and services. Apart from a few screenshots, there's no way to verify this claim. Still, you will discover that his other internet business initiatives, such as his books, programs/courses, and seminars, are thriving.

He used to do infomercials in the past, but that has faded as he has chosen to focus on his online enterprises instead. You can't hold him responsible for it, either.

How much is Anthony Morrison’s net worth?

How Much Is Anthony Morrison's Net Worth

His exact net worth is unknown, and there is no information online that can give you a general approximation of his earnings. But, with ad budgets like his, he's probably worth a lot.

Some have attempted Anthony's webinars, especially the "Destin Florida" one. Finally, he pushed his $1997 "Facebook Domination" course, which isn't cheap.

Anthony can demonstrate that there is money to be made from the website. He employed a remarkably effective approach.

Anthony already had a sizable following before entering the internet game. As a result, building up this audience was considerably more accessible for him, and he had a significant head start.

It'll be a different story for someone who is brand fresh and won't be able to replicate or duplicate what he did the first time around. However, he doesn't guarantee outcomes, so always read the fine print.

So, when it comes to Anthony's net worth, he will not reveal it simply because he does not want to. After all, it's his own life.

Issue: He is banned from ClickBank!

Anthony Morrison is banned on ClickBank

You're undoubtedly familiar with Clickbank, but if you're not,  Clickbank is a digital marketplace where you may locate things to sell for a fee.

Is there anything worthwhile on Clickbank right now?  Yes, but the majority aren't. In the internet marketing category, you'll uncover heinous frauds that only a complete newcomer to the field could fall for.

The point I'm trying to make is that getting banned from Clickbank is extremely difficult, but Anthony Morrison managed to do so.

His products had an excessively high refund rate, which caused him to be blocklisted.

You're selling a terrible product if Clickbank doesn't allow you to sell anymore because of too many refunds.

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What does Anthony Morrison teach?

earn money from home with affiliate marketing

Anthony Morrison is an online and affiliate marketing instructor who constantly releases new courses, seminars, and software.

This is quite profitable for the seller, but it should be a red flag if you're buying from someone who does this.

In my opinion, the most acceptable persons that teach internet marketing have at least one course and a thriving community to go along with it.

Rather than focusing on ten separate areas and continually releasing new material, they update courses that result in numerous success stories.

Morrison is lacking in this regard, with thriving communities and success stories.  So Anthony is adept at making money for himself, but this does not appear to be the case with his students.

Anthony Morrison’s Youtube Channel

Anthony Morrison's YouTube channel

Anthony's YouTube channel isn't bad at all.

Anthony has some excellent videos, some of which are over an hour long.  He receives a good number of views on each video, so he appears to have a loyal following.

Overall, he may be worth a YouTube subscription.

Anthony Morrison Review: Training Course Overview

Anthony Morrison Review Training Course Overview

Partner with Anthony (PWA)

PWA (Partner with Anthony) is an online video training course created and built by founder Anthony Morrison to educate students on capitalizing and monetizing their hobbies, knowledge, interests, and passions through his affiliate program.

Partner with Anthony's registration is pretty affordable. You can join the program for only $7 per month. The complete registration is quick and straightforward.

It's simple to use, and customer service is constantly available.

Success with Anthony

This course follows the same formula as the previous ones: offer a low-cost course with thousands of dollars in upsells.

It's an old tactic, and Anthony appears to employ it frequently. This course will teach you how to make sales with bought traffic.

Funnel Hacks Bootcamp

With upsells, this course costs $97.

The central topic covered here is funnels and how to use them to create money using clickfunnels software.

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More courses offered by Anthony:

  • Ambassador Club

  • Digital Marketing Mastermind
  • Build Redirects
  • IG Mastery
  • Master Funnel Club
  • Crypto Masterclass
  • Build Send Profit
  • Fan Page Domination

Morrison Publishing LLC offers these courses and software products.

Morrison Publishing LLC Offers These Courses And Software Products.

If you read reviews of Anthony's items, you'll note that each one doesn't give you a whole picture of what to expect. This is because Anthony created all of his products to fit together like a puzzle, so you'll keep buying them one after the other!

If there's one thing, you should know, having a comprehensive program without the need for upsells is doable! At the end of the review, you'll learn why.

So here's a quick rundown of Anthony's most recent programs and products:


The infomercial is the affiliate marketing introductory film, which features Anthony Morrison being interviewed by Mark Victor Hansen, one of the Chicken Soup For The Soul authors.


You will be invited to join the membership program for $49 per month via the infomercial. As a member, Anthony says you'll get all the help you need and a free website.

For some, though, this turned out to be a frustrating experience because the offer wasn't sincere from the start. People would pay $49 to advance one step further down his high-ticket funnel.


The seminars take on a variety of formats, with the first part devoted to providing something for free to attract potential consumers.

These courses are purportedly run by Anthony's brother, Adrian Morrison.


Anthony's coaching sessions are expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 per session.

Most serious people about launching an online business would be happy with a budget of $1,000 to $5,000. After all, you have to put some money down, right?

Most individuals, however, would agree that $35,000 is too much money for the average person to spend on themselves right soon.

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Anthony Morrison Review: Is he a Scam?

Technically, no. You can make money with this program, but affiliate marketing isn't as simple as the guru makes it appear.

Traffic is exceedingly difficult to navigate. To accomplish it, you must at the very least grasp all of the following, if not be a master at the following:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Backlinking
  • Website Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Click Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Automation
  • Retargeting/Remarketing

And a lot more.

Anthony Morrison Review: Pros And Cons


  • Great Youtube channel: Anthony has a decent YouTube channel. Unlike many other internet marketing gurus, he posts regularly and includes in-depth videos.


  • Upsells are worth too much: Anthony charges a low fee for his classes because he has upsells for thousands of dollars. This is a strategy employed by online marketers to increase future sales.
  • Scammed vulnerable people: It is indeed one thing to promote low-quality courses; it's quite another to do it to children and individuals amid a pandemic. Anthony Morrison is genuinely all you need to know.
  • Poor courses: Getting removed from Clickbank is a difficult task. I've seen some blatant scams there in the past. It's insane that he was banned because of his high refund rate.
  • Spams your mailbox: After signing up on his website, or just simply providing your email, expect 2 to 4 daily promotional messages from them.

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The Bottomline

Finally, Anthony Morrison is someone who offers a business partner, coach, and mentor, as mentioned on this review. He is known to be well-versed in entrepreneurship and has extensive knowledge and expertise in affiliate marketing.

So, here's what I have to say regarding his business prospect.

Although his classes are extensive and helpful to you and anybody else interested in starting a business, would you consider these factors even though he has some noticeable issues and negative reviews from people who have a first-hand experience with his offered courses?

So, what else is keeping you from giving him a chance?

Let Me know what you think about this Anthony Morrison Review!

Have you ever fallen for Anthony Morrison's deception only to discover that you were duped? What advice would you give someone thinking about purchasing one of Anthony's courses?

Scroll down to comment your thoughts and opinions on Anthony and his products so that others can benefit from your knowledge!


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