Is Project 24 a Scam?

Is Project 24 A Scam? That's a smart thought! But before anything else, thank you for stopping by to check out my takeaway in this specific argument.

I can’t be wrong; you’re probably wandering finding a trustworthy platform to build your first ever niche website about something you are red-hot about. Worry not, all internet marketers (including me) have also gone through that step, so you’re really not alone when it comes to that dilemma.

Now, it’s reasonable to get curious about how I came to know about it. Before landing this site, you might have searched on Google the best internet marketing tools and be stumbled upon Project 24 by Income School, an affiliate training program.

If you’re here, you likely want to investigate whether Project 24 a scam that we should evade or a legit business that worthy of our time. Through this post, my goal is to inform you of everything you need to know so that you can make up your mind and ultimately guide you on your buying decision. Let’s do it to it!


Affiliate Training Program


$ 449.00


In-depth step-by-step instructions


Pricing prohibits small businesses


Project 24 is not a scam; it's a complete training that seems to deliver what it claims; however, the price can be high for startups.

What Is Project 24

Project 24 by Income School is a full step-by-step affiliate training program created by the two high-profile internet marketers, Jim and Ricky. According to them, Project 24 was influenced by their goal of transforming one's regular income stream with passive income within 24 months of being a member.

Initially, Jim and Rick had a similar program called Niche Site School. But, that one was withdrawn for so many reasons and now run the Project 24 which goals are entirely the same– to build and monetize niche websites.

I'm aware of people with no experience, this may sound like a very long period, but I can attest you it’s not. Because you’ll be walked through on how to set up your blog and monetize it, and by that, 24 months is a very practicable period.

Project 24 by Income School Homepage

Blogging is not a joke kind of business. It pays a lot of hard work. However, it is the type of hustle that can ultimately help make you passive income as long as you follow the appropriate yet intuitive techniques and this is exactly what Jim and Ricky want you to know.

Their approach is entirely alike as to how I am thriving with my business that I can guarantee you that these guys are completely well-aware of what they are talking about. Plus, their sense of humor is a bomb.

Meet Jim Harmer & Ricky Kesler

Jim & Ricky Behind Project 24 by Income School

Ricky and Jim are two close friends and serial internet marketers who are behind those thriving and successful niche websites that are generating them an excellent income stream online. All of their techniques and trends used will be shared, especially for people out there who want to achieve a real passive income online.

Personally, I find these two fellas: generous people who are adding light-hearted humor on the side of their program.

At least, I can affirm that they are teaching an in-depth business because the training platform I undertook shares the same ideas. It has worked for manifold successful internet marketers, including my very own site.

How Does Project 24 Work?

Income School has multiple programs under their sleeves. But Project 24 is the focal point of this review.

If you’re interested in making money online as a blogger, content creator, affiliate marketer, or online entrepreneur, then Project 24 program may be for you.

The program goes the process of building two types of sites: a niche site and authority site, structured to help you create lucrative online biz in under 24 months, as the name suggests.

What You’ll Learn Inside Project 24 by Income School

There are plenty of benefits you’ll take advantage of joining Jim & Ricky’s Project 24 that would make you build a substantial online business, and here are the main ones:

#1 60-step Process Guide

This is the first training module that you need to follow when you join Project 24.

Like Wealthy Affiliate’s leading training, the 60-step process guide is intended to provide you a clear picture with to-do actions, particularly to each lesson that will keep you on track and allow you to really build a thriving website as you learn.

Project 24 features monetizing with ads. website hosting and YouTube tools

This process guide constitutes topics like:

  • Researching the market and selecting a juicy niche for affiliate marketing.
  • Purchasing a domain name, web hosting, and WordPress.
  • Doing the basic setup for your site and creating the main pages.
  • Researching content ideas and choosing the lift of articles you will write.
  • How to do research, write and format the unique pieces, and publish them decently.
  • How to enrich SEO skills to rank your content on SERP when someone is looking for the relevant info you wrote.
  • How to monetize your content when you start connecting traffic from search engines through different ways such as: selling digital downloads, showing display ads, and affiliate marketing.
  • And any other essential stuff.

Each lecture includes a specific action that you need to achieve to put up your website as you learn. On the flip side, some tasks cover watching a full course from other lessons or resources mentioned in the next module below that would immensely help you in completing the primary responsibilities.

#2 Other Lessons & Resources Available

Project 24 wholesomely offers different lessons and resources that you will undertake and learn what you need to achieve, as mention in the 60-Step Process Guide stated above.

Project 24 offers stock images, wordpress themes and even outsourcing writing

These programs present many topics that will be beneficial in starting the right way from nothing and will help you scale your business through tutorials and hiring freelancers to accelerate the process and do the time-consuming actions such as building content.

Some of the lessons offered are:

  • Non-Nonsense SEO
  • Mythbusting
  • Picking Profitable Niches
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Web Traffic Snowball
  • Reviewing Your Sites
  • Hire & Train Writers
  • Photography
  • Monetize Your Ads
  • Improve & Accelerate Your Website
  • Success Mindset

Whatever lessons are added, you get access to them freely with no extra payments.

#3 Acabado Premium, a WordPress Theme

Acabado Premium, a WordPress Theme

Acabado is a premium theme that Jim & Ricky hired pros to develop, built, and optimized for expediting as this is a crucial factor for earning ranking on search engines and reinforcing the user experience.

This premium theme has unique qualities that enable you to minimize the need for plugins such as SEO plugin. The Acabado theme has a built-in attribute that allows you to set up the necessary SEO settings straight through the theme itself.

The theme is for sale for $50 per year or $99 one-time payment for lifetime support and upgrades. But for Project 24 by Income School members, the Acabado theme is entirely free.

#4 Podcasts & Videos
Project 24 provides WordPress Plugins, Podcasting Setup & Email List Provider

These group of podcasts and videos are made to keep you on track on what works at the moment based on Jim and Ricky's techniques. The podcast section includes a reliable resource about businesses they bought and transformed its earnings from generating $2,000 a month into $10,000 a month.

#5 Exclusive Community

This specific community is formed and exclusively accessible for only Project 24 members where they can connect and interact with one another and with the rest of the Income School staff.

As a member of the Project 24 community, you can cite and ask for help concerning relevant topics that you are experiencing or interested in talking with. Moreover, with that advantage, you can also share some of your encounters and business ideas about being an online entrepreneur.

Project 24 by Income School Pricing

Project 24 by Income School recently had a price rise from $359 to $449 per one-time fee and another $199 for the next year. You can also check out their events and services if you’re interested in the more customized experience.

Is Project 24 A Guarantee of Success?

No way. Any course you will undertake will surely not be a guarantee to success unless you work hard for it. Project 24 by Income School educates to make your blogging journey uncomplicated and organized.

You have to spend time and effort to reach succession. Plus, no business is guaranteed. Your business will only succeed if you dedicate your time to it.

If you don’t like wasting your time figuring out which course you will undertake, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review, and understand how vast are the REAL opportunities online!

Pros & Cons of Project 24

Pros & Cons of Project 24

  • It sets up and runs fast. Most people take weeks or months to actually launch their blog while they work out their brand, audience, pick a design, and so on. Project 24 motivates you to choose a juicy niche and boom. Get your content published and apply your SEO skills to get traffic on the search engine results page.
  • It extensively pays attention to niche sites. In this competitive industry, it’s understandably hard to come up with a general blog in a broad niche (lifestyle, news, pet grooming, money-making online, etc.) because of such prizefights. Niched down resources are an obvious way to go.
  • Juicy content. It’s not as pretty slick as the similar product I’ve undertaken, but the content is surely suggestive.
  • Passive Income-Friendly. Any online biz or blog requires enough time and energy, at least upfront. But, there are definitely income streams that are more passive income-friendly, offering an advantage for a more resource of time.
  • Open 24/7. No need to pause and wait for it overnight to launch or register, you can become a member any time of the day you want.
  • In-depth step-by-step instructions. For people who really seek clear and intuitive steps, as I do, Project 24 won’t disappoint.
  • Community transparency. Some of the community’s shared contents are from members who hand out exactly how much they have made, on what specific timeline. Plus, screenshots are often presented, which is very encouraging. Kudos to the whole Income School staff!
  • Project 24 upgrades frequently. They post full info of upgrades so you would know which and what they modified.
  • Clear and practical expectations. I like how well-presented the Project 24 Timeline and the clarity it offers.
  • Community engagement. There’s a lot of encouragement and value to this community. The members cheer each other when their co-students have accomplished and achieved the goal they want, which I like the most.
  • It has a lot to offer in one place. It provides lots of niches, examples, experiences, and people that can help you along the way as you learn.
  • The creators have excellent credentials. Jim went to law school, and Ricky being an MBA. While these credentials don’t necessarily convey anything noteworthy for the content, I value the extra layer of expertise it offers.
  • Basic format. I included this as a con, however, if you’re like me, it’s actually good. The content is tutored mostly via videos or vlogs. The user interface is very basin or plan, and there aren’t many features in the way of printable transcripts or extras worksheets. You do get other features like podcasts, community, etc.
  • No refunds. They don’t issue full or partial refunds.
  • Pricing prohibits small businesses. $449 may be too much entry for some, especially for those start-ups or small businesses.
  • Methods aren’t applied in a large mass. Since the program does upgrade from time to time and relatively new, most like these methods won’t work the same for highly competitive niches.
Is Project 24 a Scam, the Bottom Line

Is Project 24 a Scam, the Bottom Line

Project 24 by Income school is not a scam. If your goal is making a full-time passive income online without investing time and effort in the process, then Project 24 might be not for you. As I stated above, there’s no guarantee of success unless you dedicate yourself.

Project 24 is a complete training and seems to be bringing what it claims. It’s being kept up to upgrade, provides a superb community, and educates about getting organic SEO traffic so that won’t increase your investments of other necessary tools!

That end my, "Is Project 24 a Scam" post, and I sincerely hope that it helped you make an informed decision about whether investing yourself in this course or not.

If you have comments, queries, or would like to share points regarding my post, you are free to leave a comment or two right below, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Keep hustling!

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