Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Hey! Firstly, I would like to say thank you for giving time to check my Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam review and I will make sure that your time is all worth it. Being a writer is for sure one of the dreams that you have and one of the reasons why you are checking on this review.

There are a lot of websites right now who offers job opportunity like being a writer. It takes a lot of dedication and patience before you even become a professional writer, but with the Barefoot Writer, they claim that your dream to be a professional writer will come true. However, there are a lot of rumors that the Barefoot Writer is just a scam.

With this uncensored review, I will show you and let you know all the facts about the Barefoot Writer. Is the Barefoot Writer legit? Can you make money with them? These are some of the questions that I will answer for you through this review. I will make sure at the end of this review, you will find the right decision if Barefoot Writer is for you or not. So, without further ado, let’s dig into details!

Product Name: Barefoot Writer
Founder: Paul Hollingshead
Logo: is the barefoot writer a scam
Product Description: Barefoot Writer is a website magazine that allows people to learn more about writing and be one of their members in their online magazine.
Best For: People who have a passion for writing and always wanted to be a professional writer. Those who are looking for courses and training that can help them to become a successful freelance writer.

Barefoot Writer is an online journal created by Paul Hollingshead, a member of American Writers and Artists Inc. This website lets you live according to the vision of being an independent artist, where you can work at the beach.

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What is Barefoot Writer?

Barefoot Writer is an online magazine that was founded by Paul Hollingshead who is also part of American Writers and Artists Inc. This website will allow you to live by the dream that you have of becoming a freelance writer where you can have the chance to work by the beach. Barefoot Writer together with its monthly subscription for the magazine is intended to help aspiring authors on their way to success.

is the barefoot writer a scam

How Does Barefoot Writer Work?

For sure some of you are curious about how Barefoot Writer works and how they can able to let you earn money. Barefoot Writer is not just known for its magazine subscription but once you are a member of their company, you will have the chance to interact with the other members as well plus on their membership website you will learn more about how their business works. They make sure that your membership fee per year is worth it by providing you training and courses that can help you improve your writing skills.

So basically, in order for you to start and enjoy the perks that were said earlier, you need to signup as their new member and you need to pay an annual membership fee of $49 before but now it is $108.

is the barefoot writer a scam

Now, the next question you will have is what you can get with the annual fee. Being a freelance Writer would require you series of training and skills to be successful, that is why Barefoot Writer thinks that they can able to sustain you the needs that you have to become a writer.

Here are the things you can enjoy when you join Barefoot Writer.

  • Access to a community with the same purpose of joining
  • Advice from experts and pieces of training
  • You have the option to purchase more training and relevant information
  • Their monthly magazine
  • They will give you tips on finding your freelance work
  • Access to various opportunities

is the barefoot writer a scam

These are some of the perks that you can enjoy once you join Barefoot Writer and maybe for some of you this will not be effective but no worries there are a lot of alternative ways that you can try for you to earn money online.

Can You Make Money With Barefoot Writer?

This is one of the questions that you have in mind, how possible to earn money with Barefoot Writer? Basically, you won’t earn money from the website itself but they are going to give or provide you services and training that you will need in order to start your career as a freelance writer. By being their member, they will make sure that you will learn something from what they offer but some of their courses need to be purchase even if you are already a member.

So, to answer this question and to be honest, it is not possible to earn money with Barefoot Writer but if you were able to apply that skills and advice that you learn from their training, I guess you will have the chance to earn as a freelance writer. Since they will help you to apply or look for work, much better to take this opportunity. But everything will still depend on how you will do it and how you will apply it.

is the barefoot writer a scam

What I Don’t Like About Barefoot Writer.

While I am doing this review, I notice and read things that I believe you need to know and think before you try to join Barefoot Writer. And here are the things that I don’t like about Barefoot Writer.

There are a lot of complaints about Barefoot Writer

This is the first thing that I noticed about Barefoot Writer. They have so many complaints about the services that they have, and some of them are about the services that were promised to them prior to joining and after they successfully paid for the membership fee they cannot access the information and training that was said at first.

Aside from that, there are complaints about unauthorized payments from their credit cards as well as others are constantly get spammed from an upsell after an upsell. These complaints are really alarming which you really need to think of especially if you are just new with this kind of business. It is always good to be sure than to regret it at the end right?

is the barefoot writer a scam

Services are not all free

One of the things that they promise to their members is to get free training and services that they can use to work as a freelance writer. Yes, there are some that you can freely access but most of the important training and courses do have prices, which means you need to pay for the upsell price. For me, it would be best if they set proper expectations for their members since a lot of people are depending on their services that is why they are paying.

What I Like About Barefoot Writer.

But behind those complaints about Barefoot Writer, there are still things that you can look forward to once you join them. Here are the things that I like about Barefoot Writer.

They have useful courses and training.

This is one of the most important things if you are going to cross the path of being a freelance writer. It would be best to have training and courses to take in order for you to perform the job effectively. And Barefoot Writer offers some useful training and content that you can really apply. This is a big kudos to them since that is mainly their purpose, to help you and build you as a freelance writer.

There willingness to help.

Barefoot Writer has advocacy in helping aspiring writers to land on their dream job. And I like the fact that they have this kind of purpose that is why Barefoot Writer was created.

Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the research that I have for this review about Barefoot Writer, I can say that they are not a scam. They really have service and training to offer, it’s just that they were not able to set a proper expectation to their member that not all of the services and training are for free. All will still depend on how you will catch the training for you to land in a good and stable freelance work.

I love the purpose why Barefoot Writer was created but I still cannot recommend this to everybody, especially if you are someone who is just starting and don’t want to invest any membership fee.

However, it still depends on you if you will join or not. You may want to check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find another way to earn money online that will not require you to pay an annual membership fee. This can be enjoyable as writing your hobby on a daily basis and get something from doing it.

I hope that this “Is The Barefoot Writer a Scam” review answers your questions. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that on the comment box below. Cheers!


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