Is BlogMutt Legit? It’s All A Lie!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is BlogMutt legit? The Internet beholds every opportunity possible when it comes to making money online. One could say that it’s another world filled with the opportunities the tangible life can not offer us. I agree with that on another level, especially now that I have stumbled upon a website that offers people the chance to work from home. This website is called BlogMutt, and it provides the common freelance writer a chance to land a project of their liking.

While it seems promising on the surface and anybody who wants to write for a living may catch the bait, I still would like to believe that there must be ugly and little secrets BlogMutt keeps hidden from the public eye. Sorry, I have trust issues. If there is anything I have learned from my life is that if something seems too good to be true – it might just be.

So, in light of that, I did some extensive research on this website and I must say it holds a precious reputation in the field of freelance writing. But, I haven’t told you the other side of the story just yet. Stick out until the end of this post and let me tell you all about the dirty secrets you weren’t told about BlogMutt! 

BlogMutt Review

Product Name: BlogMutt
Founder: Scott Yates and Wade Green
Logo: blogmutt logo
Product Description: Written content solutions website
Best For: Website owners and freelance writers

BlogMutt is a website which provides written content solutions for their clients such as blog and website owners. They make this possible by sourcing out the best freelance writers out there whether they be independent bloggers or journalists. BlogMutt takes pride in its diverse group of almost 3,000 intelligent and talented freelance writers all based within the US. 

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Recommended: YES


What is BlogMutt?

blogmutt homepage

BlogMutt is a website that provides written content solutions for its clients such as blogs and website owners. They make this possible by sourcing out the best freelance writers out there whether they be independent bloggers or journalists. BlogMutt takes pride in its diverse group of almost 3,000 intelligent and talented freelance writers all based within the US. 

Now, you may be thinking, “why am I seeing Verblio in the photo above?”. Well, it’s because BlogMutt relaunched as major content creation powerhouse, Verblio, back on October 9, 2018. It’s the same blog and content writing services we’re all so familiar with, just powered up with new multimedia content offerings. The company still gives particular focus and attention to high-quality content creation.

The company behind BlogMutt is founded in 2011 by CEO former journalist Scott Yates and Chief Technology Officer, Wade Green. BlogMutt’s main office is located in Boulder, Colorado and it is credited for being one of the fastest growing companies within the area. In the span of 8 years, BlogMutt has paved its own way in the field of blog and writing content services as it has won 4 consecutive Mercury 100 awards by BizWest. On top of that, it became a multimillion-dollar business over the years. 

BlogMutt only caters to US residents which should at least be over 18 years of age. However, I have to warn you that the company carefully chooses the writers they let in on their platform in the pursuit to provide only the best-written content for their clients. That being said, only 5% of BlogMutt applicants get hired by the company. It’s a battlefield, rather, it’s a bloodbath.

Is BlogMutt legit? We’ll go moreover that later on, but I think it’s also relatively fair for us to understand how this website works in the first place to give you a clear understanding of how I came up with my verdict later on.


How Does BlogMutt Work?

blogmutt how does it work

BlogMutt is available to use for two groups of people. First, the clients. You belong in this group if you are a blog or website owner searching for written content to stack up or if you plainly just want to purchase some articles for your personal use. You would have to sign up for BlogMutt. Take note, there’s going to be a monthly membership fee. On top of that, you would have to provide a list of keywords that will be handed down to BlogMutt freelance writers.

Speaking of writers, that brings us to the second group of people – you.  If you are interested in writing freelance, you can sign up to BlogMutt and search for projects on their platform that may appeal to your liking. You can be from any background as long as you’re a certified US resident. They would need proof such as your social security number or your Facebook and Linkedin profiles. 

To sign up and apply for BlogMutt means you would have to be in their waiting list since acceptance rate is only 5% and you’re competing with other talented and potentially better writers. The company can hire writers ranging from the common independent blogger to a professional journalist. You would also have to complete a writing test for BlogMutt which would assess your writing skills and the basics such as your style, tone, and general way of writing.

blogmutt writing

BlogMutt begs to differ from the usual content mills out there in a sense that they let writers choose whenever they want to work and which projects they want to work on. You can choose from every topic possible within different industries. Everything from astrology to zoology, so you can be assured that there are projects you can work on that’ll appeal to your likes and interests. 

When writing for a client, you have to make sure to follow the instructions and notes of your client so that your article’s chance of being accepted increases. This brings us to a problem. You won’t always get paid with a 100% guarantee once you have finished writing the article. You would have to submit it first for review. In short, it goes straight to the queue together with other articles. Your article must be good enough for the client to accept it and only then will you get paid.

Of course, while this is a disadvantage to the writers, BlogMutt will always put the satisfaction of the clients in their best interest. You can write like crazy but if the client does not like it, you don’t get paid. You can always just choose to recycle the article for another submission. On the bright side, BlogMutt allows you to ask for feedbacks from the clients to take note if you want to improve on your writing. If your article gets accepted, you have to expect that you’ll be doing revisions and some editing.

Now, the question is how much can you earn with BlogMutt?


How Much Can You Make With BlogMutt

BlogMutt is only one of the few content mills ever which provides writers with a fair compensation plan. I have listed below the equivalent rate of payments for a specific quota of words.

  • 250 words equate to $8
  • 600 words are equivalent to $19 (attainable for level 4 writers and up)
  • 900 words pay you $40 (attainable for level 5 writers and up)
  • and 1200 words will pay you $72 (attainable for level 7 writers and up)

blogmutt editing

Now I know you may be confused as to what these levels are. Thing is, for each post you write that is not approved by the client will earn you 2 points. If it happens to be approved then you’ll earn 18 points more. Accumulate a certain amount of points and you can reach a particular level. 

  • 12 points – Level 1
  • 50 points – Level 2
  • 250 points – Level 3
  • 750 points – Level 4
  • 1,500 points – Level 5
  • 3,500 points – Level 6
  • 5,000 points – Level 7
  • 10,000 points – Level 8
  • Additional 10,000 points to progress to each level – Level 9 to Level 20

As you may see, the more you write, the higher the amount of money you can earn. Even if BlogMutt pays more than most content mills out there, it will still take you a lot of time and effort to be able to earn the amount of money you desire. Take note, you get paid weekly via PayPal. 

Is BlogMutt legit? I have dug up all the lies you weren’t told about BlogMutt and only then can we really find the answer to this question once and for all!

All The Lies and Bad Stuff: BlogMutt Edition

Random Termination of Accounts

There have been lots of complaints of customers in which their accounts get randomly terminated out of absolutely nowhere. You would get confused when one day you try to log into your account but you can’t. Customers have messaged BlogMutt but they weren’t given any reasons or explanation on the mysterious occurrence. 

blogmutt reasons for account termination

One writer, on the other hand, has disclosed that the reasons as to why your account got terminated are the following: plagiarism and violation of their terms and conditions of services. That could be the case for some, but when the majority of people complain of the same thing over and over again, don’t you think there must be something wrong? 

blogmutt exploitation

I have no proof on this but this is only a presumption of mine. A writer particularly pointed out that his articles are still stored in the system of BlogMutt even if his account has been terminated. It was never returned to him. To think that the articles don’t get published under your name means that it might be exploited by BlogMutt for their own personal pursuits. That’s like – stealing, in my point of view. Plus, terminating your account means they now have a reason to not pay you for your work. Again, this is only a presumption but I just gave you something to think about. 

Ghostwriting at Its Finest

Sure, you get paid for writing articles when it gets published by your client on their blog or website. However, you won’t get credited for it. It will get published under the name of your client. As a writer myself, the worst feeling would definitely not be receiving credit for what you have written. I believe that an article is an intellectual property and people must know what is yours. But then again, this is freelance writing and that’s just how things go around in this industry.


Hard to Level Up

You have to write more articles and level up if you really want to earn the amount of money you yearn for. The problem is, you would need A LOT of points to level up. It would not be a problem if you earn a shitload of points for each article you write whether it gets published by the client or not. Another problem, you only earn a total of 20 points if your article gets published and if it does not, a measly amount of 2 points. Tell me, where will that get you?!


It’s a Bloodbath

BlogMutt carefully picks and screens the writers they want to let in on the platform. This means you’re going to compete with other talented and better writers than you with an acceptance rate of 5%. You could either be at an advantage or disadvantage depending on your level of experience and writing skills. 

Making your way in on the platform itself does not get any easier, either. You would have to get in queue for your article to be chosen by the client and get paid. Again, it’s a modified version of Hunger Games. Although BlogMutt is much more strict than most content mills out there, it’s always a bloodbath when we talk about freelance writing.

You Won’t Always Get Paid

Clients have the right to reject your article if it does not goes by the criteria they have created and if it they are simply not satisfied with it. Remember, BlogMutt will always put the satisfaction of clients in their best interest first. Taking all of that into account,  you could work your ass off for an article and have it rejected by the client. The best thing you could do is recycle it for another submission to another client.

blogmutt waste of time and effort

Limited Availability

If you do not reside within the US, you can bid BlogMutt goodbye. They like to source their writers from the US for some reason. BlogMutt shuts the door on non-US residents, and it’s just a shame. 

What I Like About BlogMutt

Flexibility With Topics and Schedule

It’s freelancing, so you could only expect such freedom and flexibility. There are lots of topics ranging from astrology to zoology so you could find a project to work on that’ll pique your likes and interest. As for your schedule, you can choose to work on a project with a strict deadline or not, it’s all up to you!


Pays Higher Than Most Content Mills

Even if it takes you a whole crapload of time and effort to reach the level and amount of money you desire, it still beats every other written content solutions provider out there.

blogmutt payment


Weekly Pay

Who wants to wait for a whole month for their paycheck? I know I don’t! BlogMutt takes out the pain of waiting by paying you weekly via PayPal. You don’t even need to reach a certain amount of money before you can cash out.


My Verdict – Is BlogMutt Legit?

BlogMutt is definitely a legit website for both clients searching for written content solutions and writers who want to earn some money by writing freelance. It has definitely built quite a reputation over the years and is even considered a multi-million dollar company by now winning the trust of over 1,500 clients every month. They only provide high-quality content to their clients by picking only the best of the best writers. On top of that, they pay their writers more than most content mills you would encounter. 

Of course, you would still have to be cautious around BlogMutt so that your account will not be randomly terminated out of anywhere. This is one of their biggest flaws and I hope the presumption I presented you earlier is not the case with BlogMutt at all. Nevertheless, for something that provides the common writer an opportunity to create articles for a living, you can be sure that BlogMutt is one of your best options.

However, when you think about all of it, this is all still freelance writing. Even though BlogMutt pays their writers well, it won’t be enough alone if you have bills to pay and a family to feed. Plus, considering how your articles will not always get accepted and paid, how it could take you a while to reach the level you desire and not to mention, the random termination of accounts – you could work your ass like crazy overnight but still have all that effort thrown into the bin. It’s not the kind of risk I would like to take. After all, freelance writing is a bloodbath.

If you don’t want to participate in this bloodbath, why don’t you put your writing skills into good use through blogging and affiliate marketing? Unlike freelance writing, once you get the hang of all this, it could be your next source of sustainable income. I’ll do you one even better, it even becomes passive! Yes, sign me up!

Disclosure, it’s not all fun and games. You would still need the skills, passion, and determination in building your own online business. But of course, it’s all worth it in the end. If you want to see more of what I’m talking about, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review now!

I seriously hope you found my “Is BlogMutt Legit” review useful. If you have any question, or want to add something, feel free to drop  me a line down in the comment section. Cheers


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