Elite Marketing Pro Review

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Welcome to my Elite Marketing Pro review! A particular program flew under my radar recently and seeing how you have found your way here, I guess we only have one question right now – Is Elite Marketing Pro a scam?

I am not an affiliate nor an associate of Elite Marketing Pro, so you can expect this Elite Marketing Pro review to be free from bias. There’s no way I’ll be pushing my opinions on this program down to your throats. I got that out of the way, any way, enjoy my unprejudiced take on Elite Marketing Pro.


What is the Elite Marketing Pro?

elite marketing pro homepage

Elite Marketing Pro is a high-ticket program that offers training and educational material on how to attract customers for your online business, how to generate traffic to your website, and the skills you must have to be a successful online marketer. They also provide mentoring programs in the packages they offer which we’ll be going over in detail later on.

The system mostly appeals to online business owners, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers alike. The Elite Marketing Pro community to date now has 50,000 active online marketers across more than a hundred countries worldwide.

In 2004, Tim Erway launched an internet company specialized in providing financial educational products and consulting services. He is now co-founder of Elite Marketing Pro together with Ferny Ceballos, and Matt Crystal.

CEO Tim Erway launched this program with the vision of enabling small business owners, brick-and-mortar stores, or large companies to do what they love, earn unlimited income, all while working from anywhere in the world by building this so-called “lifestyle business.”

The company believes in going above and beyond by delivering you incredible value and service, avoiding excuses, pushing their boundaries, fostering a community of family and friendship, and to work passionately towards their goals.

Elite Marketing Pro has reportedly molded their students to successfully operate businesses like network marketing, direct sales, brick and mortar businesses, information marketing, affiliate marketing, and professional services. They claim you can, too. But, how does Elite Marketing Pro work anyway?

How Does Elite Marketing Pro Work?

The fundamental elements of online businesses in whatever niche are traffic and an audience. Elite Marketing Pro helps you reach out to potential customers and recruits from your audience without the need to do direct emailing, cold-calling, or face to face selling.

On top of this seemingly passive sourcing of traffic, they guarantee you that you won’t have to waste time chasing out dead beat prospects. You will be saved from rejection and reserve your time and effort for doing more work.

Elite Marketing Pro provides you with bull’s eye strategies on building your network of business-minded people through videos, interviews, and visual presentations. They do this further by providing you with their products and services.

What Do You Get With Elite Marketing Pro?

There are 4 bundles made available for you that supposedly teach you the ropes of online marketing. Let’s take a look at what these packages have to offer you.

Attraction Marketing Formula

elite marketing pro attraction marketing formula

This product teaches you how to create an endless tap of instant leads without the chance of rejection, and explode your network marketing business, as they say. It sells for $47, with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. The total retail value of the product, on the other hand, is $391 which includes bonuses. Well, what does it contain?

  • Attraction Marketing Formula: A 185-page guide on creating your online prospecting and recruiting machine that runs on auto-pilot
  • Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate System [Bonus]: Instant access to an incredible marketing system you can utilize to attract a lot of people into your business
  • Ignition Coaching Machine [Bonus]: Training consisting of 12 modules on income acceleration; 1-on-1 coaching sessions enabling you to explore lead-generation machine setup
  • Private Facebook Group: Access to an exclusive community to connect with thousands of home business owners, entrepreneurs, and top leaders in the network marketing industry

Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint

elite marketing pro social retail and enrollment blueprint

You will be taught how to create an instant surge of new customers and more team members into your network marketing business. It sells for $147 with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Its total retail value goes up to a mouth dropping $1000, including bonuses. It is composed of:

  • 4 step formula for using videos as a fool-proof way to quickly attract ready-to-buy prospects
  • The easiest way to create highly effective videos on a tight budget
  • 4 specific types of videos to present your product in the best way possible
  • A guide on how to produce irresistible and attractive video ideas
  • The secret in creating unshakable trust in your videos
  • A walkthrough on how to exponentially build a list of hot prospects

10 Minute Traffic Machine

elite marketing pro 10 minute traffic machine

This traffic machine teaches you how to create an overflow of laser-target traffic. It runs for a course of 5-weeks with step-by-step training on creating a source of high-quality traffic into your business.

Stay on the edge of your seats for this one, because it sells for $997. You could also choose their 3 payment option of $427. This is a rip-off if you do the math because obviously, the one-time payment is a lot cheaper. It has a supposedly total retail value of $2,997.

Okay, relax, and breathe. Let’s see what it offers.

  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider: Training on monthly traffic generation to help you keep up to date with new, effective, and productive techniques
  • Elite Marketing Pro Membership: A marketing system enabling you to pursue multiple streams of online income
  • 10-Minute Traffic Templates: An archive of templates for each aspect of your sales funnel, landing pages, and ads
  • Private Mastermind: Membership to a community that serves as a place for you to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other business owners
  • Group Coaching Calls: Weekly coaching calls for a year
  • Traffic Jam Start: 1-on-1 call sessions with your coach to jumpstart traffic
  • Page Creator Pro: A software that automatically customizes your own capture pages and sales page with just a few clicks

Elite Marketing Pro – Insider Membership

Lastly, it’s their core product. You need $597, then $297 on an annual basis, to avail membership with Elite Marketing Pro. They say the total retail value of this is $6,000. LOL, as if. They’re just trying to create hype by making you believe you’re saving money for something so “valuable”. I do believe that the content they provide has value, but this is just overdone. What does this provide, anyway?

  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider Monthly: Training webinars every month by the top gurus of internet marketing
  • Live Traffic Training: Live weekly training on advertising with paid traffic
  • Exclusive Elite Training: Private training including a 5-step formula exclusive for Elite Marketing Pro members only
  • Traffic Generation and Marketing Tools: A 5-minute capture page creator, automatic blogging system
  • Private Mastermind Group: Access to a community of business-minded people where you can inquire and leave feedback on other members

They also offer supplemental products on top of these general training materials.

Now, you might be thinking “All these products are sweet! I’m ready to take the bait.” Yes, they definitely live up to their reputation, don’t they? But to avail of these products means you have to spend nearly $2000 and $297 annually. What the f —, right?

elite marketing pro total value

Knowing this preposterous price, do you still think that Elite Marketing Pro is the right training program for you?

Is Elite Marketing For You?

Elite Marketing Pro makes it look like this program is for start-up business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, veteran business gurus, and everyone in between. It’s for everyone regardless of your business or level of experience. But, is it really?

We’ve seen the price tags and the things that come with all the packages, which I think are completely unreasonable. They’re just adding a ton of digits after its supposed value to make you think that it’s the best internet marketing program on the planet.

Will anyone in their sane state of mind really spend thousands of dollars on training, education, and mentoring when there are cheaper alternatives out there with the same content?

I do think that Elite Marketing Pro offers valuable content for its audience. If you have thousands of dollars lying out wherever that’s just waiting to be spent on something like this, then you may consider availing their services.

If you’re just like me who’s only getting by every day with what I have, you don’t have to save up every single penny from your monthly paycheck for this. I don’t think it’s worth all the hassle when you can look for other programs that can offer you the same content for a wiser price.

elite marketing pro is it for you

I’m not saying that only the price gets to indicate if it’s worth considering or not. I guess this stereotype of price equating to value is still relevant when it comes to this industry. In some cases, yes, it does but let’s try to take the price out of consideration here.

They say it’s suitable for literally anyone who wants to dive into online businesses. To be honest, I don’t buy this. They try so hard to make it look like it’s a friendly user program, but it’s not. When you take a look at their content, it won’t appeal to you that much unless you’re a seasoned asset in this industry.

Elite Marketing Pro makes internet marketing look like a walk in the park because it’s the gurus that are telling you so. It’s like my college professor before who always said the exam is easy because he is an expert in his specialization already, while we were still learning the ropes of the course.

Of course, I appreciate that content comes from the gurus themselves, so you know that everything they tell you is valid and proven. I mean, it’s always best to learn from the masters, am I right?

However, this aspect underestimates online marketing in the worst way possible. I have never heard of successful online marketers who became rich after hustling in this industry for just less than a year. Let me tell you, succeeding in this industry will require you to work until you drop and will make you wish there were more hours in a day.

Pros of Elite Marketing Pro

It Comes With A Lot of Valuable Content

Based on the products and services they offer, I could say that it’s valuable. They’re not joking when they said they will deliver you incredible value and service. As an affiliate marketer myself, I think the training and educational material they provide will give you a good jumpstart in building an online network, and for the long term as well as long utilized properly.

Positive Reviews

Though the company is not accredited by the BBB, it still has acquired a BBB rating of A-. If you’re not familiar with the Better Business Bureau, getting a rating like that is already remarkable. It’s an indicator that a business knows what it’s doing. Here are some customer reviews on Elite Marketing Pro’s profile on BBB.

elite marketing pro review

elite marketing pro customer review

An Acclaimed Community of Business-Minded People

You have access to this community of top marketers in the online marketing industry from which you can inquire about your concerns and receive feedback on your work. You could say that it’s part of the training and mentoring process since you get information from seasoned businessmen in the industry.

Cons of Elite Marketing Pro

Undermines Online Marketing

That part in which they make everything look so easy undermines the value of online and affiliate marketing. No kids, this industry is a bloodbath. You have to work your fingers to the bone before you make a profit.

Don’t misunderstand me, affiliate marketing becomes a passive source of income, but that’s only once you get the hang of things. It takes a lot of time. You can’t just expect to set up everything in a month and wait for prospects to come knocking on your door.

Elite Marketing Pro paints you this easy life once you avail of these services. Me, on the other hand, I hand you this picture on the reality of online marketing.

Hella Expensive!

elite marketing pro hella expensive

You saw the numbers, it’s hella expensive as shit – in all seriousness. Yes, the value of the content is great. However, if you ask me, it’s not worth your money when you can search for a training program that effectively works at a fair price.

Not User-Friendly as It Seems

Don’t be fooled by their motivational and optimistic words of wisdom that it’s for everyone. As much as I want to believe that, I just don’t buy it. The strategies and techniques they teach their clients are adjusted based on the taste of seasoned veterans in this industry. I believe you should first build a solid foundation before diving into specific strategies.

Hi Coach, Bye Coach!

You get a 1-on-1 coach, that’s what they say. This means that you’ll be having a personal coach, right? Wrong. You don’t get a coach that you could call any time of the day if you have questions. There’s a line. First come, first serve. This kind of sucks because instead of having a coach that knows your strengths and weaknesses and provides you solutions based on those, all you get to do is throw in your concerns and call it a day.

Maybe Just Another Bandwagon

I have seen the value this product provides, but I think it’s overhyped. People might just be hopping on this bandwagon regardless of the colossal price because everyone’s doing so. No, that’s not how we roll at My Own Admin.

My Final Verdict! Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam?

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Founder: Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos, and Matt Crystal
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Elite Marketing Pro Review - Overhyped and Too Expensive?

It provides training, mentoring, and educational material to aspiring online business owners, seasoned online marketers, and everyone in between.

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Recommended: YES, kind of…

Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam, this I can confidently say. What I can’t confidently say is if you should be a part of their community and pay for their products. If you have a thousand dollars lying around, then maybe it’s worth the shot. I mean, they do provide incredible value for their material.

However, I know that the reason you even came here to my Elite Marketing Pro review is to find effective products that fit your budget. So, you may not fit into the category above. Make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review, it’s my #1 recommendation.


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