Is CEO Movement a Scam? $$ Down The Toilet!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is CEO Movement a scam? There are a lot of scams roaming around the Internet nowadays. With that being said, I can confidently say that I understand why you want to know if CEO Movement is a scam, too!

I can’t blame you though. Ever since CEO Movement created hype and took over the US and UK like a storm, I also got curious about this program and wondered if it’s a scam!

In light of that, I decided to write an honest and unbiased review coming from a third party point of view about CEO Movement.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this program.


CEO Movement Review

Product Name: CEO Movement
Founder: Rob Brautigam
Logo: ceo movement logo
Product Description: Training on building online businesses
Best For: No one
Recommended: NO

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What is CEO Movement?


ceo movement homepage


CEO Movement, stands for Community of Entrepreneurs Online, which is a program that supposedly teaches you how to build an online business. It provides training materials on social media advertising by means of Facebook ads and Instagram, and other tools and content.

This program, created by Internet guru Rob Brautigam, has been up and running ever since 2018, so this is pretty much relatively new in the market. Due to this, there aren’t many reviews out there about CEO Movement and not much verdicts are being exposed as of the time of this review. So you can say you’re lucky that you have found your way here!

Is CEO Movement a scam? We’ll go over that later on, but for you to understand my verdict on this program, I think it’s also fair to understand how CEO Movement works in the first place.


How Does CEO Movement Work?


To gain access inside CEO Movement, you would first have to avail their CEO Movement Pro Membership which costs $79.00 (or approximately £59.00). You have to take note, as well, this $79.00 will be a recurring fee every 28 days until the day you decide to cancel your subscription.

You are supposed to receive the social media advertising training I have mentioned before with this amount. But I have discovered this $79.00 is nothing but just an admission ticket into the program itself. 

Once you are inside the platform, you would still have to pay for the social media advertising training and other tools to supposedly help you build an online business. I guess you could look at the bright side and see this as an opportunity to gain more content and tools. 


ceo movement social media training


This is the list of stuff you are ought to purchase as stated by CEO Movement’s website.


  • $12K Per Month Social Media Training Academy ($1271)
  • Automated Online Sales System ($1,908)
  • Global Facebook Community ($1271)
  • Weekly Team Mastermind Calls ($761)
  • 30-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call (Worth $378) FREE!
  • An Invite To CEO Movement Live Events In The Future (Worth $1268) FREE!
  • Earn Affiliate Commissions on CEO Movement New Member Referrals. – EVERY SINGLE MONTH! (UNLIMITED VALUE) FREE!
  • TOTAL VALUE: $6,860.00


Okay, first of all, do you see the problem here? These are expensive as hell! I can say with confidence that there are other programs out there teaching you how to build an online business without having the need to resort to purchasing tools like these and spending thousands of pounds!

Looking into CEO Movement’s social media training, it’s pretty decent. However, there isn’t much information and content you can squeeze about Facebook ads and Instagram advertising itself. Instead, you will be getting generic advise and ideas on how to build an online business. 


ceo movement online business


The videos actually just teach you about how to promote CEO Movement itself, basically enabling them to earn money from you all the while having you promote the program to others. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

On top of that, some of the training videos just fill your head with the idea that you can live the life you have always wanted without having the need to worry about money.

CEO Movement also has a section on the platform containing success stories of other members to give you an idea if this would work out for you and to give you the encouragement that will enable you to succeed like these people. Of course, when it comes to success stories like these, I couldn’t determine for myself if there’s a trace of sincerity or truth to these.

You also gain access to the CEO Movement Global Facebook Community. Here, you are able to interact with the other members of this program, who are said to be like-minded people that also wants to succeed in building an online business just like you. 


ceo movement facebook community


Members of this Facebook community are free to give their own testimonies of how they benefited from CEO Movement. Here, you could also receive knowledge and advice from members who you could think of as experts and veterans in the field of online businesses. 

You could also consider this Facebook community as an accountability group in which you can ask questions, let out your concerns, and share your goals with other members wanting to be successful in this niche.

Is CEO Movement a scam? To call something a scam should not be taken lightly and there must be solid evidence to back up the verdict. Fortunately, I may have found some and I listed all of it below for you.


CEO Movement Red Flags EXPOSED!


Linked to a Notorious Scam


When you are logged into the platform of CEO Movement, it will encourage you to promote Enagic Kangen Water. This is basically a water filter in which one would first have to purchase it and then promote it to others in order to earn retail commissions and recruit other people into the system. Basically, the company behind this water filter system incorporated multi-level marketing (MLM) to its sales tactics.

The Enagic Kangen Water is labeled as a scam due to the ridiculous and enormous upsells that could reach up to thousands of dollars. What people hate about this product and enraged them enough to call it a scam is a way it is advertised to others. 


ceo movement enagic kangen water complaints


ceo movement enagic kangen water complaint


Even though the walter filter is ridiculously expensive, members of the MLM are selling it to others claiming how it could make you healthy and that you too can give others a boost for their health by selling it to them as well.

Of course, since MLMs only want to sell their products and want to recruit others into the system, they would have to advertise themselves in a way that will appeal to everyone. This is the case with any business there is, especially when it comes to MLMs. That’s why people are always meticulous and more cautious when it comes to these businesses.

In connection with the CEO Movement, since the Enagic Kangen Water they are promoting is labelled as a scam, I think you also know for yourself that it’s best not to get involved in a make money online opportunity that is linked and associated with a notorious scam.


Expensive as Hell


ceo movement expensive


You might think you’re getting a great deal for paying a sign up and recurring fee of £59. But it just turns out this is only an admission ticket. The real ride this program really offers are the upsells of tools that will supposedly help you succeed in building an online business. 

What’s problematic here is that all of this could accumulate up to £5,380! That’s crazy considering how there are other platforms out there teaching you the exact same thing for a much more lower price!


Not Worth Your Money


I mean, who on earth would be willing to spend that much for trying to learn about online businesses considering how there are plenty cheaper options out there? But imagine if you were to take the bait, this should at least equal to your money’s worth. That’s not the case with CEO Movement at all. 

You could pay to your heart’s desire but the training on social media advertising through Facebook and Instagram is useless and will just fill your head with empty hope on how you could live the way you always wanted without having to worry about money. 

There is not much information referring to the training itself. It’s mostly just encouraging you to promote CEO Movement to others, while you giving the bonus of useless generic advice on how to build an online business.


What I Like About CEO Movement


The Global Facebook Community


ceo movement community


Gaining access to this community costs £997, so I think this is still too much considering all it takes is to simply add you in a group. However, you may find the membership to this Facebook community pretty useful since you would gain access to a group of like-minded people that also wants to succeed in their respective online businesses.

You could pick up a thing or two advices from veterans and experts in this field. Get your questions and concerns answered, share your goals with these people, and be inspired. I’m not saying this makes it worth your money for the cost of at least a thousand pounds. But this could be of some use for you.


Wrapping Up: Is CEO Movement a Scam?


Unfortunately, from the data I have gathered, I don’t have enough of it to call CEO Movement a scam. But due to it being linked to a notorious scam, you may still want to take extreme caution of this one.

However, one thing’s for sure, I definitely would not recommend you to join CEO Movement. This one will suck out every penny from you and will leave you with nothing even just from the start. Your money’s worth will not even be reflected to you since the training is basically useless, and you would only pick up a thing or two from the global Facebook community.

Who wants to invest thousands of pounds on something wherein there are a lot more cheaper options out there that will teach you the same exact thing?

If you want a cheaper program that will teach you how to build a successful online business and get your money’s worth to the maximum level, you may want to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review!

Just keep one thing in mind, this won’t happen overnight! But if you are a type of fella that can follow a blueprint, if you are willing to take action, then you can turn your passion into a thriving online business!





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