Is Stack That Money a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Stack That Money a scam? A lot of great make money online opportunities are available to netizens like us nowadays. However, in such a broad and wide niche, there tend to be some rotten and no good opportunities that turn out to be ugly scams!

One of those opportunities to make money online is the emerging affiliate marketing forum called Stack That Money, or more commonly known as STM Forum. But how sure are you this won’t turn out to be one of those rotten scams?

If you are searching deep and wide for the answer to this question, then you are in the right place! I am so glad you are doing your research and that you have found your way here.

It is always best to gain essential information about an opportunity before delving into it completely rather than later on realizing along the way that your money has been totally wasted on a scam!

In this Stack That Money review, I am going to tell you what it is all about, what it offers, and if it’s really a legit way of making money online.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Stack That Money Review

Product Name: Stack That Money
Founder: Besmir, Greene, & Stackman
Logo: stack that money logo
Product Description: Affiliate marketing training program
Best For: Experienced and savvy affiliate marketers

Stack That Money, more commonly addressed as STM Forum is a program providing tools and training that teaches you all about affiliate marketing by doing paid advertising. Also, as the name implies, you are given access to a forum wherein you could learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing from veteran and expert affiliate marketers.

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What is Stack That Money?

stack that money homepage

Stack That Money, more commonly addressed as STM Forum is a program providing tools and training that teaches you all about affiliate marketing by doing paid advertising. Also, as the name implies, you are given access to a forum wherein you could learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing from veteran and expert affiliate marketers.

As you become a member of Stack That Money, you will be taught mostly about how to drive traffic mainly by means of paid advertising and how to convert and derive affiliate sales from it. The training revolves around mobile app advertising, PPC advertising, FB ads, Google display ads, Adwords, and other advertising platforms.

Launched in 2011 by Besmir, Greene, and Stackman, it has since then “… provided case studies, guides, high-quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.”

Is Stack That Money a scam? Don’t worry, we’ll go over that later on. Before anything else, I think it is only fair to understand how it works from the inside to understand why we have come to that conclusion.

How Does Stack That Money Work?

Into The Platform

Here’s a sneak peak to the features of Stack That Money’s dashboard.

Once you have gained access inside Stack That Money by simply signing up, you will be logged in to your dashboard. On your dashboard, there are different sections enabling you to fully utilize the platform.

You can find real success stories of STM Forum members if you want to see for yourself if this platform could work for you as well.

There’s a buy and sell section where you could obtain codes for some of Stack That Money’s tools and services enabling you to use them for free or avail of them for a discount.

Stack That Money also provides you with discussion sections in which you could interact with other STM Forum members and talk to them in real-time allowing you to ask questions that concern you and discuss about different tools and methods for effective traffic generation.

stack that money forum section

Of course, the most important content of the dashboard would have to be the learner’s section which provides you with a guide and follows along with tutorials if you are new in this niche and is just starting to get comfortable within the platform itself.

Also, if you are having difficulties, concerns, and technical questions, STM Forum has moderators who would gladly help you and even provide you with tutorials.

What Does It Offer

Now, onto the tools and training materials they provide, there are a lot! Plus, it provides information and training content across different advertising platforms which you could definitely utilize if you want to convert paid traffic into affiliate sales.

I’ll list all of them down for you.

  • Follow Along – STM Forum is an affiliate marketing community. Naturally, once you are subscribed, you’ll be gaining access to seasoned and veteran affiliate marketers. These affiliate marketers will have you follow along their own guide giving you tips and advice on how to become a successful affiliate marketer like them.
  • 40 – Day Newbie Guide – This platform seems to cater to both beginner and expert affiliate marketers as it also provides this guide which teaches you all the ropes you need to get the hang of before starting with affiliate marketing.
  • STM Mobile Cookbook – Thought affiliate marketing can’t be possible through mobile? Well, Stack That Money teaches you just that with this cookbook they have concocted.
  • STM Forum eCommerce Cookbook – This one teaches you everything you need to know to build a successful e-commerce store of your own.

stack that money forum ecommerce cookbook

  • STM Contact List – This is basically a phonebook wherein you could contact other members of Stack That Money and chat or interact with them.
  • Case Studies – Since this platform teaches you all about affiliate marketing through paid advertising, these case studies will be showing you how to properly and effectively handle your paid advertising campaigns to optimize and maximize returns as much as possible.
  • Traffic Sources Guide – Of course, as an affiliate marketer, you need to know the different traffic sources and which sources are the best to derive conversions and sales from.
  • STM Facebook Start to Finish Guide – You will be taught how to make money on Facebook through FB ads with this 7-part guide.
  • STM Forum Facebook Scaling Mastery – You can also gain scaling techniques on Facebook which are provided by affiliate marketers who became successful at the attempt to make money with Facebook.

stack that money facebook start to finish guide

  • Other additional tools Stack That Money provides are their website monitor tools, Youtube and URL scrapers, analytic tools, and keyword planners.

How Much Is It

A normal membership at STM Forum would be a whopping and recurring $99 per month. With this amount, you will be able to gain access to all the features, tools, training content, and the forum. Sadly, there is no free version of this platform.

You can also be a member of the STM Forum while carrying the identity of your company with the same price of $99 as well.

Taking this into account, with such a fairly expensive monthly membership fee, who is STM Forum meant for?

Who is Stack That Money For?

Looking into the expensive costs of this affiliate marketing community, it is obvious this one is not for beginners, unlike the platform claims. It’s just not the price, though.

As a beginner in the field of paid advertising and even affiliate marketing for that matter, you may not be able to understand most of the tutorial and training content provided by the other marketers in this affiliate marketing community. There are lots of jargons in this niche as well.

stack that money not for beginners

You may not be able to appreciate and fully utilize this platform and get your money’s worth. With that being said, you can totally benefit from Stack That Money if you are a veteran in this field. The company behind this targets the platform mainly to expert, seasoned, and savvy affiliate marketers with a lot of money.

Only then can you relate with other affiliate marketers in the forum and fully understand and appreciate the tools and training content.

Is Stack That Money a scam? You may find the answers you are looking for once you have read the next section below.

Cons of Stack That Money

Plainly Expensive

The $99 model definitely makes sense due to a load of tools and training you can benefit from. This may be due to the fact that they only want to provide you great services, but for that recurring monthly fee? Not everybody has a lot of money to spend.

It would be better if there was a freemium model even if you are limited to some features and content. However, STM Forum wants your money so that’s not happening anytime soon.

Not for Beginners

In light of the expensive monthly fee, yes, you could find this platform worth the price as long as it would suit your affiliate marketing needs. Taking that into account, as a beginner, Stack That Money won’t really be the best fit for you.

Despite the expensive fees, as I have mentioned before, you can’t really fully utilize your money’s worth since you may not be able to relate to the forum itself and the training it provides.

You’d be better off first understanding things like online marketing, conversions, traffic, and etc. – really just getting used to the niche of affiliate marketing before anything else.

What I Like About Stack That Money

Very Detailed Training Content and Guides

You won’t be disappointed with the guides and training content you will be getting. They don’t provide the basic information everybody already knows. Instead, you will be able to delve deeper into paid advertising through different platforms and how to maximize your campaigns for optimal affiliate sales.

Lots of Tools and Guides

STM Forum really offers a list of tools that will walk alongside you in your affiliate marketing ventures. Not only are your guides really detailed and comprehensive, but the platform also provides a lot of it with varying topics ranging from eCommerce, Facebook advertising, mobile paid to advertise, and affiliate marketing in general.

Interact with Experts

stack that money interact with experts

There’s a saying that you learn best from others’ experiences. This saying also applies to the niche of affiliate marketing. Of course, who are the best people to learn from in this field other than the experts themselves?

Not only can you learn from them, but you can also directly interact with them in real-time to satisfy the curiosities of your heart and gain more tips and advice so you can follow their footsteps to success, as well.

Great Support

If you have technical difficulties and other concerns, Stack That Money has employed moderators that will gladly be at your service to help you out.

My Final Verdict! Is Stack That Money a Scam?

Stack That Money is definitely not a scam. This one is a legit platform providing you with training and tools to teach you all about affiliate marketing through paid advertising.

Plus, Stack That Money doesn’t limit your learning experience with just the informative content they provide but enabling you to learn from the experiences of others through their forum section where you could also interact with other affiliate marketers who know their way around this niche.

It’s recommended to savvy and experienced affiliate marketers due to the price point and the level of information this platform provides.

But if you are on the other side of the fence, I would like it if you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review! It is my recommendation over Stack That Money. Why?

This platform teaches you about doing affiliate marketing by means of paid advertising. You see, paid to advertise isn’t really the best way to derive conversions and sales. Yes, traffic comes to you much faster, but most of the time it doesn’t really give you conversions. Therefore, the money you spent on paid advertising goes to waste.

This is great for a short while, but for the long term? It will be detrimental to your financial assets.  Paid advertising is yet to become a solid way of earning money online.

Which is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This one teaches you all about affiliate marketing by means of organic traffic and SEO. This one takes a long time to bring traffic to your website, unfortunately.

But what’s great here is that it’s cheap, thus it won’t damage your financial assets in the long run. This one is a safe, foolproof, risk-free, and a highly recommended way of getting traffic, conversions, and sales.

Just remember that with just the right amount of time, patience, and hard work, you will get the results you are yearning for.

If you want to add something to this “Is Stack That Money a Scam” review, feel free to drop me a comment down below.


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