Tap2Earn Review Scam or Legit

Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Welcome to my ‘Tap2Earn Review Scam or Legit’ post.

You’re probably wondering if Tap2Earn can become a source of passive income, especially now that you have an unlimited soc-med (social media) experience due to this crazy pandemic.

In recent years, soc-med influencers have made significant sums of money, abandoned their old jobs, and concentrated solely on their online profiles. If you already have a decent amount of followers or passionate enough about building one, then you can make some extra bucks.

But the question is, can Tap2Earn really help?

In this guide, we have drilled all the questions down that you may have about the site. Moreover, we will set the record straight of whether the platform is full of scam or whether it’s worth trying or not. Let’s do it to it!

About: Influencer Network
Price: Free to join
Pros: Easy tasks and simple referrals to make
Cons: They will sell your information
My verdict: Tap2Earn is a scam site that is not worth one second of your time and effort


What is Tap2Earn?

Tap2Earn Homepage

Tap2Earn is known for being an influencer network or community. That seems fishy because they have only been less than eight months. As someone who works on the internet will readily testify, it takes time to earn the trust and authority needed to be an influencer.

It’s not a one-day procedure. A fast internet search doesn’t gather any details about Tap2Earn being an influencer network. They have not been in the scene long enough to accomplish that title.

You would assume that the information of a number one influencer network is available out there. This is common on many fraud websites, which all have remote tactics and schemes. I can’t locate any definite details on the internet about Tap2Earn because there are no details to be found to begin with. No info = Not legit.

The platform claims to be the number one influencer network globally, and the number of payouts they have made totals about $68 million worldwide. I’m astonished as to what they are doing.

If users are appointed as affiliates, then what are these affiliates promoting? Basically, they’re promoting ad income and sponsor-based products, the very same business model that other two-faced websites are using.

How To Complete Tasks on Tap2Earn?

How To Complete Tasks on Tap2Earn

The site states that you will earn $10-15 for every person you would link to. With ten friends every day, you can earn $500+ weekly. Sounds too shiny, right? Plus, it also says that you would get $25 as a sign-up bonus when you join. What a superb way to make easy money online, isn’t it? 

There are three ways to complete and make money according to the site, and this includes:

1. Getting referrals – this is the first and primary way of making money on the platform. The site claims to pay $2 every click and another $10-15 for each successful referral. The reward they promise is insanely big for a referral. Legit systems do not even reward you for free clicks.

2. Task wall – consists of a list of surveys you can finish and get rewarded with $30. There are other tasks, like downloading applications and getting paid by doing so. The downturn in online surveys, like any other, spend less than a dollar for each survey you finish.

Tap2Earn TaskWall

The issue here is that there are no existing surveys on the site. Once you click on the link given, you will be forwarded to third-party sites that will ask questions and demand your phone number.

If you gave your phone number, you will get promotional messages instantly and get charged for it.

3. Youtube assignments – this task demands the user to make and upload YouTube content talking about the site. Once your videos are uploaded that meet all their conditions, you will be rewarded $50 in your account.

How To Get Referrals on Tap2Earn?

Right after signing up, you’ll get your own referral link to place on your preferred social media platforms. You’ll earn $2 every time someone clicks on your link, plus another $10 for every referral you invite.

Allegedly, you can make $30 by finishing every single task; however, it’s doubtful that these tasks are even real.

Once you choose a task to finish, you will instantly get yourself a third-party website, which will demand your personal details, including your phone number (as mentioned above). And please don’t be surprised to receive frequent text messages.

The most unreasonable part of this whole process is they will charge for the text messages you receive. These websites’ main goal is to gather details under the facade of helping their people make money. And since it involves money talks, this can be a potent scheme.

How To Cash Out on Tap2Earn?

Request cashout on Tap2Earn via:

But, the site does not pay! 

They have a fake scheme that they use to lure and scam the users of their money. After reaching the payout threshold and requesting a cashout, the site will declare that you faked some tasks or fabricate referrals and deny you the funds.

Tap2Earn Payment Proof

Does Tap2Earn Really Pay You? Nope. They won’t pay you at all.

If that is not enough for you, eyes here because things will get really scammy, and it has something to do with getting paid, or instead NOT receiving any. You have to meet certain conditions to get paid. Although all should be an easy process– complete tasks, make referrals, and get paid. But hold on.

What really happens behind the scene is that you will be placed on a waiting list once you ask for a cashout. You would end up waiting for weeks or months for a reply, only to find out your request was declined. No proof of payment yet, but there is never a lack of testimonies.

It’s the same page, member after member alleges the site goes bankrupt only to come back as another scam, but not until they have acquired a significant number of personal details from people who have great expectations of making money.

And not until those who have signed-up offered free advertising for the site before they snap out their senses. It’s also pretty awful to think of what they are doing with the details they gather during the sign-up process.

Tap2Earn Reviews

To help you find out what users who have signed-up to the platform believe, I have spent time searching the internet to find definite reviews from real people. There are testimonies presented on the site, but I find it incredibly unbelievable after taking all the other fake info into account.

They look good, and I can get why people can easily be fooled. Still, their website seems to be littered with claims that don’t add up and have no evidence to back up their claims. It then seems like something is not right; you need to have great care with sites like this.

Throughout the social media platforms, Tap2Earn actually seems to have a significant number of followers, which is not mind-boggling considering the money they claim to reward you for doing next to zero.

First impressions at their official social media pages would make it appear like they are jam-packed with positive reviews from users in the comment sections with many positive feedbacks. Once again, as soon as you start seeing the tip of the iceberg, and begin to realize that most of this feedbacks are definitely fake.

The same type of feedback appears throughout their social media platforms with some flowery words, emojis, and language rules, so there’s no way all these messages are real. 

The news that seem to escalate throughout their social media platforms all look similar to this except for the handful of negative information that come from actual members;

– Excellent platform… I need more influencers even if these people are legit

– School bills are dropping

– Bought my first ever car todaaaaaaaay

And the comments from actual members? Not so nice;

Tap2Earn Scam don't pay

Tap2Earn is a big scam

Is Tap2Earn a Scam?

Yes, I firmly believe that Tap2Earn is some scammy platform, and I’m confident that you can see it too from what you’ve read above. Their site seems to be jam-packed with testimonies that don’t add up and does not have any proof to support their claims; then, it looks like something is not good at all.

Nevertheless, when I think of fraud, I automatically think of a luring tactic and taking away your money for nothing of value. But with Tap2Earn, it appears to have no way that you exactly pay any bucks to the platforms, so it’s probably not a scam in the strict sense of the word.

The thing is that this platform seems to be promoting social media influencers a fantasy of making a bunch of money with their site that is a complete sham. Tap2Earn is probably another source of data scam aiming to get your email and info to sell to other businesses.

Pros & Cons

pros and cons


The Good

1. Free to join. It is the most followed influencer network. Plus, it has a friendly environment and inspires low-risk.

2. Easy tasks and simple referrals to make. Everything is straightforward– finish tasks, insert referral links, create referrals, and get paid. Inside, the members’ area features a 24/7 uptime, analytic tools, and an easy-going dashboard.

3. Easy to make money for inserting your link on social media platforms. It’ll be beneficial if you will gain more clicks in the long run.

4. Cash out straight away in the payment method of your choice. This is an advantage if you want to cash out instantly.


The Bad

1. Getting paid is bogus. You won’t even receive a reply once you request a cash-out. And even if they will respond to your request, it will be denied.

2. They will sell your information. We can’t be so sure, but your data is likely to be sold, and if you also gave your complete phone number, you will receive text messages and get charged.

3. The company’s information is nowhere to be found online. Owners are also untraceable. I researched their personal background, and there are no details about them.

4. False claims and testimonials. The promises they made are like other scam sites; they even hired paid actors to stand up for them who have no website experience.

Tap2Earn Review Scam or Legit, The Bottom Line

Tap2Earn Review Scam or Legit

Tap2Earn is a scam site that is not worth one second of your time and effort. Don’t get attracted by false claims of making $500 weekly and being rewarded for completing various tasks. What they are up to is your information. 

Invest your precious time and energy doing something valuable that will make dividends in the long run. If you want to make a living using the internet today, connect with an honest company to help make your skills widen needed to build a successful business.

As for me, the search is over. I have learned about the essentials of e-commerce, entries, and exits of affiliate marketing, state-of-the-art tools to leverage, get exposure to like-minded people, etc. So make sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to understand more!

So that ends my ‘Tap2Earn Review Scam or Legit’ post. If you think I have missed something or explained a little too extra, slide to the comment section below and let’s help more people spread awareness. Take care!


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