Is American Income Life a Scam

Welcome to my Is American Income Life a Scam Review.

Hi, It’s great that you are taking the time and effort to do a research study prior to purchasing or subscribing into any “apparently great” product.

That’s undoubtedly the best method to prevent frauds and find a legitimate program to actually make money online!

Just a heads up, American Income Life (AIL) is basically an insurance company that offers individuals the prospect of joining and making huge rewards from it. The approach or model they make use of is that of employing new staff. This has caused more people to question if it is a scam or not. This AIL review will discuss certain aspects of it as well as find out if it is a scam.


Is American Income Life A Scam?

Product Name: American Income Life (AIL) Is American Income Life A Scam logo
Founder: Bernard Rapoport
Product Description: Insurance
Price: $430
Best For: Convincing strangers to not only buy insurance but also to join the company.
Is American Income Life a Scam

Welcome to my Is American Income Life a Scam Review.

Product Currency: USD


this program allowed me to earn a full-time income working from the comfort of my home

Is American Income Life Legit?

What is American Income Life?

Irrespective of the fact that their official website claims to be an insurance company, AIL is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. This means that workers or recruits are not paid salaries. The commission they make from marketing would be their salary; this means that they are able to make more money in some months than in other months. Your job would be to sell insurance.

Based on their recruitment technique, workers would be trained to sell insurance in order to get a commission. Although they teach their staff to sell insurance, they encourage them to recruit as this is the primary way they make money. It has been revealed that their training process focuses basically on training their members to be effective recruiters and they are given the needed tools to carry out the task.

Like every MLM company, workers will earn from their recruits, while their recruits will also earn from the recruits they have sourced. From the look of things, one cannot rightly place AIL as a real employment opportunity; if they were, they would definitely encourage their members to sell insurance instead of recruiting more members.

Also, when joining this company, you will be required to pay a certain amount which is about $430. A real job would definitely not ask you to pay a fee before you begin. This clearly points to the fact that AIL is an MLM company. The AIL could simply be termed a “pyramid scheme.” Although their recruitment process has been designed to feel like a real job interview when you join you will find out that it is not more than a pyramid scheme where managers gain when recruits are sourced.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

While we have classed AIL as an MLM company, it is important that we understand what MLM is about and how it relates to American Income Life.

As the name implies, Multi-Level Marketing is marketing structure with multiple compensation levels. This means that as an agent or worker, you are compensated for bringing new recruits. You earn commission from the recruits of your recruits. While most people would think of MLM as a good business opportunity, they would find it disheartening to know that from the onset, they do not make enough money.

It is quite difficult for them to earn a commission when they begin, why? This is because it is designed in such a way that the money flows to those that are above them. You will only make money if your recruits are able to bring more recruits and their own recruits able to bring more recruits. Basically, the larger the number of people below you, the more you stand to make money.


How American Income Life Works

The recruitment process for this supposed company is well structured to ensure that new recruits never suspect a thing. You will be called up for an interview, you will be required to sign the necessary documents as well as attend training like every job you apply for.

American Income Life Deceiving Job Interviews

During the interview process, you would feel like you’ve landed that dream job only to get to the training and hear that there is no salary structure. The amount of money you make each month will depend on the commission you are able to get from selling and recruiting new agents. This means that you are not an employee, you are simply an independent contractor that earns a commission from selling and recruiting new agents.

This is quite depressing as there are false advertisements all over the place stating the benefits agents stand to gain if they join the company. These false benefits are used to woo agents into the company. The money you earn working for American Income Life entirely depends on your ability to convince people to either buy insurance or recruit new agents.

Along the time of the interview, agents would be told everything they would want to hear about their dream jobs. It has been revealed that during the training process, these new recruits would be told that they can make over six (6) figures in less than a year. They would promise them that in less than ten years, they can retire with more than enough money to travel to any destination of their choice.

What People Say About American Income Life

Is American income life insurance legitimate? I really don’t think so, it has been revealed that those who make it big in this company are great liars. People with convincing skills are able to make huge money from telling others the fake and unrealistic benefits they were promised when they joined.

This company works in such a way that if agents are not able to convince others to either buy insurance or become recruits, they do not make any money at the end of the month. This means that even after putting in great work, recruits can still earn nothing at the end of the month. Managers would encourage these new recruits to focus more on getting new recruits than on selling the acclaimed insurance.

 Is American Income Life a Scam

Is American Income Life a Scam

Why American Income Life Is Not For You

Basically, the sales aspect of the company is simply a cover of the real pyramid scheme that is in place. Although you will be trained in their various insurance products but in less than no time, you will discover that their plans are quite inferior if compared to others. Meanwhile, you will be required to walk up to strangers and try as hard as possible to convince them to either purchase the insurance or become an agent. This means that in a month, you can earn nothing if no listener is receptive.

Also, new recruits are given fake titles that would boost their self-esteem and make them feel like integral members of the company. During the training, a test would be carried out. For this test, new recruits would be required to pay $40. One frustrating fact is that recruits often times fail this test countless times. This means that they would have to repeatedly pay $40 for each test. During the training, very gifted individuals would be hired to convince new recruits that they are at the right place. Before new recruits are sent to the field, they are motivated and encouraged that they could earn a huge commission as they try to convince people to become members.

Although most people claim to have made money from this company, the majority of people have lost not only their money but also their time. Several recruits have not been able to earn any commission as more people are aware of their tricks.

What Makes American Income Life A Scam

There are several factors that make AIL a scam. Some of these factors include;

  • Fake promises; during the interview and training process, new recruits would be promised huge earnings and that they would be able to retire early. This makes the company a scam as the huge earnings and benefits promised are not received.
  • Payment fee; before recruiters are supposedly “employed,” they would be required to make a payment of about $430. What type of dream job would require you to pay a specific amount before you are employed? I doubt if there is any.
  • They lure recruits with insurance sale services; during the interview process, recruits would be informed that their job is simply to sell insurance to people, but when they finally become members, they find out they not only have to sell insurance, they have to bring in new recruits. In fact, convincing strangers to become new recruits is actually the most important function that recruiters would have to do.
  • Instead of encouraging recruits to sell insurance, they would be encouraged to bring in new recruits. This definitely means that the selling of insurance is simply a cover as they are more interested in getting new recruits that would pay the stipulated fee.

Pros And Cons Of American Income Life (AIL)


  • None


  • It is a scam
  • It makes unrealistic promises
  • It uses gifted individuals to convince recruits that they can make large sums of money each year
  • No salary
  • It is a pyramid scheme where the funds of downlines are used to settle the people at the top

Final Words

Hope you found my article useful and if you have something else to add to my American Income Life Scam Review please drop me a line on the comment section below.

this program allowed me to earn a full-time income working from the comfort of my home


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6 thoughts on “Is American Income Life a Scam”

  1. Oh wow! American Income Life sounds terrible! I mean, I actually think some MLMs are OK. I belong to one (mostly as a customer now) and the products are really good. But with any MLM, it’s just so hard to recruit other people. This one sounds awful because not only do you have to recruit people, you have to try to sell insurance too. Yuck! 

    What I really don’t like is that there doesn’t even seem to be any focus on selling insurance. Why would there be if the money is all in the recruiting? I don’t know, this sounds terrible all around. I will be sure to stay far, far away! 

    Have you found any MLM companies that you think are decent? 

    • Hi Christina,

      Thank you for your comment on American Income Life.

      Personally, I despise all sort of MLM companies because I believe in equality, all people should earn the same when doing the same work.

      This comes way back, back in 2008 I made a website for an Herbalife competitor where I understood perfectly how Multi-level Marketing companies work. Not for me!

      Stay away from AIL & MLM.


  2. Hi, great article.

    I genuinely hate MLM’s because of companies like these.

    I’m sure there are some legitimate ones out there, but it’s these types that just put you off them all.

    They all have the same kind of structure too, with the same fake promises and early down-payment that needs to be made.

    Thanks for the heads up, definitely will avoid this one.

    Have you come across any legitimate MLMs? 

    • Hi Zul,

      I think exactly like you, I hate MLM, no good can come from this sort of experience.

      Companies such as AIL  squeeze money from the common folk using sweet talking agents to lure people to join their scheme.

      Glad you enjoyed my review about the American Income Life Scam.

      As far as any legitimate MLMs, I never search too much because I despise the principle of pyramid marketing.


  3. This was a great great review of American Income Life, and sadly, we have companies like this here in Canada as well.  I’ve been lured a few times into these “insurance companies” where you’re told that you will become a licensed agent able to sell mutual funds etc., and you have to try to get people to either buy the insurance or recruit.  And of course, they go on and on about how much money you will make and how they are just swimming in money etc.  They make it seem pretty convincing, until your logical brain steps in lol  

    • Hi Nicki, 

      The thing about companies such as American Income Life is that they have trained individuals that are great at what they do! 

      They can easily compel people to join their schemes and when we realize what we are up to, it’s too late!

      Best is to stay away…



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