Is Find Dream Jobs a Scam?

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for checking my Is Find Dream Jobs a scam review. Nowadays, getting or searching for a job is getting more easier, even on the internet you will find a lot of websites wherein they are posting job hiring with the convenience of doing it straight from your home. For sure, while you are doing job hunting you encounter Find Dream Jobs and that is why you are now checking on this review.

Don’t worry, you are on the right page to check every detail that you want to know about Find Dream Jobs. Is Find Dream Jobs legit? How possible is the job opportunities with them? These are some of the questions that I will answer for you through this uncovered review. So, without further ado let’s dig into details.

Find Dream Jobs Review

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Find Dream Jobs

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It is an online platform that lets you find your dream job. It has a list of employers who are looking to hire an employee.

People who are looking for a job online and without any hassle.

Find Dream Jobs is basically a website that lets you create your own account and find a job online. If you're on the internet, it seems a lot of information has been withheld from your followers, which can be one reason why many people believe they're really a scam

What Is Find Dream Jobs?

Find Dream Jobs is basically a website that allows you to create your own account and have the chance to look for a job online. If you are going to search over the internet it seems that a lot of information was hidden from their audiences, this can be one of the reasons why a lot of people are thinking that they are truly a scam. 

Basically, it will give you a list of jobs available on their website, and sometimes you will be surprised that it will lead you to a well-known website like Amazon. You can use keywords to search for the desired job that you want, it can be using the company’s name or can be the position you want. And you will learn more about Find Dream Jobs in the coming segments.

How Does Find Dream Jobs Work?

There are a lot of ways or entry point to use if you want to check out this website, I personally want to see how it looks like but it seems that they are restricting some places and just choosing who can access their website, this is something to think of about them. Why do they need to restrict some areas on their website right?

However, what I did to have research on how you can able to create an account from them so you can search for work. Then once you have the account, you can now search for a job by using the search box wherein you need to enter some information like your zip code and they will ask you a few questions may be in order for them to determine the best job for you.

is find dream job a scam

It may sound that Find Dream Jobs is one of the best websites to look for a job, yes they are helping people but not in a good way. The moment that I found out that it was restricted to some areas, I cannot recommend them because of that. Having free access to a website is one way of letting people know that you are legit and not a scam.

I was scared and alarmed after reading some of the reviews and feedback about Find Dream Jobs if you are going to have access to its website you will be then asked to answer some surveys and at the end, they will need to get your email address and every click you had will lead you to different websites and not to a real job posting.

But there is still some job post that will lead you to the company’s website and you can continue the application on that specific page. Some may request you to provide your email and phone number so you can see the job listing which is supposedly not needed and should not be collected upfront.

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Basically, you will just waste time and effort by clicking a lot of sites that get your personal information. Maybe this is their way to get leads over the internet, they will make curious about the job listing and without even knowing that all of your details are being collected.

Can You Make Money On Find Dream Jobs?

This is the big question of everyone, is it possible to earn money with Find Dream Job? I can say that it is still possible especially if you are fortunate to get a job list that will not require you to provide any information. But mostly, what will happen is before you can earn or get hired by an employer, your personal information is already collected and can be used without you knowing it.

For sure, this will not work especially if you are just a beginner for looking job online. But don’t worry and don’t lose hope, there are still a lot of ways that you can try in order for you to earn money online. This is not just the only.
is find dream job a scam

What I Don’t Like About Find Dream Jobs.

If you are going to ask me this question, I can say that there are a lot of things that I don’t like about Find Dream Jobs, and here they are.

They Don’t Provide Any Information About The Owner.

This is one thing that we need to consider first before joining or signing up for any website. They must have legit information about who founded and established the company. In that way, you will be secured and you know that they are legit and operating. Unlike with Find Dream Jobs, even the information when they were established is not listed.

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Restricted Access To Their Website.

I don’t know what is the reason they are doing restrictions on some areas. Maybe they are hiding something which I don’t know since I was not given the chance to check out their website. A legitimate website must be accessible to everyone not just to a specific place.

is find dream job a scam

A Lot Of Clickables Before You Land On The Target Page.

Once you have a target job posting it will suddenly lead you to another website which will require you another 5 mins of your time to answer a survey that is not related to the job posting you’ve clicked. It would be best if they gather all the information that they need at the moment you create your account rather than making people click all over again.

I still have a lot of things to hate about Find Dream Jobs but these are the things that I want you to know and consider thinking about it.

What I Like About Find Dream Jobs.

Anything to like about Find Dream Jobs? I guess there is nothing to like about this website. There is nothing special about this, for me honestly, it is a total waste of time and effort there is a lot of websites that are legit and worth trying than this. And again this is my opinion and just wanted to be honest with you as well.

Is Find Dream Jobs A Scam? My Final Verdict.

After all the reviews and research I did for Find Dream Jobs, I can say that they are not a scam. They are just that not good since everything seems to be information collecting rather than a job search website. As well as the fact that the website cannot be accessible to everyone, maybe they can set expectations for their future job hunters about it. It will also be best to put the owner or CEO of the company on their website or anywhere else so people will have a basis on their decision in joining or trying their website.

However, I still cannot recommend this to everyone.

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I hope I was able to give justice for this “Is Find Dream Jobs a Scam” review. And if you have any concerns and suggestions just leave that on the comment box below and I will answer that as soon as I can. Cheers!


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