Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

First of all, I would like to welcome you to my Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam review. I already have a lot of reviews about making money online website who offers work from home opportunities to people around the internet. And for sure, the main reason why you are checking on this review is you have heard about the website 22 Minutes To Profit.

Does a friend introduce this website to you or you are browsing the internet and end up to this website hoping to find opportunities to earn money from home? Don’t worry, I know you have a lot of questions in your mind, and I will going to answer those questions for you. So without further ado, let’s dig into details.

Product Name: 22 Minutes to Profit
Founder: No concrete information
Logo: No logo available online
Product Description: This is an online platform or website who offers work from home opportunities and you can earn $500 a day.
Best For: People who are looking for the legitimacy of a website or company or someone who is looking for opportunities to work from home.

This is just another website that has a lot to offer while you work at home. However, when I'm trying to visit their site, I only see the name of its creator Mark Stafford, I don't know if he really is the founder. I just want to give you some detail on who, and when he was set up.

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Product Price: 47

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What is 22 Minutes To Profit?

This is just another website that has a lot to offer for you when it comes to working from home. I wanted to give you more information about who and when it was established, however, when I tried to visit their website all I can see is just the name of their creator named Mark Stafford, I don’t know if he is really the founder.

It was just about a video from Mark explaining how their website works and even claim that you can earn as much as $500 per day if you will join them and be a member. Along with that video on their website are some testimonials coming from some of their members saying that they really earn a lot after joining 22 Minutes to Profit. Once you are done with the video, you will be required to enter some personal details in order to continue and this way is very familiar in some scams out there.

is 22 minutes to profit a scam

After entering personal information you will be now lead to another sales video that says it will help you to earn so much money using the system that they have. This is really fishy, why not just give the details without entering any personal information.

When I tried to search who Mark Stafford is, surprisingly I was not able to collect any information about this person aside from his name. Another suspicious thing about this company. I don’t know if they are just after their security or they are just really hiding their identity since they are doing something fishy behind their website. You will find out the answer later on.

How Do 22 Minutes to Profit Work?

To be honest, I don’t really understand how does this website work. They don’t even bother to include that information on their website which I don’t know why. But all you can find on their website is all about videos that will show you how you can earn money and I think all the videos will take you 22 minutes, maybe that is where they get the name of their website.

I just was amazed by how they totally explain how their system works on those videos, not all of the other schemes were able to explain how their system works because they really don’t have at all. They said that you may need to process a membership fee of $47 before you can fully enjoy their services.

is 22 minutes to profit a scam

22 Minutes To Profit business model.

Based on my research they have a legit business model, and you can able to earn from them in 2 different ways. And I will try to discuss it with you one by one.

First, if you can do affiliate marketing, wherein you just get associated with the goods of other people and earn a profit when you sell them, for sure some of us are familiar with how affiliate marketing works. And the second one is by doing dropshipping, wherein you will just set up your e-commerce website and sell all the products that you can think of without worrying about the inventory. Basically, you will have connections with the distributors and once the customer successfully ordered they are the ones who will take care of the fulfillment part of the order.

Can You Make Money With 22 Minutes To Profit?

To tell you honestly, based on the information I gathered, you cannot earn money through 22 Minutes To Profit. The way on how they will help you earn money can be done with yourself, you can create a drop shipping website by yourself and without the help of their website.

There are a lot of ways that you can online to earn money. You just need to be more resourceful and more curious in order for you to avoid scam and earn money online without any hassle.

What I Don’t Like About 22 Minutes To Profit.

I already reviewed a lot of websites and companies all over the world. And almost all of them has their own flaws that I know you deserved to know. And here are the things that I don’t like about 22 Minutes To Profit.

Fake Testimonials.

If you are familiar with the website for freelancers which is Fiverr, you must know that there are some people who offer their service as a paid actor to give fake testimonials about a service or product. And unfortunately, one of the testimonials of 22 Minutes To Profit was made by some on that website. Maybe this is the way of 22 Minutes To Profit to encourage more people to join their website and earn from that.

is 22 minutes to profit a scam

Another clone of scams.

The time that I checked on their website and saw what is on there, the first thing that comes in my mind is they are just a scam. The information, as well as the graphics, are really the same as the other website schemes out there. I just recently reviewed a website that has the same thing which is

They don’t have any information about their company.

There is no information available about them all over the internet. Maybe there is the name of the owner which is Mark but there are no concrete details about him as well, maybe he is just another fake owner and does not really exist. If you are someone who owns a successful website, it would be best to be proud of the achievement that you have and this is another way for your future customers to trust your services or products.

What I Like About 22 Minutes To Profit.

Let’s just be honest here, I don’t see anything to like about this website since the start. They have a lot to improve if they are really legit a website to earn money.

Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam? My Final Verdict.

I think all the information above is enough to give my final verdict about 22 Minutes To Profit. It is pretty obvious that they are just the same as the other website scams out there. From the moment I knew that they don’t have information about the founder as well as their website is really suspicious, I can say that they are a scam. The research I made is living proof about it.

is 22 minutes to profit a scam

I know that you are just looking for a way to earn money which you can do online or at your home. You can check on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and discover a lot of strategies to do in order for you to earn money online. This will not require you for any membership fee or even providing your personal details. It is easy as writing your hobby on a daily basis.

Earning money is not that easy but as long as you do proper research about the website or even companies that you want to join you can avoid being scammed. And I want to congratulate you for reading this review and save your self from regrets on entering a scam website.

I hope that this “Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam” review serves its purpose to you and answer all the questions that you have in mind, so til our next review. If you have any concerns and suggestions feel free to leave that in the comment box below and I will be more than happy to answer and check it for you. Cheers!


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