Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Monat a pyramid scheme? In our generation today, if you will just scroll down on any social media sites, you will find more endorsement about beauty products. This can be something that you have used before like skincare and cosmetics. Which are in-demand right now, but how about hair care? That is what I have noticed prior to this review. Monat Global is one of the known company who manufactures and sells hair care products.

You probably checked on it that is why you lead up reading this review. There are a lot of rumors about their products, especially the question about earning money by being their member and sell their products. Don’t worry, you’re on the right page to look for the answers to your question, with this eye-opening review we will discover more about Monat. Let’s go ahead and get into details.


Product Name: Monat Global
Founder: Luis Urdaneta
Logo: is monat a pyramid scheme
Product Description: Multi-Level Marketing Company
Best For: Best for people who are looking into products about hair care. To someone who is more into selling and promoting products to earn extra cash.

Monat Global is an advertising network organization that markets hair care products. The business was founded in 2014 in Florida by the Urdaneta family. This is worldwide, in the United States, in Canada, and in Europe. Monat Global claims it has natural hair care products that can help hair problems, particularly hair losses and it also provides its members with an extremely valuable compensation plan.

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What is Monat?

Monat is a company who manufactures and sells personal care products for your hair. Monat was established in late 2014 by Luis Urdaneta under Alcora Corporation. According to my research, Monat was initially founded last 2001 but in a different name which is L’Eudine Global. It was originally established as a direct sales company who is specialized in selling beauty and wellness products.

is monat a pyramid scheme

They have offices located in Maracaibo, Florida, Miami and Venezuela. And in 2008, L’Eudine Global achieved another success in the United States and they decided to expand to a wider group of brands and that is when they changed the name to Alcora Corporation. L’Eudine Global is still known as the brand of trusted beauty and wellness products, while Monat is a new direct sales division that specializes in modern, natural hair formulas, they emerged last 2014.

What Is Monat’s Well-Known Product?

Monat Global has a different variety of products, but they are well-known for hair care products. The company claims that its variety of hair care products are made of ingredients that are organic, healthy, pure and sustainable.

Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive is the Monat Global flagship product. This oil is on a retail price of $99 for 30ml. It may be expensive to others, but as Monat sells it and claims that it’s all organic and natural, it gets a large number of sales to compare to the other products that they have.

is monat a pyramid scheme

Rejuveniqe is also classified as a key component of other Monat Global products in addition to being marketed as a separate product in the market. Certain types of hair care Products Monat Global markets include hair rejuvenation, repair, thickening, hydration, weight, growth boost and management, coloring, hair care for children, color enhancement, improvement of eyebrows.

There are a lot of products that Monat offers to its customers. You can check that on their website to get more about the products and their prices.

How Much Can You Make With Monat?

Just like the usual MLM company, there are lots of ways for you to earn money with Monat Global. Almost all of the MLM companies have their own compensation plan that they offer to their members, and with this, it helps their existing members to endorse the company and encourage others to join Monat as well.

Here are some of the ways for you to earn money with Monat Global.

Through retail sales.

This very common to all MLM companies, you need to sell their product in order for you to earn. With Monat, as a member, you are eligible to get a 15% sales commission and 30% retail sales commission. This can be a big help for you start and if you will able to get the hang of it, I believe you will earn more. But it would be better to try the products first before selling, it is always best to be the living proof to gain the trust of the buyers.

Recruiting people.

This one is also given on an MLM company, earning through inviting people to join is another way to earn money from Monat. If you recruit someone to join and they successfully sign up as a member, they are going to be your downline. And from there you can benefit from their purchasing activity.

However, the amount of earning you will get will depend on your rank as a member. As you rank up to a higher level, your commission rate will also get higher.

Team Bonus.

Liked what I have mentioned earlier, earning rates will be based on your rank as a member. So, if you reached the level as a Managing Market Builder, you will be eligible for a team bonus or group commission. It will be a 2% override on all levels in your downlines, or from people, you recruit to Monat. However, you may not be qualified for this if one of your downlines is qualified as a Managing Market Builder as well.

What I Don’t Like About Monat.

As I was doing the research about Monat, I can see more reasons that made me don’t like the company. This also might help you in deciding if joining Monat is really something you can do or not.

Products are expensive.

There are a lot of hair care products that you can purchase at the same price on what Monat has. Like their flagship product which is Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive, for ma buying 30ml oil for $99 is expensive. Maybe they can do something about the price of their products, so the buyers will get more interested in it.

is monat a pyramid scheme

You need big capital to start.

In order for you to start the business with Monat, you need to invest and spend a big amount of money on purchasing the products that you will sell. We all know that not all of us are capable of spending much in the first part of the business. It would be best if they can let their future members start at a low amount of money to spend. In that way, they also help the member to earn faster.

Bad product reviews.

This one really matters in all business niche. Your product mas be a good quality for the consumer to patronize your products. However, with Monat, I saw a lot of bad reviews about their products. Their products are focusing on hair care, which is very crucial to selling. Because once you got a bad review of the product, it will have a big impact on your company.

is monat a pyramid scheme

And Monat has a lot of issues about skin and hair damaged when they used the products. So this is really a big no for me. How can you invest in something that is not reliable and not worth it to invest right? You will sell their products, so their products must be proven effective and will not cause any damage.

What I Like About Monat MLM

There is one thing that I like the most about Monat. They have different ways to earn from them. Not just recruiting but they also have bonuses which are I think attainable as long as you have the hard work and patience. You still have something to look forward to Monat. Maybe one of their ways can be effective to you and will be the start of your luck with Monat.

is monat a pyramid scheme

Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme? The Revelation

Based on the research and checking all the sides of Monat. I can say that they are not a scam and they are really a legit MLM company. But for now, I cannot fully recommend this to you. Especially when it comes to their products, they received a lot of complaints about it. So, if you are planning to sell their products better to think twice if you will continue or not.

For me I prefer affiliate marketing over any sort of MLM. If you want to learn how to earn a full time income working from home with affiliate marketing, make sure to read my wealthy affiliate review.

But again the final decision will still be on you. It is somehow worth a try, maybe, in the end, you can contribute to proving that Monat’s products are effective and safe right? There’s no harm in trying, this review gives you a brief idea about the company and to help you decide on what to do.

I hope this “Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme” review helps you figure out if this MLM program is the right choice for you to make money. If you like to add something or simply comment, feel free to drop me a line down in the comment section. cheers!


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