Is Herbalife a Scam? The Uncensored Revelation!

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Is Herbalife a Scam? If you are searching for this particular topic, you are either thinking of losing weight or looking for new ways to make money!

Let me tell you this, people nowadays are so eager to get fit, or to make money or whatever they are into, that are willing to try “almost” anything has a shortcut.

Weight Loss is one of the trending topics right now, right next to make money online.

Have you heard about Herbalife? They are one of the most popular when it comes to weight loss products/supplements.

They lead to discovering a way to lose weight and earn money at the same time. However, have you ever think if they are really legit or just another scam?

Are they really helping people lose weight? Are they earning money through Herbalife?

Is Herbalife a scam? Let’s find out through this jaw-dropping review!

Product Name: Herbalife
Founder: Mark R. Hughes
Logo: Is Herbalife a Scam? Uncensored Revelation!
Product Description: MLM Company
Best For: Aspiring people who want to lose weight and help others by selling the products to those who want to get fit as well. And for the people who are into sales as well as on recruiting people.
Recommended: YES


What is Herbalife?

Herbalife was created for a weight loss product by billionaire Mark Hughes in 1980. Herbalife would be recognized over time for its variety of protein shakes, dietary supplements, and other health supplements that target weight losers.

Herbalife is one of the world’s largest producers of multilevel marketing and diet supplements. Actually, it has a revenue of over 8 billion dollars distributed across 91 countries by over 3 million distributors.

At a time when obesity became a global health issue, it is not shocking that over the last couple of decades, the food and weight loss industry has virtually grown.

And this is the target market of Herbalife, which is pretty evident that they are really good at this niche.

Herbalife products and supplements are not sold in any store. It was sold through their official distributors, who are their members as well who signed up.

How to Earn Money With Herbalife?

There are two ways in order for you to earn money on Herbalife. It is through direct sales and recruiting.

If you’re the one who is into sales. You can earn money through direct sales or being a distributor. Wherein buyers purchase their weight loss shakes of Herbalife from the official distribution companies of Herbalife. These distributors are the people who do the whole Herbalife business.

To become one of the distributors of Herbalife, you can purchase a Herbalife Member Pack which normally starts with $90, which provides an individual with a couple of product samples and the right to buy additional inventory at a discount. And from there you can resell those products at a markdown price since you easily get that at a discounted price as a member.

Another way to earn is by recruiting a future member, which is going to be your downlines. Downline is the term they use for the people they recruit, and upline if you’re the recruiter. They get commissions for every referral that they have, and just like the other MLM companies they also received a percent on the earnings of their downline.

What I Don’t Like About Herbalife?

If you search for reviews about Herbalife on Google or any other search engine, you will find some complaints, however, not because of the company itself but with the behavior that some distributors have. This is surprising, knowing that mostly the complaint will be all about the company who produces or manufacture the product, but this one is different.

Some distributors are really desperate to recruit people where they will come to the point that they will do fraud. Some of the distributors will create fake ads to make people get interested in those fake ads and the job seekers end up being pitch with Herbalife Products.

There are some instances that the distributor will invite people free breakfast and will discuss more what they call a business and they’ll be surprised that they are at a sales talk that they never sign up or agreed with.

Please note that if done correctly, MLM may be a viable business model. These kinds of distributors are making a bad image for the company as well as on the perception of MLM.

For me, the main problem with what’s happening in communication between Herbalife and its distributors. Most of their distributors lacked guidance and coaching on proper recruitment techniques. They can still use online marketing but with honesty and respect, in that way, it can help them attract more people without doing any fraud and affecting the company’s image.

Another is that the products that they have are expensive. It is not that practical to take especially you’re on a tight budget. For this reason, people might think first if they will try it or not. As we all know price is really one of the things that we consider in buying and trying something. If given a chance, I will suggest to them that they can make the price lower but more effective. It is always the quality that matters to the consumer.

Is Herbalife legit or safe to use

Are Herbalife Products Safe to use?

I have research on the internet about how safe their products are. I found out that all of their products are applicable to everyone. There are some people who bought the products but as time goes by they are getting some allergies, severe disease and some are not getting what was advertised to them by the distributor, in short, they feel that they did not get what they pay for.

is herbalife a scam

Another thing that I found about Herbalife products is it contains caffeine. This is partly the reason why some people that are taking Herbalife supplements have claimed that they feel restless and nervous. There are also complained about having side effects such as headache, constipation, diarrhea, and stomachache.

is herbalife a scam?

It was just alarming that they are known for producing quality and effective food supplements and shakes for weight loss, they are getting complaints that it’s not suitable for everyone. What I can suggest before taking their product, it would be best to consult your doctor first so you can be sure that you are not allergic to those supplements and shakes. Because it will be a big cost if this will affect your health instead of having a healthy one.

is herbalife a scam

Is Herbalife a Scam?

Let’s have the final thought about Herbalife if they are legit or scam. For me, Herbalife is not a scam. They have already proved themselves as a company. Maybe because of some distributors who made a bad image of the company that makes the people think if they are really legit. If you do it right, Herbalife will let you make money. Because Herbalife does not provide so much marketing and recruiting coaching, you need external sources to know about best practices in these fields.

Their products like supplements and shakes are effective but not to everyone. I can be living proof of this because I tried using and taking their products before for almost half a year, and it really helps me losing weight. The good thing is I was also assisted by an honest and helpful distributor but not enough to make me sign up as a new member. As I have this research I highly suggest being mindful to check everything about the product like reading reviews like this that will give you an idea. In this way, you can consider consulting a doctor for you to avoid any allergies in the future while using the product.

Another thing that I liked the most about Herbalife products is it is convenient and easy to follow as your daily food supplement. Maybe it’s an expensive one but a must-try if you are really decided to lose weight. But it might take time depending on your body and it takes patience in order for you to succeed and reach your desired goal. Herbalife products will be just one of the help to your fitness journey.

There’s no harm in trying as long as you have enough details and will not regret it at the end. I hope somehow I was able to give you a brief background on what’s behind Herbalife and what are the strategies that their distributors have in order to get you signing up for them.

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