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What is the best Seo Software and Why do You Need It!?

Do you know what’s the main purpose of a website? A question that leads to another question, what is the best SEO software and why do I need it? That’s what I will cover in this post.

The main purpose of a website is not to be like a portfolio or a business card where people that already know you may see your work. A website is built to reach out to an audience that is searching for a specific product/information that you provide.

To answer our friend there, I can say that search engine optimization is a method to create content in a way that improves the chances of ranking it higher on the SERPs.

A wise man said, “a healthy website relies on a variety of traffic sources”. The thing is, to make it sustainable, we need to generate the highest amount of organic traffic possible, and that is when the SEO comes to play.


Ahrefs “The Crawler”

Considered by many ones of the best SEO resources out there, ahrefs is used by the most successful online marketers such has, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Gael Breton, and also by big brands & companies.

Well known for its site audit tool that will keep track of your overall site’s health & SEO issues such as new and lost backlinks, track keyword rankings, and web mentions.

What I like about the ahrefs keyword tool:

It’s jam-packed with features.  
For those who take the time to explore all the possibilities, it gives lots of information about ways to improve your website’s health and traffic. According to ahrefs blog, there are 13 things that only they can do.

ahrefs keyword tool features

User-friendly interface  
At first sight, it might seem overwhelming because of the colossal amount of information, but after a little while, it seems that everything it’s in the right place and easy to use/access.

Training available to anyone
Lots of training available for everyone. Either on their private Facebook group (for paid members) or in their blog and/or youtube channel you can get information about new updates and features as well as training in how to use this SEO tool.

What I don’t like about the ahrefs SEO tool:

High price.
This is possibly the biggest drawback with ahrefs. Even the lowest tier membership costs $99 and it comes with tons of restrictions. I’m not saying it’s not worth the money, it’s just not for everyone’s pocket.

Prices vary from $99 for the lite version, $179 for the standard version, $399 for advanced, and $999 for the agency version.

No Free Trial
For a fair price, $1 a day, you can make a 7-day trial. From there you can either cancel your subscription or do nothing and you will be upgraded and charged on your credit card for the tier you have subscribed for.

Final Words » Is Ahrefs Worth The Money?

If you have the money and the knowledge to make use of this fabulous online marketing tool then HELL YES!!! It can really make the difference between creating content that can rank or just “shoot” in the dark!

URL: ahrefs.com SEO software


Plerdy – track, analyze, and convert

Cloud-based SEO software with a purpose, understand your visitors, increase your website conversions and gather and analyze SEO.

To better understand your visitors, Plerdy provides more than 100 features.

For example, you to analyze scroll depth, sequence of clicks, you can check the heatmap and see for yourself where people are clicking or leaving your website.

You can also build popups, either behavior, time base triggered, or exit intent. And even conduct surveys.

Plerdy SEO Alerts.

This keyword checker tool continuously analyzes your website for technical and semantic keyword problems.

This tool daily monitors your website keywords, tags, titles, and attributes and notify you about what can be optimized.

In a few words, Plerdy will increase your website efficiency thus improving your ranking and of course, getting more traffic/prospect customers.

What I like about Plerdy SEO Software.

  • Simple to install, just insert a single script on your website/Google tag manager and you are set to go
  • FREE forever plan
  • Tons of features
  • Customer Service
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money on higher-tier subscriptions 

What I dislike in Plerdy

  • Some more additional guides or training would be nice
  • Can’t use video elements on the popups

How much does Plerdy cost?

You can try it for free, but if you need more features then you have to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Check prices on the image below. 

Plerdy plan price

Does Plerdy have an affiliate program?

Actually is one of the things that impressed me is the built-in affiliate program. What I mean by this is that you can access their referral program inside your administrator dashboard.

just click on the “hamburger” menu icon on the top right corner and select Referral program. From there just copy-paste your link and share it on your blog, social media, or any other platform of your choice and you have the opportunity to get up to 30% from payments by your link. 

join Plerdy affiliate program

Final Words » Is Plerdy Good for Me?

I truly believe that being able to understand our website visitor’s behavior is a must to boost your conversions.

I especially liked the heat map and the scroll depth feature. With a quick overlook, I can see what posts people are reading through and which ones people leave.

If you are on the lookout for the best SEO software without spending too much money, then you must try Plerdy. Remember, they have a free forever plan, so why not try it out? Won’t even need a credit card!

URL: www.plerdy.com


Keywords Everywhere “The Long Tail Master”

This is one of my favorites search engine optimization tool when comes to create content! Easy to use, this chrome extension is a must when you go out for keyword hunting.

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