Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Last Updated on February 8, 2020

Hey folks, welcome to my Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review! Keywords are one of the fundamental components when it comes to building your own online businesses out or your regular blog or website.

Building a regular source of highly targeted traffic is only possible with the proper keyword research tool.  Finding low competition and high traffic keyword is one of the foundations of search engine optimization.

On this Jaaxy Review, I will introduce you to all its features,  how does it work, the pros, the cons, and why I (and several other successful marketers) use it all the time!

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

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If you are building a regular source of traffic and strengthening your search engine optimization for your blog or website, you would know how searching for the best keywords determine the success of your online business ventures. Finding a keyword that exhibits low competition and high traffic determines how much people would drop by your domain. Of course, this in return implies a source of income.  That’s where keyword research tools come into place, and you need a fast and accurate one if you’re serious about building a profitable online business. Jaaxy is one of the few keyword research tools able to deliver you lightning fast and bullseye accurate results all the while being easy to use.

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What is Jaaxy?


jaaxy homepage


If you are trying to build a regular source of traffic and strengthening your search engine optimization for your blog or website, you would know how searching for the best keywords determines the success of your online business ventures. Finding a keyword that exhibits low competition and high traffic can determine how many people can land on your site.

That’s where keyword research tools come into place! Jaaxy is one of the few keyword research tools able to deliver you lightning-fast and bullseye accurate results all the while being easy to use.


jaaxy how does it work


It uses and extracts data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, together with Jaaxy’s servers itself, enabling you to find keywords of the best and highly accurate statistics out there.

Jaaxy cuts down all the hassle and pain in your keyword research ventures. In its easy to understand and with a jammed user interface, everything you need appears right before your eyes.

This SEO software was created and developed by the same group of people behind Wealthy Affiliate University. All the years of experience with online internet marketing allowed these people to build this powerful high-quality tool that enables them and other aspiring internet marketers to fish for highly targeted low competition keywords.

By using Jaaxy, you will gain access to keywords detailed information. Information that will give you an extra edge when fighting for google top rankings.

This research tool will allow you to find & pick keywords relevant to your niche. The goal is to find keywords with a decent amount of traffic and low competition.

Using this low hanging fruit keywords on your blog posts or website pages will give you the ability to drive traffic to your website by catapulting you to the first page of Google.

In this Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool review, I want you to understand everything that goes out and about in this keyword research companion. From the features itself up to the support and training, I’m going to cover it all for you!


How Does Jaaxy Work?


The Features


jaaxy tools


As you see, Jaaxy provides you with loads of tools besides the main keyword research. Let me walk you through what those tabs specifically do.


  • Site Rank. If you want to see if your post with the keyword you are targeting for is doing well or not, you can do that with this feature. You can do this with all three of the biggest search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


  • Affiliate Program. You can earn profit and revenue by referring people to sign up and use Jaaxy. You will be given your own unique affiliate link which you could incorporate to your posts and social media updates. People click on this to sign up to Jaaxy, and you get paid! How awesome is that? 


  • Jaaxy Help. If you are completely new to keyword research, Jaaxy will be more than glad to help you understand how it works through their training and educational materials. This tab contains PDF files and videos to walk you through keyword research and management, website research and analysis, niche research refinement, and even a walkthrough of their affiliate program. 


jaaxy help


  • Alphabet Soup. This feature incorporates certain words to your keywords starting from all of the letters in the alphabet. It gives you more ideas [brainstorm] on keywords that are based on the actual searches of people. 


  • Saved Lists. Here, you can save your keywords and organize them into lists based on different categories of your own liking. What makes this all the more amazing is you can export these lists into files, enabling you to view it offline. 


  • Search History. Oh, shoot, I forgot the keyword I searched for yesterday. What a waste, it would have made a great keyword, though! Hold that thought, if you want to revisit the keywords you have searched for, you can always go back to Jaaxy’s Search History. 


  • Search Analysis. You can see for yourself which websites or pages are ranking on the first page of a search engine for that certain keyword.  


  • Brainstorm. You can see which keywords are ranking from Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends. It’s best if you need a boost on ideas for your next target keywords.


Keyword Research


jaaxy statistics


As you may have seen on the screenshot of Jaaxy’s interface, you may be confused as to what are the statistics written on it.


  • Keyword. You will find some of the related keywords to the “main” keyword you have just typed in on the search bar. 


  • AVG. Here, you will see how many times this keyword is searched by people every month. You would want a keyword with an AVG more than a hundred. The higher, the better.


  • Traffic. This is the number of visits to your website you can receive once you rank within the first page of search engines.


  • QSR. It stands for Quoted Search Results. This shows you how many websites are ranking in Google for this particular keyword. A desirable QSR would something less than a hundred. Opposing to the AVG, the lower, the better.


  • KQI. This one stands for Keyword Quality Indicator. It’s either one of the three: great, normal, or poor.


  • SEO. This score is primarily based on the traffic this keyword can receive and the number of competition. Basically, it determines your chances of ranking on the first page of search engines. SEO over 90 is exceptionally good.


  • Domains. This shows all the available domains in relation to this keyword. 


Jaaxy Pricing Plan


Jaaxy offers three different plans available at different price points. Which plan suits you the best mostly depends on your keyword research needs.


  • Free Plan. Availing of this plan is only for the purpose of checking out the platform for yourself. It gives you a grand total of 30 free searches. Once you have used all these up, you can decide if it’s the keyword research tool you need.


  • Pro Plan. Available for $49 a month, this one suits you more if you are still at the juvenile stages of internet marketing and keyword research, for that matter. Unlike the free plan, you are given unlimited searches. It delivers you results in 3 times faster, which is exactly what you need to move at a fast pace.


  • Enterprise Plan. This one costs you $99 on a monthly basis. This is for internet marketers who highly depend on keyword research and is in need of additional features to suit their needs. Unlike the previous plans, this works 5 times faster. That’s like lightning speed. 


Take a look at what each plan has to provide you.


jaaxy membership options


Jaaxy Support


Aside from the training and educational material Jaaxy provides you, they also make sure that you can rely on their support team. You can shoot them a question, and they will help you with extreme care and be of utmost help to get back to you and address your concerns.


Is Jaaxy For You?


Whether you are a new or advanced internet marketer, Jaaxy might just be by far the most superior keyword research tool which would deliver you fast, highly accurate and useful keyword statistics. Plus, you can adjust Jaaxy to suit your keyword research needs by choosing any of the plans they offer. Freelance writers, bloggers, SEO companies, article marketers, Youtube marketers, and all niche pursuers alike can benefit from Jaaxy.


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: All The Good Bits


jaaxy all the good bits


Listed below are the reasons why I think Jaaxy is a good investment for your internet marketing ventures.


  • Easy to navigate website interface
  • Does not present you with unnecessary information and keyword statistics
  • Bullseye accuracy
  • Fast as the speed of light
  • Offers three different plans to choose from
  • Both for new and advanced internet marketers alike
  • Accessible as long as there is access to the Internet, you don’t have to download it on your computer
  • Lots of useful tools
  • Great support team
  • Offers you training and educational materials: best for beginners
  • Backed up by powerful servers to provide you low competition and high traffic keywords 
  • Helps you in determining how profitable your online business can be


Jaaxy’s Room For Improvements


While Jaaxy is the best revolutionary keyword research tool there is, it won’t hurt to comment on a few things in which I think should go back to the thinking table.


  • Some of the tools might not be of much use
  • Can be a tad bit pricey especially in the eyes of beginner internet marketers


Final Verdict on My Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review!


I have not changed my mind on anything, this is still by far the most superior keyword research tool for both beginner and advanced internet marketers alike. Fast, accurate, and powerful, what else could you ask for?  I totally recommend you to avail of Jaaxy’s plans which would suit your keyword research needs the best. This is the very companion you would need in fishing for high quality and competitive keywords. Building your own online business has never been easier.

I can’t end my “Jaaxy keyword research tool review” without giving you the possibility to try it out for Live for free!

Type in any keyword of your choice and see how it works.



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